Belshina vs Neman Prediction |24/07/2020| VYSSHAYA LIGA

The reviews to the football  Belshina vs Neman prediction in Belarus VYSSHAYA LIGA about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Belshina vs Neman Prediction


  • Match date: 3:30 pm on Saturday 25th July 2020
  • Event: Vysshaya Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 19th


Belshina vs Neman Prediction


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 Belshina vs Neman Prediction recommendation:

Asian Handicap Belshina vs Neman Prediction: 

  • Belshina still hasn’t shown an improvement in his performance or play compared to the beginning of the season. The weakness still makes this team sink deep into the bottom of the standings with only 10 points after 18 rounds. On the other side of the battle line, Neman’s bad start officially went into the past when this team showed a destructive performance with 7 consecutive victories right after that. Although he has just lost a 0-0 draw on the field of Vitebsk, Neman cannot deny that he is playing great during this time.
  • The fact that he will officially level up with the top team if defeating Belshina makes Neman determined and they will definitely win all 3 points if played really seriously.
  • The best  Belshina vs Neman Prediction: Neman

O/U Belshina vs Neman Prediction: 

  • It can be seen that Neman’s victories in the past time are not too strong, but instead are just enough scores like 1-0 or 2-0. It can be seen that the winning formula of this team is extremely simple, just need to score a goal in a clean game to complete the goal of 3 points completely.
  • Having just lost 2 goals in the last 8 sublimation matches has shown that. So the attack of a team at the bottom of the table and weak like Belshina is hard to make a story. One poor result, the goal is waiting for us in this match.

Best  Belshina vs Neman Prediction: Under 

European Prediction: 

  • European bettings show the superiority of Neman over Belshina. Despite being away from home in this confrontation, it does not seem to be too big a disadvantage for Neman, especially when their opponent is only an extremely poor Belshina at the bottom of the rankings. So their form of destruction is completely beyond the home team.
  • Select Neman to win FT

Belshina vs Neman Final scores

In the last 9 encounters in the Belarus League, Neman won 4 victories while Belshina only had 1 time to do this. Not to mention the correlation between the two teams is completely opposite at this time. So it is difficult for Belshina to improve his confrontation performance when confronted with Neman at this time.

Predict the match score  

  • Belshina 0-1 Looking HT
  • Belshina 0-1 Looking FT


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  • Belshina:  Pavel Bordukov, Sergey Turanok, Nikita Rochev, Vladislav Yasukevich, Samuel Odeyobo, Mikhail Bashilov, Kirill Malyarov, Sergey Glebko, Evgeni Skoblikov, Leonid Kovel, Vladislav Solanovich.
  • Neman: Vasiljev, Dudar; Slabashevich, Stojkovic, Kantaria; Yakimov, Legchilin, Kadimyan, Zabelin; Rassadkin, Yatskevich.

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