5 Lessons About Investing And Finance From The Monopoly At 188BET

Monopoly at 188BET is a classic game for over 100 years. This is a real estate trading game that almost everyone plays entertaining, becoming a real estate mogul.

5 Lessons About Investing And Finance From The Monopoly At 188BET

Monopoly is a classic game for over 100 years. This is a real estate trading game that almost everyone plays entertaining, becoming a real estate mogul. But if you play Monopoly long enough, you will quickly realize this game gives you many lessons and insights that can be applied to the real world of investment and finance. Here are 5 valuable Monopoly at 188BET lessons, which not only help you increase your chances of winning the game but also better understand the useful investment and financial rules.

5 Lessons About Investing And Finance From The Monopoly At 188BET

Lesson 1 – Always keep cash

So far, this is the most important lesson for gamers as well as the financial world. To win the game of Monopoly at 188BET, you must be the last player, in other words, the last to have money. So, if you buy everything in the Monopoly, when it’s time to pay your financial obligations, you have no cash coins left. No more cash means you have to sell the property you bought at a much cheaper price than the money spent to buy them. In the game, you are allowed to mortgage assets to borrow money. Then you will go bankrupt – it’s just a matter of time unless you’re lucky.

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Real-world financial matters follow this rule exactly. The United States suffered the first after the recession because it had no cash. When the Great Depression struck, people spent money crazy because of their consumer credit habits. However, when the housing market collapsed and the US banking crisis broke out, people without cash suffered much damage. The Monopoly effect is as follows: without cash, people have to sell off their assets at a deep discount. If they cannot pay the mortgage, they are forced to sell their houses for much less than they have paid for, or worse, foreclosure. Property value is wiped out.

The stock market also suffered similar consequences. When the credit market tightened, many investors scrambled to raise cash. They only have the option to sell the stock at any price. This demand for cash caused a sell-off, which caused the market to plummet in 2008. This made hard-working, hard-working people lose almost all, or all, of their invested assets. On the other hand, people with cash have the opportunity to buy property, securities, real estate, and bonds at a low price. In the end, they are the game-winner and make the most money.

Lesson 2 – Be patient

To win the game of Monopoly at 188BET, you have to be patient and have a plan when playing. You cannot win if you buy every property when you stop, but you have to have an overall deployment plan. If you lose your patience and buy everything when you stop, you will quickly run out of money, so you can do nothing but hope for the best. Therefore, you have to be patient and choose the right time to buy or skip.

Similarly, if you only know how to buy without any investment rules, you will just sit and hope for the school to go smoothly. Successful investors do not invest based on hope, they invest methodically. Patience is an integral part of that method.

During the Internet boom in the late 1990s, Warren Buffett was laughed at for not investing in Internet companies, while other speculators made three times. Some of them were lucky to invest in and drawn at the right time. However, the vast majority suffered heavy losses. Buffett has been patient for years while others followed the Internet stock. Finally, when the market and investors run out of money, the market collapses quickly, destroying most investors who are impatient and lack of discipline.

Lesson 3 – Focus on cash flow

Monopoly at 188BET is a simple game: you have an initial amount and the goal is to be the last player to have money. The way you win in the Monopoly is to collect rent or cash flow. Not many people know that the most valuable assets in the Monopoly with the best cash flow are 4 railway companies. If you own all four railway companies, you have a very high chance of winning. Each of these companies is worth $ 200. When you own all 4 companies, you get $ 200 for a car rental, equivalent to a 25% return on capital.

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Gradually, the value of assets increases due to the cash flow they generate. Even simple as savings accounts or savings bonds will be more valuable if it makes more money, higher profitability. In investing, the most successful investments come from companies that can generate growing cash flow. Companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and IBM have invested successfully for decades because cash flows are always growing.

Lesson 4 – The most expensive asset is not always the best

Most Monopoly at 188BET players want to own Park Place and Boardwalk for high profit. But they are also the most expensive. Many players lose because they own the most expensive assets that they don’t care about the cost, only the cash flow. Focusing on cash flow without noticing the cost of maintaining that cash flow is no different from playing and blindfolding.

The winners of the Monopoly often invest in the long term. In investment, the best investments are usually undervalued companies buying at bargain prices. Owning Boardwalk and Park Place is not a way for you to win the Monopoly; You win because you make the most money. In investing, you win by buying cheap and sell expensive. When focusing on the most expensive assets, your risk is overspending and risk of loss.

Lesson 5 – Don’t put all the eggs in one basket

You will not win much in the Monopoly at 188BET by owning only one property and renting it. And you can hardly win if you buy everything at the stop box and spread investment. Sometimes, you may be lucky that every opponent will stop on your property. But often the winner spreads the property across the board and there are many opportunities to collect rentals.

The same principle applies to investment. If you bet all on 1 or 2 stocks, you are risking losing yourself if something goes wrong. At the same time, you will “dilute” profits if you own 100 different stocks. Let’s diversify wisely. Many studies show that portfolio diversification does not bring much benefit after having 15-20 stocks. So, don’t bet on 1-2 assets or try to spread up to 50 assets.

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