Almeria vs Logrones Prediction – LaLiga 2 – 05/25/2021

Almeria vs Logrones prediction on May 25, 2021. Although there is no direct promotion ticket, Almeria still has a fighting goal to win a place in the promotion Playoff. This is not easy when the two teams ranked second are equal to their points respectively.

Almeria Overview

Armenia is having a pretty good performance recently, helping the host to gain quite a bit of confidence at the moment. The host is getting themselves 67 points after 40 rounds and is in 4th place on the rankings. They are aiming for the playoff finals of Laliga 2 this season. To be able to do this Armenia needs to try harder. The host is having a better competitive spirit, along with the home-field advantage, this is an opportunity for the host to win in the final round. The host’s performance is not good when in the last 5 matches they only won 1 win 3  draws and 1 loss.

Logrones Overview

Logrones have been unsuccessful this season. They are currently ranked 17th with 44 points after 40 rounds 3 points higher than the relegation group. Logrones are in need of points to create a safe distance from the group holding the red light. However, winning 3 points against Almeria in the next round is not easy. The next match must be marched away from home, so it is difficult to get good results in the upcoming trip away from home. The form of the away team is not good when in the last 5 matches they won 1 win 1 draw and 1 loss.

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Asian Bet – Almeria vs Logrones prediction

With 0:1 odds, choosing Almeria is reasonable. This season, Almeria plays at home very well, losing only 3 matches out of the last 20 home matches, 1 of which is against the big Sevilla in La Liga in the King’s Cup. However, in the recent period, their home record is not good, the last 6 matches drew 5 and lost 1.

Fortunately for Almeria, the away team Logrones played badly. In the last 15 matches, they only won 1 away match, drew 6 matches, and lost 8 matches.

Almeria vs Logrones Prediction: Choose Almeria -1

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Haft Time Bet

The haft time of this match may not be scored. That is shown by the numbers, 4 of the last 6 home matches of Almeria did not have a haft time goal. Similarly, in the last 13 away games, Logrones only scored 1 goal in the first half. In the first leg, the haft time was also 0-0.

Choose haft time no goals

Over/Under Bet – Almeria vs Logrones prediction

There is not much chance that this match will explode. In the first leg, Logrones surprised with a 1-0 victory. But in this return, there is a high chance that Almeria will take revenge. However, both teams are currently playing quite badly. Almeria scored 5 goals in the last 6 home matches. With Logrones is 3 goals in the last 5 away matches.

Almeria vs Logrones Prediction: Choose Under 2 1/4


Almeria: Martos, Vada, De la Hoz, Martínez, Balliu, Maras, Costas, Corpas, Villalba, Appiah, Nunez.

Logrones: Andy, Jon, Saenz, Pablo, Iago, Miguel, Michel, Lander, Jaime, Nono, Ander.