2020 NFL Win Totals: Betting Odds for All 32 Teams

With the NFL win totals discharging the 2020 timetable, we currently know each group’s request for adversaries for the up and coming year. 

However, since each group’s real gathering of adversaries has been known for quite a while, win sums have been accessible for wagering over the market all through the offseason. 

We’ll keep this page refreshed paving the way to the ordinary season and as major offseason moves happen. 

NFL Win Totals

2020 NFL Win Totals 

It’s nothing unexpected that the dominant Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are tied for the most elevated success absolute (11.5) with the 2019 MVP-quarterbacked Baltimore Ravens. Kansas City will start its title resistance on Thursday Night Football against Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans, whose success absolute is 8, in the season opener on Sept. 10. 

The Chiefs are an 11.5-point most loved in that game. 

Behind the top AFC, contenders are two out of the NFC: The New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers, both at 10.5. 

Concerning Tom Brady’s Buccaneers, they’re directly behind them as the main group with a sum of an even 10. 

Furthermore, on the opposite finish of the range, the fight for the storm cellar comprises of the Jaguars (5), Redskins, Bengals and Panthers (all at 5.5). 

We’ll follow how win sums develop all through the offseason in the accompanying table, which you can sort by group or potentially win all out. All chances through PointsBet except if in any case noted.

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NFL win totals: 

Team Win Total

Baltimore Ravens 11.5

Kansas City Chiefs 11.5

New Orleans Saints 10.5

San Francisco 49ers 10.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

Dallas Cowboys 9.5

Philadelphia Eagles 9.5

Pittsburgh Steelers 9.5

Seattle Seahawks 9.5

Buffalo Bills 9

Green Bay Packers 9

Indianapolis Colts 9

Minnesota Vikings 9

New England Patriots 9

Cleveland Browns 8.5

Los Angeles Rams 8.5

Tennessee Titans 8.5

Chicago Bears 8

Houston Texans 8

Los Angeles Chargers 8

Atlanta Falcons 7.5

Denver Broncos 7.5

Las Vegas Raiders 7.5

Arizona Cardinals 7

New York Jets 7

Detroit Lions 6.5

Miami Dolphins 6.5

New York Giants 6.5

Carolina Panthers 5.5

Cincinnati Bengals 5.5

Washington Redskins 5.5

Jacksonville Jaguars 5

2020 NFL Win Totals Tracker

Team5/74/274/22 (via FanDuel)
Arizona Cardinals777
Atlanta Falcons7.57.57.5
Baltimore Ravens11.511.511.5
Buffalo Bills998.5
Carolina Panthers5.55.55.5
Chicago Bears88.58
Cincinnati Bengals5.55.55.5
Cleveland Browns8.58.58.5
Dallas Cowboys9.59.59.5
Denver Broncos7.57.57.5
Detroit Lions6.56.56.5
Green Bay Packers999
Houston Texans887.5
Indianapolis Colts998.5
Jacksonville Jaguars555
Kansas City Chiefs11.511.511.5
Las Vegas Raiders7.57.57.5
Los Angeles Chargers87.57.5
Los Angeles Rams8.58.58.5
Miami Dolphins6.566
Minnesota Vikings98.58.5
New England Patriots999
New Orleans Saints10.510.510.5
New York Giants6.56.56
New York Jets76.56.5
Philadelphia Eagles9.59.59.5
Pittsburgh Steelers9.599
San Francisco 49ers10.510.510.5
Seattle Seahawks9.59.59.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers10109.5
Tennessee Titans8.58.58.5
Washington Redskins5.555

American Football – 02/07/2021 – NFL SUPER BOWL 2020/2021 WINNER

Baltimore Ravens7.50
Kansas City Chiefs7.50
San Francisco 49ers9.00
New Orleans Saints11.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.00
New England Patriots15.00
Dallas Cowboys17.00
Green Bay Packers19.00
Philadelphia Eagles19.00
Buffalo Bills21.00
Pittsburgh Steelers21.00
Seattle Seahawks21.00
Los Angeles Rams26.00
Minnesota Vikings26.00
Tennessee Titans26.00
Cleveland Browns29.00
Indianapolis Colts29.00
Atlanta Falcons31.00
Chicago Bears31.00
Los Angeles Chargers31.00
Houston Texans41.00
Denver Broncos46.00
Arizona Cardinals51.00
Las Vegas Raiders51.00
New York Giants66.00
New York Jets71.00
Carolina Panthers81.00
Detroit Lions81.00
Miami Dolphins81.00
Cincinnati Bengals101.00
Jacksonville Jaguars101.00
Washington Redskins

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