Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe Prediction – J1 League – 06/19

Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe prediction on June 19, 2021. Just a name that has just promoted again after 5 years, Avispa now, despite having a good performance, is still underrated in the quest to win against Vissel Kobe. Currently, Avispa is ranked 5th in the rankings with 29 points.

Avispa Fukuoka Overview

Avispa Fukuoka is a rookie of the tournament having only been promoted from this season, but they have performed quite well and are ranked 5th on the J-League rankings. With 29 points obtained after 18 rounds, Avispa Fukuoka is still 5 points behind the Top 3 teams. 

But this is a pretty big success for the host, the consecutive surprises they create to help them get a pretty good position on the rankings, the top 3 goal is still open to this team. The next match has home advantage, so Avispa Fukuoka will decide to win all 3 points for themselves.

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Vissel Kobe Overview

Vissel Kobe, although the squad is invested with many famous players, the results they get are not good at this time, after 17 matches they only brought themselves 7 wins, 7 draws, and 3 losses. Get 28 points and temporarily stand in 6th place on the rankings at the moment. 

Their poor performance in recent times makes it difficult for them to win a place in the top. In the next round, marching to the field of rookies who are in good form like Avispa Fukuoka, it is difficult for the host to aim for victory at this time.


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Asian Bet – Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe prediction

Although it is relatively appreciated not to lose, winning is also difficult for the away team. Because in their last 5 away trips, Vissel only got 2 wins, lost 2, and drew 1. Meanwhile, Avispa in their last 7 home matches, won all 7 matches. 

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Thus, even though the home team has slowed down in performance, experts believe that a draw will be the most likely result. And in the Asian bet, surely the safest choice will be to choose the home team Avispa. Because the house is currently setting the two teams the same level of the ball and the side handicap is the preferred handicap for Avispa.

Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe Prediction

  • Choose Avispa +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Avispa +1/4 (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are *2.92-2.47-3.00* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Based on the given statistics, experts all believe that the safest choice for fans will be to choose the Draw result in the 1×2 market.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe prediction

Looking at the results given, experts all think that Avispa has begun to have a slowdown in performance. Therefore, despite having the home-field advantage, the victory is still something that experts predict Avispa will be difficult to win. 

Need to know, in the last 5 matches of Avispa, there have been 4 matches with Tai and at least 1 goal scored in the first half. Meanwhile, the last 3/4 matches of Vissel Kobe also went to Over. 90 minutes and both had 2 or more goals in the first half of the match.

Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe Prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2-2.5 (FT)


Avispa Fukuoka: Salomonsson, Tatsuki, Grolli, Shichi, Kanamori, Hiroyuki, Tanabe, Murakami, Sugimoto, John Mary, Mendes.

Vissel Kobe: Dankler, Nishi, A. Iniesta, S. Samper, Maekawa, Sakai, T. Vermaelen, Yamaguchi, Furuhashi, Doughlas, Goke.