In the increasingly vibrant and growing online games market, in addition to games, cybersecurity is the most concerning issue. When you come to AE888 bookie, please be assured of such concerns

About AE888 bookie

AE888 bookie – One of Costa Rica’s legally registered companies and recognized by the agency itself as the most reputable, quality and reliable bookmaker.


The goal of AE888 is to create a playground of high quality, the most diverse online betting market. Giving players the right choice, interesting and customer service fast, convenient and most dedicated.


In the increasingly vibrant and growing online games market, in addition to games, cybersecurity is the most concerning issue. When you come to the AE888 bookie, please be assured of these concerns because we have established a network security center, ensuring your network’s security. Moreover, AE888 has been recognized and granted the safest website certificate by GEO TRUST, all members’ information is encrypted to ensure the absolute privacy of players.


Features of AE888


Honesty is the first and most important factor to assert the reputation of the AE888 bookie – a professional international online game operator. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, most honest and fair games and services.

Diversify the game

In addition to diversifying sports games. We also offer slot machines, virtual games and card games. We have selected a range of attractive online games to give you the most interesting choice. With a young, dedicated customer service team, direct support 24/7 ensures the results of your games are always honest, not the results specified by the machine.

The promotions

When participating in entertainment at AE888 bookie, every day you have the opportunity to enjoy amazing promotions, whether you are a new player or a loyal customer. And every player can win huge victories.

Customer service

In the fiercely competitive game market, the AE888 bookie is still the only choice of many players. Because in addition to the new and exciting entertainment products, we also offer players the fastest, most convenient, dedicated and professional customer service.


Multi-channel interaction: With a variety of communication channels, the customer care team is always ready to assist you in the most timely manner.


Always bring surprises and surprises to you by the attractive promotions.


Responsibility players

 AE888 bookie is the promotion of controlled betting. Therefore, we recommend that you adhere to the following basic rules:


– Prohibit people under 18 to participate in betting games. Before joining any betting game, make sure you are at least 18 years old.

 – Develop a betting budget and should limit the bet to an existing budget.

Account and security

All banking and online payment of players are made by international financial institutions that are absolutely safe and secure (128-bit SSL encryption standard).


Each player is provided with a unique login ID and password to ensure that the player’s funds are safe and secure. They are encrypted by the most advanced encryption methods.


With our 24/7 online care team, we ensure the safest and most honest game space.


Customers are kept strictly confidential when logging in and playing on our system. We are committed to never disclosing customer information to third parties (including the government).

Instruction to register for an AE888 account

Sign up for an account directly via Google



Instructions for filling out the registration information

  • Referrer Name: (available / not available then enter: avenusseo)

  • Username: (5-13 characters should enter phone number)

  • Password: (enter 8 characters with letters and numbers)

  • Confirm password: (enter the password again)

  • Full Name: (enter your real name on the ATM card to withdraw money)

  • Password for in-game withdrawals (enter 6 numbers)

  • Phone number (fill in the regular phone number)

How to deposit?

We offer a variety of forms and methods of sending money to best serve your entertainment needs at the AE888 bookie. Here are the deposit methods at AE888:

Top up via local bank (Cash / ATM)

  • Please contact Customer Service AE888 (Customer Care) for bank account information. You can deposit money by various forms into the provided account such as Deposit cash at a bank counter, deposit cash at a post office, deposit cash at Viettel counters or transfer money at the nearest ATM.


  • Note: AE888 bank account may change after 24 hours. Therefore, before each deposit, please contact Customer Service to be provided with the latest AE888 bank account information before sending money. If you deposit money into a locked account, the company will not be able to check it and we will not be responsible for it. Please retain your bill, deposit statement or deduction message to make it easier to check and update the deposit to your betting account.


  • Payment procedure, please follow the instructions given. Immediately after payment, you inform the time and content of the transfer to us. After a few minutes, if you receive a notice from the bank, we will immediately confirm and update the money in your account.

Quick transfer (Online bank transfer/internet banking)

  • If you have registered for internet banking or online money transfer service, please use this method of sending money.


  • In the Quick Transfer method, there are many ways for you to choose to send money such as Send via XPAY, send via MOMO PAY, send via Bank.


  • You perform the operation steps as instructed on the system or contact Customer Care for specific instructions.


  • After placing the order, the system will take a short time to confirm your transfer information and we recommend that you retain your remittance receipt.


  • After successful payment, the system’s money will be immediately updated to your account.


  • AE888 bookie stipulates a minimum deposit of $5 per transaction.


  • Please contact Customer Service for new and accurate recharge information, AE888 will not be responsible for old bank transfers that we have stopped using.


  • The minimum and maximum rates for Quick transfer will vary and depend on the payment method selected by the user. You can contact customer care 24/7 for more details.


  • If you have any questions, please contact online support.

How to withdraw?


  • When members click the “Withdraw” button, the system will appear a window asking to confirm whether all balances have been transferred to the main account. Then click “Continue” to continue.


  • Enter the amount: Make sure the amount you enter is a valid number.


  • Select a bank and the bank account number you want to receive funds, making sure the recipient’s name matches the bank account holder. Then enter the withdrawal code.


  • If you have questions, please contact 24/7 customer service, we will help you solve the problem quickly.


  • Note: Within 24 hours, customers are only allowed to withdraw a maximum amount of $8,300.

Notice when withdrawing

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $8 and the maximum limit is $6,200. The maximum withdrawal limit of 1 day is $12,500. VIP members can enjoy higher deposits and withdrawals.


  • Every day from 0:00 to 23:59 you are free 3 withdrawals. For the fourth withdrawal, we will charge 5% of your total withdrawal amount.


  • AE888 bookie reserves the right to review member accounts.


  • Make sure all bank account information and any member information is not changed before the first withdrawal. If the information changes, all bonuses will be deducted.


In any case, the AE888 bookie reserves the right to make a final decision.