7 Golden Poker Rules That Daniel Negreanu Wants You To Remember

In a quick chat with fans, Daniel Negreanu, the poker superstar who leads the all-time money list and member of Team PokerStars Pro, shared many good experiences. There are 7 things he seems to emphasize and wants rookies to remember. That can be considered the golden poker rules in general and in particular betting.

Don’t show cards if not needed

7 Golden Poker Rules That Daniel Negreanu Wants You To Remember

First Daniel Negreanu’s poker rules: There’s no reason to show cards, you have good cards or you’re bluffing too. People will get data about your bet amount, your attitude when doing that, etc.

And at some points, they will retaliate against you. Please wait until you have more experience.

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I occasionally show cards, but I have a reason and know what I’m doing. It is in my playing strategy.

I want the people on the table to know what I’m capable of. But even so, not everyone did that. It depends on who you face to face.

Also, don’t overestimate your post. For example, AQ is an unpredictable hand.

Don’t bet on it because if you are pushed (all-in), you’re basically “me”. What do you think that guy will go all out with?

Noticing small things

7 Golden Poker Rules That Daniel Negreanu Wants You To Remember

It’s the perception and gathering of information. But it’s not the same for everyone. This poker rule is not easy and takes time.

You have to be careful not to be fooled. Daniel Negreanu himself often does the opposite, creating false images for example. In one of his Tournament matches, he bluffed and then reached over to cover his face. That tournament was broadcast on television.

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He got called and everyone found me bluffing – both on the table and on the television. For a period of 1 year after that, he did the same exercise whenever there was the strongest hand and reaped it over and over again.

Do not Bluff

Daniel Negreanu is not bluff. Never. Perhaps except for one fight with Isaac Haxton.

Don’t play transient in early stages (tournament)

7 Golden Poker Rules That Daniel Negreanu Wants You To Remember

The third poker rule is if you think you should watch a flop a lot when it’s still cheap, you’re wrong. That is a bad poker style.

Do not keep limp when the blind is small. With a 25/50 blind, there are 75 chips in the pot you can eat. It is nothing.

At the later stage, when ante starts, there will be more chips to earn if you can watch the flop. That’s when you should play more open.

Must be recorded when playing tight

The next poker rule is if you sit there for a while and don’t play any hand, make sure people know it because only you can gain so much trust. If others don’t realize you haven’t played a hand in a long time, you won’t benefit from it.

Have a purpose

Daniel Negreanu thinks it’s not enough for you to know what you want or where you want to go. You also need to know how to get there and why you want to get there.

Take a tournament as an example. Why do you want to win it? Your answer is money? Ok, but why? What will you do with it?

Or do you just want to feel successful? Fine, but why is that so important to you? If you don’t have a goal, it’s very difficult to achieve anything.

He has seen billionaires talking only about making more money. People will never run out of money but complain about a $ 5 cup of coffee. Why do they care?

These people believe in the confusion that more is always better. They think if they have more money, they will be happier. But life is not so. And that’s the sixth poker rule.


Failure is important. Everyone failed. Daniel Negreanu has also.

Not only once was he winning money in Vegas, thinking he had deciphered the game, and after 24 hours he was so broke that he had to walk back to the hotel.

Those walks are very important to him. He still benefits from them every time he learns something. And that the last poker rule.

All these poker rules come from Daniel Negreanu experiences so it the most valuable rules that you should follow when playing poker. If you want to be a professional in poker, these rules are quite a big help for your start-up. Good luck!

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