Bahia vs Fortaleza Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 11/11

Bahia vs Fortaleza prediction – Bahia vs Fortaleza will have a trip to Bahia vs Fortaleza’s field within the 18th round of the Brazilian National Championship. Neither of them has really good rankings in the standings and there is a lack of gameplay instability at this stage. This is probably an opportunity for them to gain 3 important points.

Bahia vs Fortaleza Prediction


  • Match date: 9:45 pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 18th
  • Location: Arena Fonte Nova




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  • Bahia has the same score with 5 teams ranked below. This is an unsafe score for them as it only takes a few games to get their feet and they will no longer be able to chase and risk ranking at the end of the season this year. 
  • Bad performance makes Bahia 16th place get 19 points after 18 rounds. They are among the teams with the highest number of goals in the league when they have 28 goals. However, the attack is still considered a small bright spot when ranked below they still own 23 goals, this is probably the basis and premise for Bahia to raise hope for points in this matchup.


  • Although the away team has a very good start, in the recent stage they have also proved uncertain and dropped many important points. Currently, Fortaleza is ranked 10th with 24 points obtained after 18 rounds. Once considered to have a solid defense when in the first 10 rounds they conceded only 5 goals, but so far the number has reached 14, meaning the goal performance has increased a lot. 
  • However, this is not a large number with only 14 goals in 18 matches. Believe that in the next match they will regain their form and do not make stupid mistakes in the past period.


  • In this match-up match, the two teams have a certain balance in their history of confrontation, but in recent times Fortaleza has perfected themselves very well. With a quality defense and the speed of the attackers, they believe they will do well and take all 3 points in this match. Predicting to choose Fortaleza for the Asian handicap.

Bahia vs Fortaleza prediction: Fortaleza FT


  • The two teams have similar gameplay, it can be said that Fortaleza is Bahia’s upgrade in defense, but on the attack side, the opposite. The current record shows how effective Fortaleza is in a defensive counter-attacking style. And believe that with what they are showing, this is a little goal match, so you should choose Under for this match.
  • Select: Under FT

Bahia vs Fortaleza prediction: Bahia 0 – 1 Fortaleza (H1: 0 – 0)

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Bahia vs Fortaleza Prediction


  • If we look at both matches, we can see that Bahia is building a somewhat similar style to the away team, but they have variations in the way the midfield is allowed to rise and the dispute in the midfield area. This makes them have quite a lot of goals at the beginning of the season, but the number of goals lost is also very large, showing that this is a wrong decision. 
  • Fortaleza is doing better than they have the certainty of defense and a good premise for their attack to promote speed and control. The lack of stability in the home defense will give Fortaleza many opportunities and believe they will make good use of and fight in this matchup. Prediction to choose Fortaleza for the European handicap.
  • Bahia vs Fortaleza prediction: Fortaleza FT


  • Bahia: Friedrich, Fonseca, Jose, Nino Paraiba, Moises, Flavio, Lucca, Gregore, Artur, Guerra, Gilberto.
  • Fortaleza: Felipe Alves, Jackson, Quintero, Bruno, Tinga, Felipe, Dias, Juninho, Paulista, Pires, Andre Luis.

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