Basketball Betting Tips Always Win At AE888 Bookie

If you’ve ever played soccer betting, it’s easy to learn about basketball betting. However, basketball betting still has differences, you need to pay attention to increase the win rate when playing. In order for players to better understand this subject, the article below AE888 would like to share some information such as betting rules at the bookies, how to bet basketball and quick betting tips to win. 

Introducing basketball betting

It can be seen that in recent years basketball has grown constantly and always captured a solid position in the hearts of every person. It is popular in the world, this game is loved by many people. Every year Southeast Asian countries often open basketball tournaments. From these tournaments, people can exchange culture and economy with other countries.

Because basketball is interested in serving everyone, the bookies offer online basketball betting. Compared to football betting, this game is not as attractive as it is, but if you go into the study, you will also have a great passion. You are even more passionate than football betting games.

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Basketball betting always wins
Basketball betting always wins

General rules for basketball betting at bookies

Knowing the rules of the games can not only help people to win and not break the rules when betting. Sometimes the transgressions make you lose more than that. Here are some rules when betting on basketball everyone must remember:

Basketball betting results need to be based on the result of the first basketball match including all minutes of extra time, the extra time and extra time. When playing basketball everyone will play until the classification of victory and loss should never have a tie.

If you have made a bet but the basketball match is canceled for any reason then your bets will be void and the bet amount will be promptly sent to your main account by the system.

If a basketball match has started but due to a problem being suspended or canceled then the result of the match will still be considered valid if the match took place 43 minutes for the NBA tournament and 35 minutes for any basketball game. For these matches, bets are also considered valid if the result is the official organizers of the tournament. Otherwise, bets will be void and the funds will be transferred to the player’s account.

Each basketball match will be divided into 2 halves of 4 rounds. The result for the first half will be the sum of the results for the first and second quarters.

Overtime or extra time is calculated separately and does not count towards the result of the 4th match.

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If live basketball betting is selected, the results will be displayed until the end of the match only. But if the handicap is selected then the result will always be displayed from the beginning until the end of the match.

If you choose to bet on the team that scores first and you win then you will be paid by the bookie and sent to your account. If for any reason, the first match is suspended or abandoned but the first team has scored, then bets are still valid and the player is still counted as the winning amount.

If the last team to score is selected then the result will be settled for the last team to score the match. If a match is abandoned mid-game then the results of the match will be void and the stakes returned to the player’s account.

In case the player chooses special bets such as the score, the number of times the ball has turned on the table, the number of assists, the number of free throws, the number of free throws 3 points … then it will be valid if both teams If a player does not take part in the match then the match result will be void and the bet amount will be refunded.

The result of both special betting sessions will include overtime and the extra time and the result will be recorded until the end of the match. Any statistical changes after the organizer announced the result will be invalid.

The home court and away team are played by the bookie only for reference so that players can make a better decision.

If the winning session is selected more than once then it will be settled on the best bet. If the result is a tie then the player loses 50% of the bet. Overtime will not count for this bet. If a match is suspended or abandoned then all bets on that player will be disabled and refunded.

Basketball betting always wins

The popular way of basketball betting today

As mentioned above, the way to bet on basketball and betting on football have similar ways of hitting each other. If you are familiar with soccer betting, you can play basketball betting very easily. Here are some key ways to bet basketball.

Betting set competition

Lightning bets, also known as round bets in this way, the player will bet for the highest score. Understandably, each basketball match will have 2 rounds and each round will have 2 rounds. The time for each game is 10 minutes and each game is always arranged in the correct order.

With this bet, the player only needs to predict which team will score the most points in the selected betting round. However, players still have to wait for 4 rounds to end the bookie before proceeding to deposit money into the player’s personal account.

If during a match the match is suspended or abandoned for any reason then all bets will be void. The system will refund money to the player and do not determine the winner.

Bet on the team to score first

With this method, players only need to choose which team will score first for the whole game. Bets will include betting on the number of pitches, pitching, passing, scoring 3 points. According to experience, in order to win in this case, the player needs to carefully study the teams and players of both teams. This will be very beneficial for everyone when predicting the outcome of the match.

Bet on the team to score the last point

Similarly, betting on a team to score points before the player will bet on the team that wins last. The result of overtime is also credited to this bet. After the match, the bookie will conduct payment to the winners.

Parity betting

If you’ve ever bet on football, you wouldn’t be surprised at how odd / even. Accordingly, players only need to predict the total result of the basketball match is odd or even, regardless of the team winning or losing.


If the handicap is selected then the player must make a bet before the basketball match takes place. Until the game starts, the player cannot change the bet. In case this bet is quite difficult, players need to carefully analyze the situation, capabilities, tactics of both teams.

Over/under betting

Similar to football betting, the player will add up the total match result and compare it with the amount offered by the bookie. If the bet is bigger than the bookie is the over bet and the smaller is the under.

The first half, 2nd half betting

Basketball usually has 2 rounds and each round has 2 rounds. With this method, players can choose between 1st and 2nd half bets. The result will be the sum of both lightning strokes in a half. If for any reason the match is abandoned then the bet will not be accepted and refunded to the player.

Handicap parlay

Betting in basketball is similar to betting in football. Accordingly, players have the right to bet on many different basketball matches that form a single skewer. This way of playing does not limit the number of selections, but only one rafter will lose the player. It can be seen that this bet is quite difficult, so it requires players to have experience and flexible judgment.

Live betting

With this bet, the player will rely on the results of live basketball matches to determine the winner. Accordingly, players can completely choose ways such as live handicap, over and par handicap.

Basketball betting tips at the W8AE888 bookie

To win in any game depends on many factors such as the rules, the way of playing or the experience of playing. Without a factor, you cannot win. If you already know the rules and how to play basketball betting, let’s find out the basketball betting tips below. Applying these tips flexibly can bring victory to everyone.

Always learning more knowledge

Knowledge is infinite and learning is never enough. If possible, you should take advantage of learning a lot of knowledge as well as tips for the masters to win. In addition, you also need to understand basic knowledge such as rules and rafters to bring yourself closer to victory.

Know how to manage time, finance

A smart player who knows how to manage his time so as not to affect his health and work. Do not because of insatiable indulgence that makes the quality of work decreases. It is best to treat gambling as entertainment, not a profession to make money.

In addition to managing your account, you also need to know how to manage your finances. Do not be too serious about winning and losing that push yourself into debt times. Do not play spread out all matches and not all the money that you have. You always have to keep some money for yourself in case you lose a bet. Specialist “red and black”, no one can predict the outcome so you have to have a defensive plan.

Choose the appropriate odds

Basketball betting has many different forms and we cannot follow all kinds of bets. Know the most appropriate odds for yourself to win.

Learn about basketball teams

If you decide to bet on basketball that day, be sure to find out information about the two teams whether they are away or away. Usually, the home field of the teams will have a more confident and more favored play. In addition, you also need to learn the fitness, injury and a multitude of other issues that can affect the overall outcome of the match.

Choose the bet for which team is stable

The safest option is that everyone should choose for teams with stable play from the beginning of the season. The teams have a stable play that proves they are confident and experienced. This can greatly affect the outcome of a match.


Hopefully with the sharing in the article above can help people have an overview and can grasp the tips to win when playing basketball betting. Take advantage of accumulating a lot of personal secrets to get rich with gambling games.

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