7 Effective 138BET Poker Tips To Confuse Your Opponent

Poker is increasingly difficult! The level of players is increasingly improved. It’s different from the booming online poker era when countless players didn’t even master the basics. Nowadays, it seems that every poker player is conscious of searching online to supplement their skills. That leads to even at low stakes or small tournaments, you will meet many knowledgeable players. Therefore, you will not win a lot of their money if you always play poker with an easy-to-guess style. Instead, you’ll need to mix a variety of tactics to jam your opponent, making it difficult for them to guess your cards. In this article, 138BET Poker will suggest some effective poker tips to confuse your opponent.

7 Effective 138BET Poker Tips To Confuse Your Opponent

#1. Play slow strong cards in Pre-Flop

The first trick of 138BET Poker to confuse strong opponents is sometimes you should play slowly when there are big pairs or strong Ax combo.

Instead of always playing with AA, KK, QQ or AK, why not sometimes try to trick the opponent with just a horizontal call. Especially when you have a position advantage (such as sitting at the cutoff or button).

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This is even more effective in situations where you’re, after you, in the blind position, an aggressive player. By only calling the first person to raise when you have a high level, you can trap that aggressive opponent and they will easily raise more.

This gives you another chance to push your table bet to the top of the table when you have the best card before you even get to Flop.

#2. Mixing all bets (c-bet)

You also need to have diverse gameplay in the flop. Many people only know c-bet when hit top pair and they do it almost every time before a good opponent. But it is important that you also need to check-in at such a situation.

However, if sometimes you just check with them or check-call with this hand, it will confuse the opponent and make them bluff you or call bets to take your profits later on the turn or river.

# 3. Change your poker range

Another tip you can apply to distract some good players is to change the range of cards you raise, especially in Flop.

Many players who play on small blinds will only flop with hands like:

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  • Over-pair
  • Two double
  • Set of 3
  • Super level card (with 12 outs or more)

Again, this type of play makes it very easy for those players to catch cards. But what if you sometimes flop with only 2 high cards or one waiting in the lobby?

By adding to your hand a few hand bluffs, you make yourself much more unpredictable. It will also help you win more with strong hands.

# 4. Attack (barrel) with a larger post

Another aspect that many people, especially in small bets, play very well is the range in which they barrel after the flop. That is to bet on the turn and / or river.

Most will only c-bet at the turn with very strong hands as we mentioned above (over-pair, 2 pairs, all-in-one) Of course, once again, this method makes them very easy to deal with.

What you need to do instead is start the barrel with a wider range of cards. For example, semi-bluff of hands like two high cards, waiting cards in the lobby, or even a bottom pair.

You don’t do this often, only occasionally.

The point here is that a small portion of your barrel situations should be bluffed. It makes it harder to play against any thoughtful opponent.

7 Effective 138BET Poker Tips To Confuse Your Opponent

# 5. Standardize your action time

In 138BET Poker, the time you react is something that speaks. Not letting it give your partner clues about your article is another trick to confuse them. This applies especially when playing online 138BET Poker. Those who bet too quickly with average or wait cards often encounter such as the lobby, the barrel is revealing their hand.

Such quick actions make your cards too predictable for smart opponents because it shows that you do not need time to think about your decision. Conversely, most people who have a strong card (or even want to bluff) will often think longer.

Instead, what you should do is spend the same amount of time on every decision. Whether you are bluffing, betting on the average or the strongest hand.

By standardizing the decision-making time when playing 138BET Poker, you avoid revealing your poker power to good-looking players.

# 6. Do not let the amount bet reveal your cards

People may also be exposed (to their adversary) because of their stakes. More specifically, they decide the amount of bet according to the strength of the cards they have. You can read more about such an example that I mentioned here.

In fact, this way of playing is often very effective against weak opponents. Many experts recommend betting bigger with a strong hand against recreational players and less when bluffing or having a weak card.

Why? Because these opponents won’t pay close attention to your betting habits.

Conversely, good players will often notice. That’s why when fighting against them you need to standardize your bet in any situation.

For example, when you c-bet at a flop of an amount equal to 60% of the pot, for example, you should bet the same amount regardless of whether you have a top pair, middle pair or absolutely nothing.

# 7. Turn yourself into a chameleon in poker

Today, good players often make notes about their opponents. Or if they play online 138BET Poker, they will look at your HUD indicators to figure out how to deal with you.

This basically means that they always try to create an image of your gameplay. They want to put you in neat groups of 138BET Poker players, like “tight-passive” or “loose-aggressive” and even use color to mark.

But what if you could change your playing style all the time like the way a chameleon changes color? This again makes it much harder for you to cope with good players.

One way I usually pick a good player on the table, then play aggressively with them throughout the session. However, the key here is: in the following sessions I will return to more normal play. This will make them confused and make all kinds of mistakes before you.

Try making a Maniac (fighting crazy) with better players in some cases. This will mess up all their data about you and force them to always guess what kind of poker player you really are.


Today playing 138BET Poker with the same standard strategy over and over against good opponents is not enough. You need to learn how to diversify your gameplay and make different moves if you really want to make a living from them.

There are many 138BET Poker tips to do this. From playing a lot more slowly slowing down to checking the flop with a stronger and more open card in the continuous attack.

Finally, you always need to find a way to prevent the opponent from realizing your play. Then when you really meet the strong hand, they will not be able to devise a strategy to win you.

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