Almeria vs CD Mirandes Prediction | La Liga 2 | 11/14

Almeria vs CD Mirandes prediction – Predict the score of the football match between Almeria and CD Mirandes – 3:15 pm on 11/14 – La Liga 2.

 Almeria vs CD Mirandes Prediction


  • Match date: 3:15 pm on Saturday 14th November 2020
  • Event: La Liga 2
  • Stage: Matchday 12th
  • Location: Estadio del Mediterráneo




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  • After a few unfavorable opening matches and there was a time when Almeria had to reach the top with a red light, but thanks to timely awakening, the Estadio Mediterraneo football team quickly regained their form and rose 9th in the standings with 14 points after 9 matches. Since then, seeing the remarkable development in the performance as well as the spirit of Almerian warriors, if this momentum continues, experts believe that Almerian coach and students will reap much success in this match.
  • Fortunately for Almeria, their opponent this time is just a fledgling CD Mirandes because they just returned to the top of the second place of Spain last season and attended this year’s tournament as relegation game, while Almeria is a fairly veteran team in this playground. In addition, the performance of CD Mirandes from the beginning of the season so far has not been appreciated because after 10 matches, the visitors only got 3 wins, 4 draws and at the same time received 3 losses, they only The team is 3rd in the standings with 13 points. Given the current situation, the risk of CD Mirandes’ goal will not be safe in the first 45 minutes of the match.

Almeria vs CD Mirandes prediction:

  • H1 score: Almeria 1 – 0 CD Mirandes
  • H1 Asian Handicap: Almeria -0.25
  • H1 Over/Under: Over


  • Almeria fans have every reason to trust their players in this opening match. Because the Almerian family is really showing a very good spirit, namely, they have 5 wins in the last 10 matches, the rest are 2 draws and 3 defeats. In a closer and more unique aspect, that has 5 consecutive matches coach Francisco Javier Fernandez Diaz does not allow any team to surpass him when he brings 3 wins and 2 draws. . In the last match, despite having to leave as a guest, Almeria also brought her a 2-1 victory over Sabadell. In addition to the stable performance, Almeria also has the advantage of the battle area, of course, there is no reason for them to refuse 3 points in this turn.
 Almeria vs CD Mirandes Prediction
  • While Almerian’s fans were in a confident manner, CD Mirandes’ fans were worried about their fighters. Because CD Mirandes really did not show their breakthrough. After a series of 3 consecutive unbeaten matches that seemed to be a 1-0 victory over Zaragoza in the match on October 30th revived the warlike spirit of CD Mirandes coach and students, but right after the match, they continued their pathetic face when they lost white to Leganes. 
  • Not only that in the 10 matches since the beginning of the season so far, but CD Mirandes has also only scored 7 goals and at the same time received 7 conceding results, which clearly shows the bad combination between attack and defense of the visitors, this will definitely be the main cause of CD Mirandes’s defeat in this battle.

Almeria vs CD Mirandes prediction: 

  • FT score: Almeria 2 – 1 CD Mirandes
  • FT Asian Handicap: Almeria -0.5
  • FT Over/Under: Over


  • In terms of their current performance, both have not done so well in the past. However, the difference in qualifications is always a huge barrier for the visitors to make something surprising, statistics show that when playing away Real Oviedo is always not appreciated as they only win 1 in 5 games this season. Real Zaragoza has enough confidence and home advantage for them to have a good posture and win.
  • Almeria vs CD Mirandes prediction: Almeria FT


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  • Almeria: Martínez, Maras, Costas, Balliu, Martos, De la Hoz, Corpas, Vada, Appiah, Villalba, Nunez.
  • CD Mirandes: Limones, González, Martínez, Franquesa, Onaindia, Malsa, Sánchez, Guridi, Merquelanz, Marcos André, Vicente.

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