Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Prediction | 9/07/2020

The match review to the football Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon prediction in the Segunda Division of Spain with reference to the 2 teams’ performances H2H & goal stats, recent matches of the teams, the stats of the upcoming matches, table standings ranking and match possible match result.

The forecast shall all be regarded to put down an effective bet on this match.

 Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Prediction


Spain: Segunda Division

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  • Match date: 5:30 pm on Thursday 9th July 2020
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 39th
  • Location: Carlos Belmonte



 Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Prediction

HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

From 2014 to now
From 2014 to now




Let’s compare 2 teams:


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  • Albacete just had a resilient match despite being a guest on the pitch of Malaga, even if they only won 1 draw, it was considered acceptable to them. According to the soccer prediction expert, returning to the home field in the next round, the goal of the Albacete players is nothing more than to win 3 points against Sporting Gijon to compete for relegation.
  • After 38 rounds, Albacete only won 45 points and temporarily ranked 13th in the rankings, only 1 point better than the safety group. However, they have been a bit prosperous recently when unbeaten in the last 6 rounds with 2 victories and 4 draws.
  • The defense is playing quite tight and focused. Obviously, the pressure from the relegation battle has helped mentally and mentally the teachers and coaches Luis Alcaraz go much higher.


  • On this side of the pitch, Sporting Gijon has a fairly safe position on the rankings. Even so, they did not get the stability they needed. That is because the army of coach Miroslav Djukic played very well at home, but the away field proved to be quite poor when winning only the last 1/5 matches. In general, they lost to 6 draws and 2 matches and won only 2 matches in the last 10 rounds.
  • With such a weak mentality, the soccer prediction specialist thought that an easy match was waiting for Sporting Gijon in the match away from home.
  • Experts are assessing the ability to win the two teams are equal when making a handicap. Experts found that with this ratio, Sporting Gijon will be safer because Albacete is showing faint even when playing at home with only 1 victory in 13 rounds. nearest match.
  • Meanwhile, statistics show that Sporting Gijon often wins the match when playing football or handicap. Moreover, the record of confrontation is also supporting the visitors.
Possible Result  prediction for Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon
Possible Result  prediction for Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon

Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Prediction TIP:

First Half Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon prediction

  • Albacete has a marked decline in this year’s season if the 2018/2019 season, they ranked 4th overall, the 2019/2020 season they are in decline and are located in the lower half of the rankings. In the past 38 matches, Albacete has only 45 points, ranked 16th in the rankings, only 3 points more than the red light group so in the remaining 6 rounds of the season, Albacete will not be allowed to relax if you do not want to oppose face the danger.
  • Across the field, Sporting Gijon’s visitors are in good shape this season. 37 rounds, Sporting Gijon got 49 points and ranked 13th on the standings. Although the position is very out of the top 6, the distance on the score is only 6 points, so the opportunity for Sporting Gijon to advance to search for a position in the top 6 is still possible. Sporting Gijon’s recent performance is quite good with 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.
  • The strength of the two teams is not too different, so the match will take place quite struggling, the Albacete host with good performance recently will have a better game and will likely take the lead in the first half with EQUAL GOAL and UNDER 0.75 goal, the bet should be Albacete and OVER.

Our Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon prediction for this match is:

  • Tip on Asian Handicap in the first half: Albacete
  • Tip of O/U in the first half: OVER
  • Predict the first half goal: Albacete 1 – 0 Sporting Gijon
  Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Match tip
  Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon Match tip

FT Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon prediction

  • Albacete is having a series of 6 unbeaten matches recently, including 2 wins and 4 draws. Performing better, Albacete is showing great efforts in the relegation race at the end of the season.
  • Sporting Gijon has made great progress this season, they still hope to be able to advance to the top 6 to compete for the promotion of La Liga. So surely in the final matches of the season, they will also put all their strength.
  • The recent confrontation of the two teams is more inclined to Sporting Gijon, 5 matches, Sporting Gijon won 2 matches, drew 2 matches and lost 1 match against Albacete. Head to here when the strength and performance of the two teams are quite balanced, with home advantage Albacete will be the team that has a slight advantage and is likely to have a goal to rise in the first half and hold firmly goal and win with a minimum score after 90 minutes of play. 
  • EQUAL GOAL handicap and UNDER 2 goals of this match, the advice for investors is to choose Albacete host and UNDER to place the bets.

Our Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon prediction FT:

  • Asian handicap tip all match: Albacete
  • Tip of O/U the match: Under
  • Predict the score of the match: Albacete 1 – 0 Sporting Gijon

Final Score Prediction

  • Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon H1: 1 – 0
  • Albacete Balompie vs Sporting Gijon FT: 0 – 0


  • Albacete: Nadal, Arroyo, Benito, Caballo, Caro, Ojeda, Erice, Núñez, Silvestre, Jiménez, Zozulya.
  • Sporting Gijon: Babin, Mariño, Cordero, Molinero, Medina, Murilo, Díaz, García, Salvador, Djurdjevic, García.

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