5 Golden Rules & 10 Experiences In Online Soccer Bets

When playing soccer bets, logically everyone knows you need to be patient. Just as you control your emotions and especially don’t bet on emotions. Never bet while being angry. For example, losing a game …

So to avoid slipping in a series of losses. What do you need to do? Invite you to follow the 5 golden rules and 10 experiences that are immutable to follow if you want to win soccer bets.

Soccer bets : what to do to win?

5 Golden Rules & 10 Experiences In Online Soccer Bets

1. Always self-control and patience

Soccer bets as well as other forms of making money. You are investing money, time and effort. After that, it takes time to gain experience and gain profit. Not every day or two can get rich right away unless you are very lucky.

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If you have invested seriously, you should not just be lucky. So players need a certain patience

2. Spend some time planning your bets

You need to clearly plan your bet by answering the following questions

  • Bet on what time, tournament, match?
  • Which betting strategy? What is the bet per door?
  • Should put the rafters is beneficial? At which bookie?

3. Research and understand the team/tournament you are betting on

Besides answering general questions when planning a bet as above. The most important thing in football betting is still the betting option.

In order to do this, you need to know the tournament and match information. Especially the prerequisite information sources, affecting betting results such as:

  • Position on the chart. Performance, qualifications of 2 parties.
  • Assess each team’s ability to make miracles. Are there great motivations? (Thirst for rankings, the influence of media/fans/politics…)
  • Predict the squad
  • Confrontation history

4. Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach

In soccer bets, one of the most important principles to preserve capital is to set a clear betting budget.

  • Need to know how much you are willing to invest in soccer bets.
  • The expected winning rate is how much it stops
  • What is the acceptable level of losing?
  • Always have backup capital. Never play all capital. And absolutely do not borrow to bet when the momentum is losing

Bet seriously

Some betting players play no different from the motorbike taxi driver. If you do a few games, you won’t do it. Play less for fun, do not say. But once determined serious investment. But the goal is to make a profit, you must definitely consider, study and understand all your decisions.

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Remember that every decision you make will affect your budget.

10 soccer bets experience to make money for new members – Soccer Bets

1. Only bet within the permitted financial capacity. – Soccer Bets

Absolutely not borrowed to bet. There is less play less, more play much.

  • Should bet 1% -5% of the total capital for the first game
  • Keep the bet low until firmly established. After starting the bet, the bet will increase.

2. Define a betting strategy – Soccer Bets

Follow the tactics to the end. Examples of common tactics:

  • 1-2-4-8 … (the next game is twice the first game)
  • 1-1-2-3-5-8 … (the next game equals the first 2 games)
  • 1-3-2-4 or 1-3-2-6

3. Absolutely not bet on tournaments, matches that you know nothing about.

The basic information you need to understand includes:

  • Position in the rankings
  • Performance and team spirit
  • History of recent matches of each team
  • Confrontation history of 2 teams
  • Predict the squad
  • Injury situation, red card
  • Weather effect, fitness, time zone deviation
  • ….

4. Bet on multiple teams in the same tournament.

Avoid scattered bets with different tournaments. Information will be difficult to collect and evaluate.

5. No wagers on tournament-opening matches – Soccer Bets

These matches should only be monitored to assess and analyze the performance of teams.

6. Believe in your inference and judgment.

Avoid being dominated by subjective factors outside the flow such as:

  • Just put your favorite team
  • Change the soccer bets because your friend placed another
  • Following the crowd trend
  • The dealer raises the rate of food to rise abruptly (chances are high)
  • ….

7. Always look back at the match after paying the prize – Soccer Bets

Learn from mistakes. Promote tactics that bring positive results.

8. Find out the best payout ratio at different reputable bookmakers.

In particular, learn more about:

  • Incentive bets skewers
  • The dealer promotes free bets
  • Promotions return betting
  • Trusted house information

9. Pursue the highest probability of winning the bet. – Soccer Bets

Not every bet has the highest payout.

10. Always keep calm.

Win without greed, lose without discouragement. To know where is the opportunity, where is the stop.

Conclude – Soccer Bets

Soccer bets just like an opportunity to make big money if you know how to take advantage. But absolutely not lottery luck is the main unlucky. Nor can you help you get rich in a day or two. Which will require a certain investment of time, effort and money?

The above article is an important factor. As a solid foundation in soccer bets for you to develop to the level of professional betting