5 mistakes making you lose playing Poker

Poker is a complex game with more than one winning way. It is the depth and variety of strategies that make this card game interesting. But it is accompanied by an increased chance of making potential mistakes. In this article, CMD368 will share with you 5 mistakes that will make you lose money when playing poker. If you have one of these “holes”, you need to “block” it urgently. Your bankroll will thank you for that!

5 mistakes making you lose playing Poker

1. You play too “generously”

The most common and possibly costly mistake bankroll players make is to play too “loose”.

5 mistakes making you lose playing Poker

This is a poker term that describes a person who is playing too many hands. It is a common feature of pastime players – they enter the poker table primarily to have fun. 

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Because these people are there to “play” poker, giving up is considered boring and does not provide the entertainment that playing a variety of hands brings.

This mistake is also made for more playable players who believe that they can beat their opponents behind the flop despite having a weak card range. The problem with this style of play is that you often lose at showndown as a result of poor hand selection.

While giving up can be boring, discipline is a skill that you must practice to become a successful poker player. By being more selective in the starting hands, you will not only improve your odds of winning, but will also make it easier to make Flop decisions.

CMD368 Register and play Poker
CMD368 Register and play Poker

2: You played too hard

When “tightening screws” in the way of playing to avoid mistake playing Poker # 1, many people often overreact and end up playing too tight – tight.

Although tightening is a good way of playing against loose opponents, it has its problems.

2.1 Playing too sure will make you very easy to “catch cards” by others

Surely everyone used to sit at the table with a “nit” hand exposed but only 3-bet with AA-QQ. In front of a player obviously, like that, their opponent will fold everything besides the strongest hand when they take action. Nobody likes to respond to a nit hand suddenly acting.

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2.2 Playing makes you miss more hands that are not strong but profitable

Players often say they want to avoid difficult decisions after the flop. But really they are avoiding money.

For example:

  • No Limit Hold’em 2 $ / 5 $ table
  • Pre-Flop: Hero (UTG + 1) is divided

UTG fold, Hero raise to $ 20, fold to BTN, BTN call to $ 20, 2 blind fold.

  • Flop ($ 45): (2 players)
  • Hero c-bet $ 30, BTN fold

=> Hero wins $ 45

In the pre-flop, we raised a hand that is beneficial, though not strong. The Flop deck allows you to wait for a double-decked lobby and wait for the backdoor of the barrel (both turn and river cards are needed to create one). A stronger player will fold 87s from pre-flop, throwing away 2 chances to make money.

Situations like this can be difficult to play, but that’s the distinction between a good poker player and an excellent player.

CMD368 Free Poker Tournaments
CMD368 Free Poker Tournaments

Avoid making the mistake of playing Poker too hard by expanding your pre-flop and balancing between strong hands and hand bluffs. If you have a balance of strong cards and bluffs, you’ll become a much harder opponent to play.

3: You are too rigid in strategy

Another common playing Poker mistake among many poker players is that they shape their play and do it consistently and uniquely.

  • For example, a player might describe their strategy as loose-aggressive (LAG) and constantly apply it on the CMD368 table. Poker is a “dynamic” game in which the most effective strategy varies based on many factors.

Therefore, you need to avoid binding yourself to a single type of strategy.

  • Different strategies will work in different situations. And flexibility in gameplay is the key to success.
  • For example, playing in the LAG style is a good idea at a firm and predictable table. But if your opponent makes the right adjustments to counter your tactics, you’ll need to readjust them.

These changes occur all the time on the CMD368 table. And knowing when to make those adjustments is a must for any poker player who wants to improve.

4: You lack an action plan

Very often, many of you act in a game without regard to your plans for the next betting rounds and moves.

CMD368 Poker
CMD368 Poker

This leads to always facing difficult situations. By planning your sequence of actions in a game, you can avoid making bad decisions and make the post-flop process simpler.

For example:

No Limit Hold’em Table $ 0.5 / 1 $

  • Pre-Flop: Hero (BTN) is divided

fold to CO, CO raise to 2.50 $, Hero call 2.50 $, the blind fold

  • Flop ($ 6.25): (2 players)
  • CO check

For this side, once the opponent has checked we can bet, since our cards have no value at showdown. When deciding whether to bet this hand or not on this hand with any hand, it is important to anticipate the actions you may face and what might develop in the following rounds. Let’s start by outlining the possible reactions of our opponent to this bet action:

  • Opponents fold: Obviously this will be a great result because we only have 10 high and no out has a higher hand than a pair (and only the second highest pair).
  • Opponent check/raise: Although this may seem like a bad result at first, it’s not really that bad. Sometimes the opponent will check/raise here, which we cannot control. What we can do is make sure we don’t play badly in that case. It was obvious what to do when the 10 was high, no draw faced check/raise!
  • Opponent call: Well, so we can’t Bluff him. At least now we will see the Turn, and there are many good cards with us. Any card giúp will give us a card waiting, and a 7, 8, Q or K card will give us a card waiting. We can happily bluff next with any card in it. Not to mention Turn can play 10 or 9 to help us have a 2nd pair, sometimes it is enough to be the strongest hand.
CMD368 Poker Rooms
CMD368 Poker Rooms

When deciding on the CMD368 poker table, always think why you are doing it and plan your plan for the rest of the game before you act

5: You are using HUD the wrong way

HUD is an essential tool for any serious online poker player.

The large amount of statistics it collects is useful information that, when properly tapped, can help you make the best possible decision. The caveat, however, is that lots of players use HUD wrong, in a way that really harms their gameplay.

The most common mistake made by HUD users is making decisions based on insufficient sample sizes.

Small sample sizes do not accurately describe a “portrait” of a player. Because of the natural unlucky nature of poker, it takes thousands of games before you can build a reliable statistical record of your opponent.

Imagine you are playing Poker tournament and find a competitor on the table that has a PFR of 50% on 10 hands. This is a very high PFR. But the small sample size means that the opponent may just be lucky and dealt a huge number of cards. Therefore, changing your strategy based on this data will be a mistake because you cannot confidently validate it with reliable evidence.

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CMD368 Casino Promotions

Here, avoid relying too much on the statistics that HUD provides if you only have a small sample size of your opponent’s hands. Misuse of this information may cause you to make harmful decisions on the poker table.

Less common but still common mistake regarding HUD is that decisions are made too much by it.

Although HUD provides useful information that should be taken into consideration when making decisions to exploit an opponent, it should not be a complete guiding factor. Doing so makes you fall into the game extremely badly and easily exploited again.

CMD368 Poker Promotions
CMD368 Poker Promotions

For example, suppose you are sitting at a table where two playing Poker on your right have a fold to 3-bet over 90%. Although the data from HUD suggests that a 3-bet with any two trump cards would be a viable strategy, doing so is actually a mistake.

  • Firstly, it is very easy to take advantage of you if you apply such a strategy. This is a basic concept in poker: when exploiting the opponent, you are implementing an unbalanced strategy that itself can be exploited. Although attacking your 3-bet opponent on the right can be successful at the beginning, any good player will soon adjust and overpower your strategy.
  • Second, players who implement these mining strategies often ignore many other variables that affect action in any situation. Things like face cards, bet sizes, and the following action players should have a big impact on how to play a game. Do not prioritize HUD information above these factors.


Every poker player has holes in his or her playing style. Above are 5 mistakes that make you lose money when playing poker at CMD368. If you want immediate changes to become a better poker player, keep in mind and avoid these 5 common mistakes. Wish you have the best of enjoyment and huge prizes with CMD368 Poker.

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