10 Things To Know When Playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888

10 things newbies play Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888 must know this is not only suitable for the game Half Life. In some other shooting games, these can still be applied and achieve great effects.

The following article will be a valuable experience for newcomers to this legendary FPS shooting game, not just a way of playing, but also includes tips to help you avoid unexplained death or frustration. because of constantly losing in Half Life and if you have mastered these 10 things to know, playing Half Life, Counter Strike will become a lot simpler.

1. Remember the Map

Knowing the map of the game you will know the appropriate directions. Hidden positions and corners can hide to wait for the enemy. Moreover, you can guess the direction of the opponent in the game Half Life, thereby offering a plan to deal or ambush. Pressing Enter to follow rivals when you “die” is also a good way to understand their movements and this is also the first of 10 things to know when playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888.

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10 Things To Know When Playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888

2. Choose the Right Weapon

For new players, often these gamers like expensive weapons. However, expensive means it is difficult to use. The 46, 21, 22 … in the game, not everyone can use. Each type of gun has its own recoil, after the first shot, most newcomers shoot bullets into the sky.

Therefore, when learning to play Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888, you should use the MP5navy (Gun code in the game is 31). This is a low recoil gun, you can shoot multiple bullets or keep the mouse firing continuously.

3. Do Not Shoot Continuous

This is the most important of the 10 things you need to know because when you hold the mouse to release bullets continuously, the gun barrel will now expand, meaning that the bullet from your gun can fly anywhere, aiming. Not exact anymore. 

Continuous shooting is something that newbies often do when caught in unexpected situations. But ironically, this method is not very effective and the one who is defeated is you. So please release the bullets slowly in waves, the effect will greatly increase.

4. Continuous Loading

When destroying many opponents through gun battles, the ammunition in your magazine will be greatly reduced. At this point, you should reload in case you meet the next opponent. It will be tragic if you’re firing an opponent who is about to die and you run out of bullets. In another case, if your gun is almost out of ammo, look for an opponent or teammate who has just been killed to pick up their gun.

5. Follow Your Team

10 Things To Know When Playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888

Keeping in touch and following each other is a way for you to survive not only in the game but also in real life. Working with teammates when encountering enemies is most effective.

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6. Don’t Wait for Ambushes Wait

After being destroyed too much, new players often tend to find a corner and the sentences there wait for the opponent to pass. However, this invisible way makes your team lose 1 person and the ability to win in matches is not high. Not to mention when they met the masters, the ambush did not necessarily destroy them.

7. Don’t Run In A Straight Line

Running in a straight line is the fastest way to get close to your opponent, but it is also the fastest way for you to be destroyed. Because this is a shooting game, and you do not need to move closer to defeat the opponent. Instead of moving straight to make a target for the target, jump continuously and move left and right to upset the opponent.

One way to help you go very fast is the Bunny jump trick in Counter Strike, this is a very difficult movement to make, but if successful, you will always move the opponent quickly 1 step, refer to how to move in Counter Strike to know how bunny dance in Counter Strike.

8. Hear Telephone Commands

This is a little thing gamers pay attention to. Because the players often gather in sharp strokes to compete via LAN and all communication is in the external language. When playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888 online, pay attention to the commands to coordinate smoothly with teammates.

9. Slow Moving, Observing, Listening

10 Things To Know When Playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888

These are indispensable skills in Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888. Exactly like the phrase “using unsatisfactory speed”, if you are too engrossed in searching for opponents then you will be quickly destroyed. Instead, move slowly, especially when moving through narrow alleys. Listen for footsteps and look around to avoid an ambush.

10. Observe the Radar.

Note radar is a higher skill that new players should learn. You will detect opponents from afar, ready to aim to take down. Or when you get lost from teammates, you can also watch the Radar to move to the gathering location


Remember carefully and apply these 10 things you need to know, you not only become a master in Half Life and Counter Strike at AE888 but also with games like Raid, Pursuit also needs these skills. Skills such as zig-zag movement or slow observation, listening are suitable for shooters like this. If you are a Half Life master, with 10 things you need to know above can be applied to Pursuit game or similar games, you still make other players respect.

Another method to help newcomers become more skilled and can apply the 10 things to know to keep in mind is to create a game screen with bots. In Half Life allows you to create a game mode with the machine, with AI mode is quite complete, for those who are new to playing Half Life Bot is a great choice, and when playing Half Life, Counter Strike at AE888 with PC you can unleash use Half Life code to test guns, try tactics with many different codes. Half Life codes that help players fly, shoot through walls, bullets chase … will also make your screen more novel.

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