12Bet scam? What is the truth? Is 12Bet good or not?

Recently there have been many rumors that 12Bet scam players when you go to google for searching with the keyword 12Bet dealer scam, there will be a lot of these results appear, there are even a lot of Fanpage being established. set up and many forums to post 12Bet bookmakers are fraudulent bookmakers.

So this information, 12Bet Scam is accurate or not, let’s find the truth below!

The reason is that the 12Bet dealer is not safe

Accompanying with many years of betting experience 12Bet is not actually a scam dealer. As for the 12Bet dealer, rumors suggest 12Bet scam due to a number of reasons below.

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  • Some players do not read the instructions on the house’s promotions very well, when making a deposit there are no promotions and conclude that the betting site is unsafe
  • When the registration in this betting site has entered wrongly or neglected the account information does not match your name, the house cannot transfer money to the customer, but the customer does not ask the consulting department of the house but concludes the house is not. scam reputation

First: The dealer offers promotions but the player who refills does not receive it

Because you do not meet the conditions to be able to receive such promotions. There are topics that complain about the 12Bet banker being deceptive with bogus promotions, offering programs to advertise for their brand, and then when recharging, they cannot receive promotions.

Please explain as follows, for promotions, the 12Bet dealer will usually offer with the purpose to attract and to support the players, it is not wrong when you think that the dealer offers promotions.

In order to advertise brands, of course, that is what the 12Bet bookmaker betting site wants, but when you deposit money, you do not receive promotions because you have used your betting account at many IP addresses. The Internet is not the same, please note that an account is only used on 1 IP address, and with 1 IP address it should only use 1 unique account only.

The reason why you do not receive the promotions of the house is that the information when registering your account has been wrong because the betting site has not updated promptly or due to the system malfunction and is waiting to be fixed. there is no way that 12Bet scam!

Second: You entered the wrong account information, the information in your account does not match the bank information.

Withdraw a bet, the bet cannot be posted to the forum, telling the betting site that 12Bet has cheated not to withdraw money, but it was until the time of checking this to realize that the main reason is that the player has registered incorrect information, The information registered at 12Bet does not match the information at the bank so the 12Bet dealer does not allow you to withdraw money.

It is a condition of the betting site that your information must be accurate. Do not be afraid because all your information will always be completely safe and secure at the betting site, it is guaranteed that 100% of players withdraw money, not at the 12Bet dealer are due to wrong registration information at the beginning. You should also keep these issues in mind when creating your football and Casino betting account!

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Third: Your betting account is not used at fixed internet IP

Your betting account is at many different IPs, this is taboo for online football bookmakers. Your account is only allowed to log in with 1 internet IP address only, 1 bank account, 1 IP address and all just 1 offline!

By wrong or wrong link to 12Bet, recharge and then lose money, tell the 12Bet Scam. Currently, there are many fake websites of the 12Bet betting site to gain illicit resources. Players need to pay close attention to website links. 

Arsenal players promote the 12bet image
Arsenal players promote the 12bet image

So should you play and trust the 12Bet?

The 12Bet betting site is a completely safe website with no 12Bet Scam or no credibility here so you can trust it completely at this site.

The 12Bet betting site is a bookie that has been licensed since 2004 by the Isle of Man gambling supervision commission. 

Why are they so assertive?

  • Because the 12Bet house is licensed to operate and do business under the permission of the authorities.
  • In different countries, the betting site also updates its own language to help players make it easier and easier to play sports and casino betting without fear of the language barrier leading to not understanding.
  • The betting site is highly regarded by experts and players and is always the first choice of experienced players. The odds or the promotions of the house are very attractive and prestigious
  • As one of the PRESTIGE rated as one of the reputable betting sites in the world,in general, and Asia market in particular, 12Bet was the main sponsor for Sevilla Clubs, Newcaste United, Birmingham City vs West Bromwich Abion, Wigan.

So it is not possible to rely on one or two rumors to conclude that the 1Bet betting site is safe or unsafe, 12Bet Scam and misses a good opportunity.


Through this article, we hope that you will have a different perspective on the rumors that the 12Bet scam, betting site is unsafe and will help you to better understand the common mistakes when logging in and the system.

Strongly developed internet technology has brought about mixed information. So before any information, please find out carefully. The 12Bet scam betting site is a bogus affair. So you can feel secure when playing at the betting site of 12bet. Remember, obeying the rules of the game, “play nice”, you never have to fear the betting site dealer cheating you!

Wish you success playing

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