Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon Prediction On July 2nd, 2020

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction on July 2nd, 2020. The victory against Koln with the score of 6-1 in the final round with a little luck helped Bremen to be able to decide the fate of this season. In the promotion of the PO match, welcoming a lower opponent Heidenheim will be an opportunity for the blue team to take the initiative for themselves.

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon Prediction

Albacete Balompie’s last matches

Alcorcon’s last matches


Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction

The fragile 2 points difference with the team holding the red light urged the army of coach Luis Lucas Alcaraz Gonzalez to enter each of the past rounds with the highest determination and they were paid off when they got 8/15. 

The maximum score after the last 5 rounds is also considered to be a success in the relegation race which is somewhat arduous ahead.

According to Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction, Carlos Belmonte’s home team, in terms of strength, can not match Parorcon with the opponent that they are about to face in the upcoming match but with the good results. 

Recently, Albacete still has the right to enter their confidence in this battle and continue to bring about a beneficial result for themselves.

Not only Albacete is fighting for their goal, but Alcorcon’s race is also even more intense when they are currently getting the same score. 

As the team in the top 6 and only inferior in terms of The sub-index has achieved the current performance in part thanks to their recent stable performance when they got 10/15 maximum points after the last 5 rounds.

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction, Asian bet

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon Prediction

Prediction experts believes that the home team’s victory is extremely bright and the odds offered in this battle are completely grounded. 

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Although knowing that Albacete is currently 10 places behind Alcorcon, it is quite far enough to show the difference in the strength of the two teams. However, the team that is more highly regarded as Alcorcon is matched with the home team and this is also evidenced quite clearly through the last 5 confrontations, the Alcorcon they have received 4 defeat games.

  • Choose Albacete –1/4

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction, O/U bet

Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon Prediction

In the past 10 years, there have been 12 encounters with two teams about to clash in this round, but they are still quite cautious and 9 matches ending with goals below 2 goals are also showing this. 

That is not to say the certainty of Albacete’s play has also been revealed quite clearly in the last 5 home games when they have only 5 goals, Alcorcon is here despite being extremely hard playing. attacking when there have been 11 goals in the last 5 away matches but facing Albacete, the team that made them leave in regret, they must be extremely careful in this battle as the Albacete Balompie vs Alcorcon prediction.

  • Choose Under 2
  • Score prediction: 1-0

Expected line-up

  • Albacete: Barri, Diego Caballo, Jose Antonio Caro Martinez, Manuel Fuster, Nicolas Ezequiel Gorosito,Tomeu Nadal Mesquida, Carlos Javier Acuna Caballero, Karim Azamoum, Alvaro Jimenez, Ivan Kecojevic, Pedro Antonio Sanchez Monino.
  • Alcorcon: Adrian Dieguez, David Fernandez, Ernesto Gomez,Carlos Bellvis Llorens, Richard Boateng, Rui Costa, Dani Jimenez, Laureano Sanabria Ruiz Laure, Luis Amaranto Perea, Luis Manuel Goncalves Silva, Samuel Alejandro Sosa Cordero.