12Bet Asian Bookie – Reviews & Huge Promotion

12Bet Asian Bookie is a large bookmaker that has offered sports betting and casino services for many years in many European and Asian countries. If you are considering joining this house, SieuBet will provide you with all the necessary information and instructions soon.

12Bet Asian Bookie

General introduction to the house 12Bet

Attractive Tournaments
Attractive Tournaments


The 12Bet Asian Bookie house has been operating since 2007 under the management of Pacific Sea Invests SA, an Internet gambling management company, based in Asia (Makati, Philippines).

Interface Professional and Simple
Interface Professional and Simple

12Bet owns the operating license from the Philippine government’s betting control agency (PAGCOR) and the UK Gambling Commission.

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Not only serving the Asian market, currently, 12Bet Asian Bookie is also very popular in the UK and European countries thanks to strong investment in licenses and sponsorship contracts.

Sponsorship activities

12Bet Asian Bookie has been and is a partner of many big clubs such as Arsenal, Leicester, West Bromwich, Crystal Palace, Wigan Athletic, West Brom, Birmingham.

In addition, this house has sponsored many prestigious tournaments such as: Triton Poker Montenegro (2019), World Table Tennis Cup (2018), Taekwondo GP (2017), World Badminton Championship ( 2017), All-England Badminton Championships (2014), World Open Snooker Championship (2010), British Snoooker Championship (2010).

12Bet Asian Bookie


12Bet Asian Bookie was voted in 17th place on the list of TOP 50 online betting operators of eGaming Review Magazine.


The promotions of 12Bet Asian Bookie are quite rich and attractive. You not only receive a welcome bonus for participating but also a lot of programs and events throughout your stay with this house.

The 12Bet Asian Bookie always catches up with the psychology of players whether new or old members also have appropriate promotions. Specifically, if you are not a member, with the registration, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $300.

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Each product has different offers with valuable bonuses
Each product has different offers with valuable bonuses

At the same time, at the top games with much attention, 12Bet will have additional programs that have been implemented such as Challenging Challenge is an attractive combination between online casino and sports betting, or NBA. The thrilling challenge of Iphone 5 will help you make more interesting choices.

  • Deposit bonus: there are many different bonus levels when participating in Sports products, Casino … You can go to the Promotion section on the home page for reference and selection.
  • Special bonus: the renewal program weekly, monthly. Such as companion events, predictions, welcome the new season, draw, receive birthday awards …
  • Cashback: like W88 or Fun88 bookies, 12Bet also has weekly return programs for members who bet on sports and casino. You can get from 0.2 – 1% of your stake.
  • VIP member reward: is a unique program, only available at 12Bet. Members who accumulate deposits and high stakes monthly will become members of the 12VIP club with many gifts and bonuses.

Products and services

12Bet Asian Bookie

The betting products and services at 12Bet are quite complete, only, unfortunately, missing Poker (poker game). In addition to traditional products, 12Bet quite focuses on esports when there is a separate section for this category.

  • Sports: bet with competitive odds on a wide range of sports.
  • Live sports: a variety of running deals, lots of matches especially football, tennis, basketball.
  • ESports: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS Go, Lien Quan Mobile.
  • Casino: thousands of games come from reputable vendors such as Gameplay, Microgaming, Betsoft.
  • Online casino: provides popular games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette with live dealer.
  • Lottery: including disk shock, fainting, Vietnamese threads.

12BET Odds

When I was new to online betting, I thought some of you would have trouble looking at the odds at 12BET on the screen. Therefore, this article will help you to imagine what the odds (also known as Odds) of Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia markets. 


With their practical experience, in Malaysia, the Malaysian market is often the most popular choice for players because it is closely related to your bet and winnings, easy to play, good-looking, can lose less food. many in the case of playing Rung at the end of each round. Please also share with you that, I often play Malay markets when betting at 12BET.

The odds at 12BET introduced below will take the match between AC Milan vs Cagliari as an example to help you easily visualize.

1. Malaysian betting type

With the amount you intend to hit is 100 thousand, look at the screen to see the parameters of its RATE as follows:

– Malaysian Handicap: Time 90 ‘, Handicap (FT.HDP) AC Milan accept Cagliari half (0.5), Sic Bo (FT. O / U) two and a half fruits (2.5).

– Choose Cagliari: Cagliari won the rafter to bet 100 to eat 79 of the collected money 179, Cagliari lost the odds lost 100

– Choose AC Milan: AC Milan won the contract to put 85 to 100 to win 185, AC Milan lost to 85

– Choose (Over): Bet Tai bet 89 to 100, lose 89

– Choose (Under): Small bet places 100 to 89, loses 100

2. Hong Kong betting type

  • Choose Cagliari: Cagliari won the match and put 100 to 80 to get 180, lose to 100
  • Choose AC Milan: AC Milan won the match, and won 100 to win 117, 217, to lose 100
  • Choose Over: Win to bet 100 to 114 to 214, to lose to 100
  • Choose Under: Winning the bet puts 100 to 79 to 179, loses 100

3 European betting type (1 × 2)

  • For European markets, the dealer places 3 doors for you to choose, Choose the home team to win (Home or 1), Choose the draw result (Draw or 2) and choose the away team (Away or 2).

Looking at Odds, we see that:

  • If you choose Home: bet 100 to 371 for 271
  • Choose Draw: 100 to 213 interest 113
  • If you choose Away: Put 100 to 320 320 profit

4. There are also Indonesian odds

Betting Types and Full off Leagues
Betting Types and Full off Leagues


12Bet supports friendly and convenient forms of payment. You can send money by wire transfer via domestic banks, send money quickly by online banking or even send money with Momo, e-wallets.

Quick transaction time. With fast deposit or electronic wallet, the deposit will be immediately updated. If you bank transfer it will take 15-20 minutes to process. With a withdrawal order, 12Bet Asian Bookie will transfer you within 2 hours.

Customer support

12Bet’s motto is to provide the best customer service possible as part of this betting experience at home. Vietnamese support, 24/7 is always available and enthusiastic to advise, guide to receive promotions, answer questions and solve any problems that arise when you play at 12Bet.

You can chat directly with supporters right on the website or through phone channels, email, Viber, Zalo.

Interface – Experience

  • The 12Bet Asian Bookie website loads quickly works well on both phones and computers. The user interface has eye-catching colors, although the design is a bit tangled and takes time to get used to.
  • 12Bet supports multiple languages ​​to serve large customers in many different countries. Including Vietnamese, very convenient for Vietnamese players.
  • On mobile in addition to using direct services on the website, you can download 12Bet applications and specialized applications for sports products, casinos (iOS & Android).
  • With all that 12Bet brings as mentioned above, this house has almost nothing to complain about. As for the actual experience, though not like other leading Asian bookmakers, 12Bet basically meets the needs of a normal user, not too demanding.


12Bet Asian Bookie is a big name, has been active in Asia for many years and has just stepped into Europe in recent years. Although not the top house in the world, the services at 12Bet Asian Bookie is quite good and the betting product is relatively complete and complete. You can absolutely choose to bet at this house and certainly will not have many things to complain about.