Becoming a VIP customer at CMD368 Betting Site

The reputation of the betting site CMD368 has spread beyond the continent and spread around the world. As one of the veteran betting site, it has made a good reputation during the years of operation. The following information about the CMD368 betting site reviews will certainly not disappoint you, even help you feel confident to find yourself the best choice. More importantly, VIP customer service.

Becoming a VIP customer at CMD368 Betting Site

1. Assess the reputation of the house CMD368

The name of the betting site CMD368 has been confirmed for a long time. Right from the first years of its establishment, this betting site has been extremely organized, methodically and professionally rigorously tested and backed by the most prestigious gambling organizations in the world.

So reputation is the first piece that makes it the number one choice. With this betting site you can easily find for yourself the appropriate game genres from football, casino, Poker, Keno lottery or virtual numbers …

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With its playground development on all platforms from Windows iOS and Android operating systems combined with an extremely modern and intuitive interface, no matter where a fastidious person goes, surely That you will not hesitate to vote for Cmd368 1 worthy choice.

CMD368 is rated as one of the most prestigious bookies today, you should consider choosing the betting site that suits you best.


1. What is VIP?

VIP customer is a special gratitude program for adults at CMD368. To own a  VIP customer title, you must first be a longtime member, reputable and recognized from CMD368.  VIP customer title has 5 levels including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

VIP Level
VIP Level

2. How to get the VIP title?

To be classified as a  VIP customer member, the first step you must complete a certain amount of revenue that CMD368 betting site offers. Next, CMD368 will see if you are likely to become a VIP customer?

Conditions to become a VIP
Conditions to become a VIP
  • VIP Bronze: must reach nearly $ 43 thousand in revenue within 30 days
  • VIP Silver: revenue of $171 thousand within 30 days
  • VIP Gold: revenue of $ 342 thousand within 30 days. In addition, when you become VIP Gold, you can still be downgraded to VIP Silver if you do not reach 8 billion in revenue within 60 days.
  • VIP Platinum: turnover of $ 685 thousand within 30 days and will be downgraded if not revenue of $ 685 thousand within 90 days
  • Diamond VIP: This is the highest rank and only available to those who are invited by CMD368.

3. About VIP CLUB:

After years in the gaming industry, we have studied the need to provide the best gaming experience for members. With the feedbacks and comments from members, we are able to research a unique reward system for members.

This great VIP system is specifically designed for our most valued members, our goal of CMD368 VIP club to provide you the most beneficial gaming experience with our specialized offers for each of our special members. Our team is experienced in providing world class customer service and upgraded high member satisfaction when it comes to our website.

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Every VIP Club Member, will access unique levels of rank and reputation, members will have their status upgraded as they play. Increased incentives and rewards is ensured for higher rank members.

We also provide special benefits for VIP’s members from other websites or clubs if you wish to play at our website. Please do contact us for more information and we will study your requirements and then appraise your proposal.

We are able to provide these privileges for the selected  VIP customer members.

3. What are the benefits of CMD368 VIP customers?


  • Increase Cash Rebates percentage (%) based on VIP level.
  • Priority Queue in Deposits and Withdrawals for faster processing.
  • Higher Bet Limit.
  • Exclusive Promotional Events.
  • Dedicated CMD368 VIP personal account manager assistance service 24/7.
  • Special invitation to events organized by CMD368 VIP Club.
  • Birthday Bonus.
  • Higher Withdrawal Limit.
  • VIP Welcome Bonus.




  • Monthly Turnover requirement (MYR) – Non-Casino 
  • Monthly Turnover requirement (MYR) – Casino
  • Increase Cash Rebates percentage (%) based on VIP level
  • Higher Bet Limit
  • Priority Queue in Deposits and Withdrawals for faster processing
  • Exclusive Promotional Events
  • Dedicated CMD368 VIP personal account manager assistance service 24/7
  • Special invitation to events organized by CMD368 VIP Club
  • Birthday Bonus (MYR)
  • Higher Withdrawal Limit (MYR) Unilimited
  • VIP Welcome Bonus (MYR)


Based on VIP Level
Based on VIP Level


Especially when you get up to VIP Diamond, the cashback in sports is up to 1%

In addition, you also enjoy some benefits that regular members do not have such as:

  • Higher percentage (%) of refunds based on VIP rank
  • Priority for faster deposit and withdrawal transactions
  • The bet limit is higher
  • Exclusive promotion events
  • CMD368 VIP personal account management service 24/7 dedicated.
  • Special offers to events organized by VIP Club CMD368.
  • Birthday bounty
  • Higher withdrawal limit
  • VIP welcome bonus

4. Conclude:

If you are looking for a secure online casino, the name CMD368 betting site is at the top of the best online casinos in your choice, it does provide a competitive edge in the online gambling market and diversity of game types.  Easy to use the website, offering lots of bonuses and promotions. This is to ensure online casino players will enjoy the exciting moment here. More importantly, it is the VIP customer service. 

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