8Live scam? Is the betting site 8Live reputable? – 8Live Review

If you are a fan of online games, you definitely cannot ignore a house that was once famous as 8Live. However, lately, there has been some information about this bookmaker.

So is it really reputable or not? Is the house 8Live reputable? Spend some time digging into this topic to avoid unexpected risks when betting at 8Live.

Let’s explore this with us in this article!

8Live scam? Is the betting site 8Live reputable? - 8Live Review

Some typical features of 8Live

  • The 8Live bookmaker is headquartered in the Philippines (where the economy is quite strong), since its inception the house has received a lot of customer support and is considered a betting site that connects all players.
  • 8Live is known as the prestigious bookmaker specializing in online betting in the Philippines. 
  • The 8Live  betting site is directly licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (IOM). This is a provider of online betting products for Asian markets 
  • The prestigious house of 8Live has also gone through a very rigorous testing process by IOM from product quality, the level of recovery. services and staff, along with the level of financial safety to the Internet data center
  • In recent years, 8Live has gradually grown widely, has confirmed its brand. brand in the Vietnamese market with a lot of entertainment products as well as good customer care policies.
  • Recreational products brought to players are of legal origin in accordance with the provisions of the Law. In particular, players have the right to set up many different accounts, participate in unlimited deposit betting. 
8Live Products
8Live Products

Bookmaker 8live – attractive playground

8Live is licensed from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, which is known for being careful and close in everything from customer care, internet data, and other services.

Therefore, this house can be said to be quite safe, but it will soon collapse when the customer benefits are not as expected. Why? Follow the information below to better understand it.

8Live scam?

In fact, the 8Live bookmaker has never ranked the list of prestigious bookmakers in the world in general.

A simple operation to verify that you search for the keyword 8live  betting site on google, you will immediately know whether it is in the top reputation or not.

The wrong amount specified

Each house has its own rules about betting and so does 8Live. At 8Live the rules before the bet say one thing but when the player took the bet and was supposed to win but they turned back 180 degrees, the calculation is different from the original. This causes discomfort for customers.

For example The calculation of oblique rafters in football betting is specified as follows:

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Stake x odds x odds x odds x… .. – stake = winning points


+ stake: bet points

+ odds: the rate of each match

-In case of winning all will be calculated according to the original odds of the above formula.

– If you lose a match, you will lose all bets.

– Losing half a match (losing 0.25 goals) Odds of that match will count as 0.5

– If a tie is drawn or canceled, the odds are calculated as 1.00

That’s how that formula works, but at the end of the match at the win, 8Live may not calculate the pay ratio of each match on it or the win they do not count for the goal on it, meaning that you lose the point.

Promotions are incorrect

Any player who participates in the 8Live house promotion, no matter what game you play, you will receive a refund of 1.75% of the total amount that you have a bet. Truly great, whether winning or losing accounts still have money, this is considered an incentive point for players.

Therefore, the 8Live playground has received positive reviews. However, when experiencing the game at the house, new players understand the truth behind the promotion.

Many frustrated players in case they lose do not get that promotion amount, although it is not much compared to the bet they play, it is brand reputation. So many bad reviews for 8Live also stem from this reason.

For example: When participating in super attractive promotion house 8Live any game, you bet 10 million. Results even though you also get the amount of 1.75% bet on the other 10 million, ie up tp $10.

Causing difficulty in withdrawing money

Psychological players almost expect the moment of victory and right away that money in your pocket. However, when they have a need to withdraw money, they make it difficult for them, any information is incorrect, security errors, wrongly entered, and so on.

Not stopping there, they require players to follow the given conditions, otherwise they will not withdraw money. If you want to withdraw money, you have to play a full number of rounds, or you will not be able to withdraw money.

Is the house 8Live reputable?

Certainly, 8Live is not one of the prestigious bookmakers. Although the evidence of fraudulent 8Live may not be really clear, they do not have the characteristics that a reputable bookmaker should have.

Online games at 8Live

8Live Products

When coming to the house 8Live, you will be able to participate in any online games you want, specifically as follows:


8Live scam? Is the betting site 8Live reputable? - 8Live Review

The casino can be said to be one of the games that receive a lot of attention from customers. If anyone wants to find an experience like playing in the real world, this house is the right choice.


A type of game that is simple but equally attractive to players, just randomly select any number that ranges from 1 to 10 among the numbers from 1 to 80.

8Live scam? Is the betting site 8Live reputable? - 8Live Review

If the system returns you the same number as your chosen number, that means you will be the winner. It’s easy, not complicated like other games, but the probability of winning is even higher.

Number game

This is a game for predicting soccer results, in the form of lottery numbers that will be taken out entirely from Bingo machines. For this game, the gameplay is also relatively simple but equally attractive to win. Therefore, it is rated as a hot game on 8Live.

