A Guide To Bet On Basketball For Beginners

Basketball is on the rise in the number of betting players and enthusiasts in the area. Therefore, the demand for players to bet on basketball also increased. Meeting the needs of the players, reputable bookmakers now offer a wide range of sports outside of football such as basketball betting; volleyball; tennis; horse racing… In today’s article; Happistar will introduce you how to play basketball online betting at the bookie now!

A Guide To Bet On Basketball For Beginners

Basketball betting – The sport is thriving in the area

Basketball is a sport that attracts a large number of players and fans; especially after the first-ever area professional basketball tournament. Next, is the Saigon Heat Club continuously invited to compete in the Southeast Asian professional basketball tournament ABL? One of the great strides for basketball in Vietnam.

According to the survey, the majority of bookmakers in the area have long offered to bet to their members, but until now, the number of new players has increased sharply. If you are a lover, or simply want to “change the wind” to join this betting game, Happistar recommends that you learn to bet on basketball rules first, similar to football.

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Instructions for playing basketball betting – How to choose a standard basketball rafters

To bet on basketball also has many similarities with football by collective fighting style. Therefore, the information about the rafters, teams, influencing factors also have similar points with football betting.

Usually, reputable betting sites will offer the following bet types:

Set bet – See which set gets the most points

There will be 4 matches in a basketball match; Each set will have 10 minutes to take place and be arranged in the right order time match.

  • In this form, you will predict which team will score the most. Winning or losing money will have to wait for 4 rounds to end to be valid for a refund.
  • During the match; if a problem occurs or is canceled in the middle of a match then bets will not be counted; If the half in which you bet is a tie then you will be refunded and do not count your winnings or losses.

Bet on which team will score first

  • This is a form of betting on which team will score first: Bet the number of free throws, pass the ball, jerk the ball, block the ball, score 3 points and the total points scored by the player.
  • To play this match, you must know the names of the players in the team; It will be even more beneficial if you anticipate the squad.
  • You should statistically previous matches to see the outstanding faces of the two betting teams.
  • In case a player chooses not to play that match, he will get a refund from the dealer.

Bet on the team scoring the last point

In addition to the first scoring bet, there is also a form of betting on the last team to score. Bets will be returned when there is an online basketball score.

Odd/even betting

This market is similar to football betting, and players will predict a total of 40 minutes, and the result of online basketball is odd or even.


There will be different handicap odds at each match; Handicap bet on basketball will have to be settled before the game starts. Of course, the basketball score in the final half will determine the team’s victory or loss, so carefully analyze the situation of each team before placing a bet.

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Over/under bets

The bookie will give a specific number, the player will predict whether the total points of the two teams after the last half will be higher, lower or equal to the number offered by the bookie. This market is similar to a football faint match.

A Guide To Bet On Basketball For Beginners

Fun fact

Includes all types of basketball rafters similar to football betting.

The first half, 2nd half bets

Although there are 4 sets in basketball, the house only offers 2 sets, which means that the first half = set 1 + 2, similar to the second half = set 3 + 4.

Note that bets will only be counted when the match is played smoothly and is not interrupted or canceled.

Handicap parlay

The same goes for basketball skewers, so are basketball skewers; You can bet different matches to make one parlay. There is no rule for at least or at most how many markets. However, it should be noted that only one rafter in a parlay loses the remaining bets that are not counted.

Mix parlay bet

If you have multiple skewers in a match then this is called mixed skewer. At the same time in mixed parlay betting, you can only choose a single bet type.

Live betting (trusses)

Like a football bet, you have 3 options: Online Handicap; Direct fainting and direct parity. Relying on online basketball scores will determine the winner’s odds.


Above is the basic information to bet on basketball that a beginner player is most likely to grasp. Hope this will be a subject that brings a lot of luck and joy for you!

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