Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction | 2020/11/29 | Czech Liga

Round 9 of the Czech national championship, Baumit Jablonec will return to the Střelnice home to welcome Bohemians 1905. Let’s follow Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction.

Both are teams that did not perform too well in the recent early matches and remained stuck in the previous round. So the two teams will have to look forward to winning in the next round in order to partly improve their performance. 

Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction


  • Match date: 1:00pm on Sunday 29th November 2020
  • Event: 1. Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 9th


 Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:

Asian handicap Prediction | Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.75

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Starting the season with 3 unbeaten matches, thinking that this would be a breakthrough season for Jablonec, but after 5 rounds, they only added 2 wins and 3 empty matches. This brings a lot of disadvantages to the home team when with only 13 points available at the moment, they have to stand at 5th place despite having a chance to squeeze one foot into the top 4 strong teams. Best. Before the battle in the next 9 round, coach and coach Petr Rada had a perfect run when defeating Slovan Liberec in the previous round with a score of 3-1. More than ever, Baumit Jablonec will need to quickly improve his form if he doesn’t want to be left behind.

For his part, Bohemians 1905 even more unstable when there were 4 losses in the first 8 rounds. The recent defeat against Ceske Budejovice officially pushed this team down to 11th in the standings with only 10 points.

In general, the Bohemians 1905 has never been a team that has received much expectation from the charismatic world and this season the weakness of the guests is still evident. The pressure is getting bigger and more likely it will last longer after the arduous march to come.

In the next match, Baumit Jablonec team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Baumit Jablonec –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.5

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If you keep playing with this fragmentation, the chances of Bohemians 1905 falling into a dangerous position is quite high. The defenders are the words that can describe the performance of the visitors when they have given themselves 11 goals, but that is also the number of goals lost.

Meanwhile, Baumit Jablonec’s problem lies in the ability to convert chances into goals, the home team is currently the name with the worst number of shootings in the top 6 with only 12 pulls after 8 rounds. With the above statistics, it is predicted that the next match will have a scenario of missing goals and Under is a safe choice.

Therefore, our expert believes that Under will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:  Pick Under 

Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction

Prediction of the match result:

The last time the two teams met in the previous season, despite being more appreciated thanks to their position in the standings, Bohemians 1905 still had to divide points with 0 goals against Baumit Jablonec.

In addition, all three times to welcome Bohemians 1905, Baumit Jablonec won. The current situation is different as both have opposite rankings on the chart. With the advantages of the field as well as the history of confrontation, Baumit Jablonec promises to be the last name with the last 3 points.

→ Our prediction of the match result Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905:

  • Baumit Jablonec 1-0 Bohemians 1905 (1st half)
  • Baumit Jablonec 2-0 Bohemians 1905 (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds from CMD368:  updating
  • Baumit Jablonec vs Bohemians 1905 Prediction:  Baumit to win (Full Time)

The European Odds is leaning towards the win for Baumit Jablonec when the host’s food is currently 1.55 while the number on the visitors side is 5.20. Although the game is quite unstable, the home field brings a lot of joy to Baumit Jablonec because it has only witnessed 2 failures in the 12 returns of teachers and coaches Petr Rada. 

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