Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction | 21/02/2021 | Serie A

With home advantage, whether Atalanta can win to surpass his opponent when meeting big teams. Let’s follow Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction.

Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on Sunday 21st February 2021
  • Event: Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 23rd


Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction

Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction:

Asian handicap Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction:

Handicap Odds:  

  • Atalanta vs Napoli handicap for the whole game: -1.96 / 0.5 / 1.90
  • Atalanta vs Napoli handicap in the first half: -2.10 / 0.25 / 1.71

Atalanta and Napoli are both competing fiercely for a place in the top 4 on the rankings when they both have a bad time before.

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Atalanta has not been able to maintain their impressive performance as shown in the past two seasons when they only got 2 wins and had to receive 1 defeat in the last 5 matches. They are currently ranked 6th on the rankings with 40 points and are still behind the top 4 with a gap of 2 points. 

On the Napoli side of the team, their performance over the past time is also relatively erratic when after 1 win, they must receive 1 defeat. With 40 points gained after 21 rounds played, they are currently ranked 5th on the rankings and poor in the top 4 with a 2 point gap even though they still have 1 game in hand.

In the next match, the Atalanta Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: Atalanta –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.75

With Napoli’s last 5 away games: The defense is definitely an issue that Napoli needs to improve. The total number of goals they have to receive has reached 11 goals. On average, 1 Napoli game lost 2.2 goals. Notably, the attacker has scored 5 goals.

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With Atalanta’s last 5 home games: The attackers are showing a stable face. Atalanta players were able to make about 10 goals. Meanwhile, their defense is showing weakness. 9 is the number of goals that Atalanta must receive.

Therefore, our expert believes that OVER will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction: OVER 

Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction

Final Scores: Atalanta vs Napoli Prediction 

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • 1st half: Atalanta 1-1 Napoli
  • Full match: Atalanta 2-1 Napoli

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 1.90 * 3.65 * 3.60
  • Select: Atalanta to win (Full Time)

The European bookie CMD368 set the odds for the next match to be 1.90 * 3.65 * 3.60. The above rate corresponds to the win, loss, and draws results of Atalanta. The dealer evaluates the home team very high when only offering 1.90 if they win. 

Atalanta has a better record than Napoli every time the two teams meet in history when they have 2 wins and must receive 1 defeat in the last 5 meetings between the two teams. 

With Napoli, if they still follow the rule that after 1 victory, they will have to receive 1 defeat, then getting points in this match is also a great success for them in this match.

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