Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien Prediction 06/23

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien is a confrontation that will take place at 16h30 on 06/23. Our prediction will provide expert insights, analysis of the performance of the two teams before the game so you can choose the winner. Best for yourself.

The good results in the RG series of Regional PO match over the past few months have helped Austria Wien still gain many advantages in the first battle. And in the next round, only having to march to the field of an Admira who is diving at the bottom of the rankings will continue to be an opportunity for the guests.

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien

Over/Under odds of Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien

O/U: FT 2.75 (odd 0.96 with Over and 0.82 with Under) HT 1 (odd 0.69 with Over and 1.03 with Under)

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Only 1 defeat must be received in the past 5 rounds in the PO stage, giving Austria Wien a lot of advantage in competing for the first place. The 22 points currently owned help the guests temporarily stand at the top of the RG area rankings and this is the time that Austria Wien needs to continue to maintain its stability for the remaining time to be able to preserve get my fruits. 

Meanwhile, with Admira, 3 defeats in the last 5 matches are still putting the home team in a very difficult situation when with only 13 points in a possession, they are stuck in the position at the end of the table, the position is synonymous with the qualification to play 2nd place in the next season. Things are getting tougher and having to host Austria Wien in the next round will still be a challenge for Admira. Will be the screen compared to the relative tug of war and the possibility of quite a number of goals scored.

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien prediction:

Select Over 1 HT

Choose Over 2.75 FT

Asian, handicap odds of Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien

Asian odds: FT Austria Wien accepts 0.25 (Odd 0.91 with Austria Wien and 0.91 with Admira) HT (Odd 0.65 with Austria Wien and 1.15 with Admira)

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With their level, Austria Wien is still the team that is slightly better than Admira in this match through the handicap of 0.25. In general, the home team is still playing too well, it will be a good opportunity for the guests to take advantage and win a beneficial result for themselves. Admira is still quite a mess with their ineffective play, poor players and this brings many disadvantages for this team. An advantage that Austria Wien can take advantage of most is when the visitors always know how to take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes. In addition, the ability to play on the strange surface of Austria Wien is also not bad with only 1 defeat in only 12 trips away from home in the past. The number is enough to make Admira the most nervous as the home team can only win 3 of the 12 matches played at his previous home. The advantage of personnel and spirit will help Austria Wien play actively against Admira and will likely leave with 3 points completely.

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien prediction:

Select Austria Wien -0 HT

Select Austria Wien -0.25 FT

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien

European odds

European markets are also a small advantage for the visitors when Austria Wien’s food is 2.15 while that of Admira is 3.05. It will be a match with a relatively tense posture when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other to find results that are good for themselves. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Austria Wien will still be the last name to have fun.

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien prediction:

Select Austria Wien HT

Select Austria Wien FT

Score odds

Austria Wien is unbeaten and has had 3 wins in 6 previous encounters with Admira. So the visitors will still have great confidence in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. Make good use of Admira still playing poorly and Austria Wien will get what they need.

Admira Wacker Modling vs Austria Wien score prediction:

HT Austria Wien 1-0 Admira

FT Austria Wien 2-1 Admira