Alembert Strategy When Playing Baccarat Online

Baccarat is a simple 3-card card game that is easy to play. That’s what people often say about Baccarat’s way of playing. As promised in the previous content, we will continue to update the content about the Alembert strategy in Baccarat.

However, we believe that it is no coincidence that this game became popular. Not only at the Casino but also on the Casino Online Baccarat is still “reigning”.

If you still believe this is a game of chance and you can completely win by luck. Please stop here, you do not need to see more.

Alembert Strategy When Playing Baccarat Online

Introducing the Alembert strategy 

Before we begin, let’s talk a bit about Alembert strategy. Surely you will read more or less familiar with this name. Yes, he was a mathematician, physicist who made many important contributions.

Saying that does not mean that he also plays cards, this God knows. However, based on the research of this brilliant mathematician, today we have a good strategy named him.

Alembert strategy in Baccarat

D’Alembert is a pyramid system based on a mathematical equilibrium theory. The system operates on a betting process, after each loss, one bet is added to the next bet. After each win, one bet is deducted from the next bet.

Please give a practical example for you to easily visualize:

  1. Bet 10 and lose
  1. Bet 11 and lose
  1. Bet 12 and win
  1. Bet 11 and lose
  1. Bet 12 and win
  1. Bet 11 and win
  1. Bet 10 and lose
  1. Bet 11 and win

In the example above you had started betting at $ 10 and when losing you would increase the bet to $ 1 in the next game. Conversely, when you win you will reduce the bet to $ 1 in the next game.

The special thing is that after going through 8 games with 4 wins and 4 losing games, you still got a profit. You see, that’s the difference when we play strategically.

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Applies when real battle Baccarat Online

This strategy is actually not too new, it can even be applied to many other games. 

So through the above example, you must have envisioned how the strategy works. Our task now is to apply it in practice.

We would like to summarize the ideas that you need to grasp as follows:

  • Determine a bet less than 1% of the capital before starting.
  • Starting with the lowest bet (if possible).
  • Stop as soon as you feel enough.
  • And absolutely obey the rule of “win decreases 1, loses increases 1”.

A bet: is the amount of money that we will increase or decrease through games. We encourage you to use the lowest number (less than 1% of the capital).

Start with a low bet, because remember that if you lose you will have to increase 1 unit bet. If you bet big in the beginning after just a few games, you have nothing.

Some players have won quite well after a few games, thanks to the right strategies. They will have a habit of giving up tactics and trying their luck, stop when they feel enough.

Alembert Strategy When Playing Baccarat Online

Advantages and defects of Alembert strategy

Just like other Baccarat Online card strategies. Alembert strategy will help you optimize profits, as you have seen more or less lose is still profitable.

However, you should remember that tactics are still probabilistic calculations.

Some people suggest that putting in Player selection will be more beneficial in terms of payment when applying the Alembert strategy. This difference is not too large.


Simple tactics, without too many fluctuations, so easy to apply.

Bring the ability to optimize high profits.

Suitable for newbies with little capital.


The winnings are quite small so not suitable for those who want to get rich quick.

Not suitable for people who are in a hurry, who like to try their luck (for example Tie selection).

Care must be taken in calculating and placing bets to ensure success.

Risks in Alembert strategy

So what are the risks in this procedure? There are actually no holes because the betting strategy usually does not shift the probability and advantage of the bookie. Whether applying Martingale, Fibonacci or Alembert, the bookie still has an advantage of about 1.05% compared to the player.


As mentioned above Alembert strategy is a very logical method of applying mathematics. Not only Baccarat but also many other disciplines can still be used.

Therefore, there is no reason that you do not experience yourself. Let us know how you think about the Alembert strategy.

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