AC Oulu vs FC Honka Prediction – Veikkausliiga – 06/11

AC Oulu vs FC Honka prediction on June 11, 2021. AC Oulu is playing at their home ground in the next match of the Veikkausliiga 2021, their goal will be to get the first score to create a psychological stepping stone for the next journey. That goal is considered feasible when AC Oulu welcomes FC Honka.

AC Oulu Overview

AC Oulu has gradually tasted the taste of the harshest playground in Finland. From the status of an absolute champion in the 2nd division with victories to a continuous and crunchy way to win promotion. However, after 5 matches at Veikkausliiga 2021, AC Oulu has not been able to bring back any points with 5 defeats. This achievement of course immediately pushed them to the last position on the rankings.

FC Honka Overview

FC Honka’s situation is not much better when they are also just above AC Oulu and have more than 3 points, however, FC Honka also played 1 match more than the home team and had the same number of defeats. Not only that, the only victory that FC Honka has won so far is just before another rookie in Veikkausliiga 2021, KTP. Lose matches are also a trend with FC Honka at the moment.

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FC Honka also did not show any more improvement than AC Oulu. Because in their hands were also 5 defeats equivalent to the home team and only 1 win against rookie KTP in the match more than the rest.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – AC Oulu vs FC Honka prediction

Honka Espoo can be confident in the quality of the squad as well as experience, 4 wins in the last 5 confrontations partly show the difference. It is even more favorable when Oulu is facing psychological pressure when there are no scores yet. On the last 2 trips to Castrenin, the away team won 1-0.

Honka Espoo did not catch up well in the first rounds, but their level was still the difference, as shown in the 3-1 victory at Kotka Stadium. On his side, Oulu did not show any bright spots, receiving 5 consecutive defeats in which 4 matches had a difference of 2 goals or more. 3 matches played at home Oulu were also completely disappointing with 1 goal and 6 conceded times. With a rather disparate force correlation, 3 points for the away team is a wise choice.

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AC Oulu vs FC Honka Prediction: Choose Honka Espoo -0.5

European Bet

European odds highly appreciate Honka Espoo’s chances of winning. Honka’s experience and bravery deserve the trust of experts. This is further reinforced by their rival Oulu, which can be said to be in crisis.

Choose Honka Espoo (FT)

Over/Under Bet – AC Oulu vs FC Honka prediction

Both have a defensive style of play and a rather poor attack, an open game is very unlikely. On the other hand, Honka’s matches rarely appear many goals, the last 2 matches have no more than 1 shaking net. The Under choice is clearly a bright spot despite being set at a fairly low level.

AC Oulu vs FC Honka Prediction: Choose Under 2.25


AC Oulu: Malolo, Larsson, Pennanen, Rafinha, Olander, Nurmos, Nurmela, Jokelainen, Heikkila, Bonet, Alanko.

FC Honka: Kaufmann, Pyyhtia, Murray, Aalto, Mensah, Banahene, Heikkila, Rale, Savage, Smith, Tammilehto.