Arsenal News: Arteta is worse than … Emery

Arsenal News Today 12/11: Mikel Arteta at Arsenal more beloved Unai Emery, but it can not hide the fact that his achievements even less than the predecessor in the Premier League.

Arsenal decreasing form | Arsenal News 

Last weekend, the saddest Arsenal News is Arsenal received a 0-3 defeat at home to Aston Villa. A failure makes fans “Gunners” feel bored. How long they did not enjoy the joy of a 1-0 victory at Old Trafford, they were pulled down to the end of pain.

This was Arsenal’s fourth loss in the Premier League after 8 rounds. With 3 goals lost to receive, Arsenal also lost the title of the best defense in the tournament. Not only that, considering Arsenal’s performance under Mikel Arteta with coach Unai Emery after the first 28 games in the Premier League, things are even sadder.

The only number Coach Arteta has done better than his predecessor is the number of goals he has lost. His Arsenal lost only 31 goals, compared to 38 under Emery. As for the rest of the statistics, Coach Emery is better than Mikel Arteta.

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Unai Emery’s Arsenal won 17 games, drew 5, and lost 6. The win rate is 60.7%. They have a total of 60 goals after 345 shots. Meanwhile, Arteta’s Arsenal won 13 times, drew 6 games, and lost 9 times. The win rate is only 46.4%. They only scored 41 goals in 267 shots.

Arteta began to be compared to Emery for the level of performance inadequacy in the Premier League

The most obvious difference between Arsenal under Mikel Arteta is the play style and the clear strategy. That brought about 2 FA Cup and Community Shield Cup championships for “Gunners”. However, the race in the Premier League does not seem to be able to complete Arsenal. The defense is still unstable, while the attackers rely heavily on Aubameyang. When player Gabon was silent, the “Gunners” were also silent. Even, Aubameyang did not release any finish in the match with Aston Villa. In the last 8 matches, Arsenal’s captain also only had 2 goals, including 1 goal from 11m.

In the next three rounds, Arsenal will in turn have to face Leeds, Wolves and legendary rivals Tottenham. The most difficult will be a trip to Tottenham’s field on December 5. This will be the series that is judged to be decisive for Mikel Arteta at Emirates. According to the bookmakers, the odds of Mikel Arteta being dismissed before the end of the season go from 1 to 12 to 1 to 8.

At this time Mikel Arteta should expect Thomas Partey to recover from his injuries during international competition. Otherwise, their midfield will be weak in both defense and attack as the match with Aston Villa. One more failure, no one is sure of Mikel Arteta’s future, although he is very popular with fans.

Bayer joined in, rescuing Arteta’s “victim” from Arsenal

[Arsenal News] The 2021 winter transfer market has not opened yet, but at present, many potential deals from all over Europe have been started, preparing for a series of dramatic and loud “arms race”. With Arsenal, Mikel Arteta’s team is on the way to a revival with new signings. However, the Gunners also need to purify some names that are not in the development plan of the Spanish strategist.

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Among the faces that seem to “cut” the road at Arsenal, Sead Kolasinac is a typical example. The left-back plays for the Bosnian team to Arsenal from Schalke 04 with high expectations. In fact, Kolasinac also spent three seasons in the Gunners shirt with a significant number of appearances and an essential role.

However, since the 2020/21 season until now, the number of appearances of Sead Kolasinac has been seriously reduced, due to the appearance of Kieran Tierney.

Kolasinac is now “redundant” at Arsenal  | Arsenal News 

Facing the prospect of being dominated by a young Scottish star, Sead Kolasinac’s future is increasingly blurred. Taking advantage of this situation, according to sources from Sport Bild of Germany (via Football London), Bayer Leverkusen is ready to welcome Kolasinac to Germany to play. Leverkusen officials are currently monitoring the situation and believe that January could be the ideal time to make a deal for Kolasinac.

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