About Betting CS: GO At Dafabet – CS: GO Betting With Real Money

Counter-Strike is one of the best first-person shooters in game history. Starting with versions 1.0 and then 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 then Source or Condition. All were successful with millions of versions sold worldwide. The main content of the game is the battle of the two sides Terrorist (Terrorist – T) and Counter-Terrorism (Counter-Terrorist – CT). The T side will try to set a bomb, and the CT will stop the T side from setting up bombs or defuse the bomb. Along with the development of the game, CSGO Bet – CSGO betting is an integral part of this game fan.

As a fighting game, it is not strange that since CS 1.6 and Source, CS has started many tournaments and created a large CS esports community.

Launched in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) inherits the best quintessence from the predecessors of the famous Counter-Strike series. From surreal graphics to improvements to the gameplay, it will be difficult to get out of this game if you try to play for a few decades. The carefully matched matchmaking system helps you always find a worthy opponent. According to the latest statistics, CSGO has 11 million players in the past month.

CSGO Bet betting market

About Betting CS: GO At Dafabet - CS: GO Betting With Real Money

It can be said that CSGO is the game with the strongest betting market of many games because there are many tournaments taking place all year round, from online (Minor) to regional or international tournaments (Major). The bigger the tournament size, the more famous team faces are gathered. Of course, only if you have minor leagues, you can make a CSGO betting. We list a number of major tournaments over time for you to track and bet on:

Major: This is the main tournament level with the largest scale of the year and the prize money of up to at least $ 1 million for the champion team. Usually only takes place twice a year like 2017 including Eleague Atlanta (January) and PGL Krakow (July).

Popular types

About Betting CS: GO At Dafabet - CS: GO Betting With Real Money

CSGO has a lot of interesting CSGO betting content that you should be interested in when betting:

For example, the third map matches between Gambit and Astralis at PGL Krakow:

Handicap: A team with a plus (+) handicap is entitled to that score. Assuming that this match is Gambit +3.5, that means Astralis must win with a score of 4 or more innings (16-12) to win if you bet Astralis.

Over / Under: The total number of rounds (round) of the entire map is more than 26 innings (Over) or less than 26 innings (Under). This means that the score must be at least 16-11 or more for Over bets and vice versa for Under bets.

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Champions: You need to guess the winner.

Round 1 Winner (Pistol Round): Starting CSGO each team only has a small amount (800), and they can only use pistols (pistol) in the first half, you will choose the team to win this round.

Round 1 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the first round, Over (die at least 8 players) and Under (die under 8 people)

First 5 Points: Which team leads 5 points (wins 5 rounds before).

Round 16 Winner (Pistol Round): After 15 rounds, both teams will change sides and start over with a small amount (800), and they can only use the pistol, which team will you choose to win this 16th round.

Round 16 Total Kills 7.5 (Pistol Round): Total kills in the 16th round, Over (die at least 8 people

International: At the international tournament level, the prize money is several hundred thousand dollars (several billion dongs) and the size of the Major is ESL One, ECS, ESL Pro, Eleague Clash for Cash, Dreamhack Open and IEM.

CSGO betting at the Dafabet

About Betting CS: GO At Dafabet - CS: GO Betting With Real Money

Dafabet always strives to provide the highest quality betting and odds content to the players. This includes tournaments and matches that are of interest to many people. And Dafabet has quickly captured the latest betting trends, especially esports.

Among Esports games, CSGO is a game that attracts many players, but the betting rate of this game is higher than all other games. Perhaps thanks to the extremely attractive antagonistic nature of this game.

We would like to show you how to make a CSGO bet on the Dafabet. The CSGO betting process consists of 4 steps:

Access the link to Dafabet

Open a Dafabet account and transfer money to the account

After accessing the dealer, you need to open an account to be able to enter bets and withdraw bets. Therefore, you need to enter accurate information including personal information and bank account in your name to be able to withdraw the winnings.

Access the eSports section

After logging in to the site, you can go to Sports to view the list of sports and bets currently available, find eSports to see the matches, tournaments and competitions Odds.

Select the bet and bet correctly

On the sportsbook (betting list) of Dafabet, there will be a summary of all the Esports games like CSGO betting and other games so you need to carefully review the tournament name and the competition team. But there are two types: Today – that is, the matches that are going to happen today. If you want to bet early, choose the Early Rate.

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