8Live scam? Is the betting site 8Live reputable? - 8Live Review


For this game it is like spinning a Jackpot, it is a slot machine game. Attracting players with money game is relatively high, the interface is okay.


Poker is an online card game, this game applies all ages, never outdated, simply because the amount of winnings is also high. Therefore, there will be a great opportunity to bring in attractive prizes for players who are quite professional.

Compare strengths with reputable bookmakers in the market

Dedicated customer care services

  • Any banker must own their own customer care department, which is responsible for supporting players at all times of the day, even 24/24. So for the 8Live bookmaker, this is good or not?
  • 8Live also set up a team of customer care staff like other prestigious bookmakers such as CMD368, W88, etc.
  • Dedicated customer care services ✓ Once you become an official member of the 8Live bookmaker, you will receive a lot of customer support services, always bring the most satisfaction to
  • Everyone can register anywhere, participate in online betting on the Website via desktop / Smartphone
  • The support staff will quickly respond to any questions from the player. Therefore, all members of 8Live can contact the bookmaker via Hotline, or Chat online or send questions via Email address.

Guidance rules for online games

  • It can be said that the guide of the game to facilitate customers while participating in the game is indispensable for a bookmaker. They understand this, so it also stipulates in this regard.
  • However, not very clear details, if you have ever played the game here you will realize. Affordable, 8Live instructions are not clear its purpose, when if the customer wins they will reverse the situation as not counting points, not multiplying matches (for football betting game).
  • From there, they will justify themselves because customers do not really understand the rules of the game and how to calculate the reward.
  • Therefore, 8Live does not receive affection from the players is absolutely right, there is no reason to put a large amount of money into a house that loses such credibility, while on the market there are goods. series of more prestigious bookmakers.

Player support channel

8Live has only one customer support channel which is chat via the system. This will be really inconvenient in case you are playing, how can both chat with the system just play, right one eye and one eye chat your questions or what?

The most attractive 8live promotions

8live promotions are rated as many and varied. This is one of the leading reputable bookmakers in the betting market today. The betting site attracts a large number of players because of its high odds, good information security, and above all, a great and varied promotion.

  • Promotion – Rate up to 1.75% per day
  • 100% reward for the first deposit
  • Other promotions
  • In addition to the fixed promotions, the betting site always changes promotions to increase attractiveness to customers. From time to time, they will launch various promotions that can be a deposit bonus, return bonus, first account registration bonus.

How to get promotions 8live fastest

  • Each promotion only takes place in a certain period. Some promotions limit the number of recipients. If you do not follow the betting site regularly to update the news, sometimes you will miss the attractive promotions from the betting site. Therefore, you should register to receive the news of the betting site so that you do not miss any attractive promotional information.
  • In addition, 8live designs the betting section on the betting site of the bookmaker. So if you want the fastest updates of the promotions, visit this item every day for timely news updates.

How to deposit and withdraw money to the betting site 8Live


Clearly instructions
Clearly instructions

Come to 8Live, completely supported in the transfer and payment through the following forms:

  • Inter banking
  • ATM bank card
  • Interbank

For the process of making a quick deposit, please follow the step-by-step operation:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account on 8Live, then press the “Deposit” button.

For this step, force you to have an account yourself.

  • Step 2: Complete all the information in the following form table


  • Choose the form of deposit you want
  • Choose to deposit via any bank following the above form, click on it.
  • Sender’s name
  • Deposits
  • Deposit for any kind of betting
  • Number of trading orders
  • All of the above information, you must be really careful to complete it completely for convenient and quick transactions.
  • Step 3: Then select the “Deposit” button

Again before selecting the deposit button should carefully check the information to see if it is correct, need to add anything.

How much processing can be done by selecting “status” in the “deposit history” section. The end of success is when the status “Complete”.

Quick money withdrawal at 8Live bookmaker

To withdraw money, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account on the 8Live bookmaker, then select the “Withdraw” button

Note: Read the information about withdrawal rules carefully to know the minimum and maximum amount, to avoid wasting time.

  • Step 2: Fill out personal information in the form required


  • Choose the right bank you withdraw, 8Live support through bank
  • Complete the payee name.
  • Enter your correct account number.
  • Enter the exact amount you want to withdraw.
  • Step 3: Once again check all the information above to see if it is correct, do not need to edit anything, or add more. Then press the “Withdraw” button and wait for processing within a few minutes.

If in case you want to see the withdrawal progress, please click “Withdrawal history”, if the status “Complete” means your request is completely finished.


After referring to the above article, you already know why 8Live is no longer attractive to customers. With all the information that we have shared above has helped people better know about the prestige of the bookmaker 8Live.

Register quickly to receive great deals, many attractive promotions from this betting site.