About CS: GO Betting – Bet CS: GO With Real Money

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best first-person shooters in game history. Starting with versions 1.0 and then 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 then Source or Condition. All were successful with millions of versions sold worldwide. The main content of the game is the battle of the two sides Terrorist (Terrorist – T) and Counter Terrorism (Counter Terrorist – CT). The T side will try to set a bomb, and the CT will stop the T side from setting up bombs or defuse the bomb. Along with the development of the game, Bet CS: GOCS: GO Betting is an integral part of this game fan.

About CS: GO Betting - Bet CS: GO With Real Money

Being a fighting game, it is not strange that since CS 1.6 and Source, CS began to have many tournaments and created a large CS E-sports community.

Launched in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) inherits the best quintessence from the predecessors of the famous Counter-Strike series. From surreal graphics to gameplay enhancements, it’s hard to break out of this game if you try to play it for a few hours. The carefully matched matchmaking system helps you always find a worthy opponent. According to the latest statistics, CS: GO has 11 million players in the past month.

Introducing the bookies to bet CS: GO

About CS: GO Betting - Bet CS: GO With Real Money

Instruction how to bet CS: GO at M88 bookie

As one of the leading bookies in Vietnam and in the world, M88 always strives to provide the highest quality betting and odds content to the players. This includes tournaments and matches that are of interest to many people. And M88 has quickly captured the latest betting trends, especially E-sports.

Among E-sports games, CS: GO is a game that attracts many players, but the betting rate of this game is higher than all other games. Perhaps thanks to the extremely attractive antagonistic nature of this game.

Today, we would like to show you how to bet CS: GO on the M88 bookie. The CS: GO betting process consists of 4 steps:

1. Access the link to M88

Due to some objective reasons, the direct access to the bookie M88 is not convenient in Vietnam, but you can easily access the bookie from the link to our M88.

2. Open an M88 account and add money to the account

After accessing the bookie, you need to open an account to be able to enter bets and withdraw bets. Therefore, you need to enter accurate information including personal information and bank account in your name to be able to withdraw the winnings.

3. Access the E-sports section

After logging in to the bookie, you can go to Sports or to view the list of sports and bets currently available, find E-sports to see the matches, tournaments and competitions Odds.

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About CS: GO Betting - Bet CS: GO With Real Money

Select E-sports and view the list of CS: GO tournaments

4. Select the correct bet and bet

On the sportsbook (betting list) of M88, there will be a combination of all the E-sports games like to bet CS: GO and other games so you need to carefully review the tournament name and the team competing. But there are two types: Today – that is, the matches that are going to happen today. If you want to bet early, choose Early Rate – There are CS: GO tournaments coming up in the coming weeks.

Money Line Betting: The winnings are equal to the stake * and there is no handicap.

Full Match. Handicap: Winning is equal to the amount of the bet *, but the team with the smallest number on the left as 1.5 is the team that must handicap the other team with a score of 1.5. That means 2 teams play 3 matches, if Chieft wins 2-0 then you win the bet, if MongolZ wins 1 game then you also lose according to the handicap.

August was a quiet time for CS: GO when there weren’t any major international tournaments taking place at this time. But you can prepare for September like the new CS: GO season kicks off with a series of tournaments and lots of roster changes that give you exciting betting matches.

How to bet CS: GO at 188BET

188BET is one of the leading bookmakers who soon joined forces to offer E-sports bets to players early on. A special feature of 188BET is that there are articles about E-sports, not just bets. In addition, the easy-to-see and diverse betting interface is something that few bookies have. So, if you like CS: GO betting in interesting content, then come to 188BET.

1. Access and open an account at the 188BET bookie

To be able to place bets at 188BET or any bookmaker, you also need to have an account. Similar to opening an account at other bookmakers, you need a real email address and enter accurate personal information to be able to deposit and withdraw money.

To ensure a smooth account opening, please visit 188BET from Link to 188BET at the homepage.

Note: If you enter the wrong information, you will not be able to deposit and withdraw money.

2. Access E-sports from the main menu at the 188BET homepage

About CS: GO Betting - Bet CS: GO With Real Money

After opening an account and logging in, you can select E-sports from the main menu at the top of the homepage. You will then see a list of E-sports games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, select CS: GO and watch upcoming matches to bet. You can read the related E-sports news below for more information on the teams or tournaments to bet CS: GO.

Of course, don’t forget to deposit before placing your CS: GO Bet.

3. Select the match you want to bet and place your bet

Here you can select the stars of your favorite bet, or change the type of Odds display like Malay or Hong Kong, Indo, etc. And just click the Odds to bet for the selection Selecting that, the right side will have a bet info box that includes your choice, the amount you want to bet and the amount won.

Finally, just press the BET button to place it. The interface is so very simple to play! Then you just need to wait for the match to finish to know the outcome of the bet. Good luck!

Guide to bet CS: GO with Fun88

Fun88 is a reputable sports bookmaker brand in Vietnam with countless Internet advertisements and huge promotions for players. Nice interface, friendly and easy to use is one of the advantages of Fun88. The bookmaker also soon senses the potential E-sports betting market so you can easily enter E-sports betting at Fun88 with lots of attractive odds.

1. Access the Fun88 link

When registering the Fun88 account, you will receive some exclusive promotions from the bookie and not have to worry about being cheated, going to the wrong page because we will take you online. Next to the bookie homepage.

2. Open an account and access E-sports betting section

Opening an account at this bookie is also very simple. If you have any questions, you can contact the bookie for accurate performance. Do not forget to enter the correct information to deposit and withdraw offline.

After opening an account, deposit money into your account so you can bet. Now hover over SPORTS and there will be a dropdown menu including E-sports. Click here to go to the E-sports betting page

3. Select the match and place your bet

This page will display all current and ongoing tournaments and matches for you to choose from. Similar to when betting at other bookmakers, you just need to select the desired odds and enter the amount of the bet and then click Bet to finish. Then just wait for the result of the match to be finished.


Above are the betting tips for you to bet CS: GO at leading bookmakers in the area for your reference. If you have any questions please comment in this article for our support. I wish you the great CS: GO betting!

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