Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction – LaLiga 2 – 10/09

Almeria vs Las Palmas prediction on October 09, 2021. Almeria vs Las Palmas will have a meeting in the framework of the 9th round of the Spanish Second Division. Beating Cartagena with a score of 3 – 1 in the previous match. Las Palmas officially marked the return to the race when approaching the top group more clearly. Will they continue to do well on this trip to bring them important points?

Almeria Overview

Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction

The Almeria home team is currently ranked 1st with 18 points obtained after 8 rounds. The chase is very tight, so caution is the top priority that the team sets at the moment. 

With a strong attacking play, coach Rubi Joan’s men are at the top in terms of goals when scoring 17 goals, which is very high compared to the common ground of the tournament. The defense played carefully with only going into the net to pick up the ball 7 times. This is probably a firm belief for the team to be able to go further in the next matches.

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Las Palmas Overview

Las Palmas had a bad start with 3 consecutive draws, but the team quickly recovered with overwhelming victories over Ponferradina and Cartagena shortly after. Currently, they are getting 13 points and rising to 6th place in the rankings. Just 1 win away from the group that has been promoted. 

According to statistics, coach Mel Pepe’s men are achieving a high scoring performance with 1.75 goals/match. However, the biggest weakness of Las Palmas has always been their lack of solid defense. When the last 12 matches did not keep a clean sheet. If there is no improvement, a tragic outcome is foretold for the team.


Past Encounters

Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction

Almeria is in very good form, they have continuously achieved success in recent times. Specifically, coach Rubi Joan’s men have won 6/8 matches this season. The performance of the players is also extremely good after 4 consecutive wins. They are also the team with an unbeaten record at their home. While Las Palmas has made a comeback in recent matches, it is clear that the unstable competition for passenger matches is still a difficult problem for the team. They have only won a quarter of their previous matches away from home.

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Almeria vs Las Palmas prediction: Choose Almeria 0.5

European Bet

Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction

The European odds rate that Almeria’s ability to win is somewhat higher than that of the opponent. Obviously, the recent performance of coach Rubi Joan’s team still made the fans quite satisfied. 

Climbing to the top 1 position after only 8 rounds is the best proof of that. Not only that, but Almeria is also sublimating on its own familiar field with a series of 11 unbeaten matches. In the last confrontation against Las Palmas here, Almeria also defeated the opponent with a score of 3 – 1.

Choose Almeria (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Almeria vs Las Palmas Prediction

Both have their own strong playstyle, both of them do not hide their ability to create a double attack in this match. According to the statistics of the last 10 matches of the two teams, there are 6 matches that exceed 3 goals. Recent matches also always appear Over, when Almeria has 4/5 matches, while with Las Palmas it is 3/5.

Almeria vs Las Palmas prediction: Choose Over 2.25

Line up

Almeria : Sivera, Zidane, Coric, Guerrero, Ibiza, Costas, Romera, Callejon, Lazo, Appiah, Barbero

Las Palmas: Martínez, Ramírez, Galarreta, Artiles, Curbelo, Mantovani,  Bella, Castellano, Castro, Narváez, Pedri.