Best Betting strategies guarantee winning rate when betting online

Online betting is one of the hottest games today. If you really do not have the ability to build online betting strategies, then let us suggest some good strategies through this article.

Betting strategies: Choosing the Betting Type

Every day, the house will give you certain odds. They will rely on qualitative and quantitative information.

Betting Strategies: Betting Types, Sports and Odds at CMD368
Betting Strategies: Betting Types, Sports and Odds at CMD368

The house edge is the number that best reflects the situation of the two teams because the house owner has to rely on many variables to build such as the professional quality of each player of the two teams, which team has an advantage at home, which team is a guest, the performance of the two teams before the rake, the rankings of the two teams in the nearest rankings.

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This strategy directs the player to observe the change the ratio, change the handicap between the two teams and based on a series of historical statistical indicators for analysis. You can go to this website to see the identification of hot scented daily betting types.

New players should choose the betting type

Long-term players have a lot of experience in looking at a match. They also know how to find information and analyze, synthesize, and accurately assess the two teams. Therefore, it is very rare for them to find easy betting type with high winning rates. Because the higher the odds are, the lower the odds are and are not worth finding out.

New players are advised to choose markets with high win rates. Although the winnings are not much, the player can learn from a lot of things and be more confident in the next match. So which match will be the easiest for the new entrants in the three Tai Xiu, Asian and Asian markets?

According to statistics, the Asian handicap is a popular ratio because of the handicap and longtime players often play this handicap. However, this betting type is quite balanced so it will be more difficult to look. Experts say that European markets are more suitable for new players to make it easier to win because many markets are tilted on one side and players can easily choose the home team to win, draw or lose.

How to look for European football

Because the odds in the Asian handicap match the odds of winning, the matchmaker must analyze and find out the information very carefully and accurately. New players will not have the skills to collect and analyze the information to make accurate judgments. With European markets, players only need to choose the team to win, so for the games on one side, the player reviews very easily.

Unlike Asian betting, you must collect all information related to the match, such as the performance, the squad, the health of the players. You just need to make an overview of which team will in the top and have a higher win rate.

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They just need to follow the situation of the previous matches of the two teams and at the same time constantly update the news around the match. This means it is only easier to pay for Asian odds than Asian ones in that there is no need to collect too much information.

In addition, players need to know how to read the European odds to recognize what is an easy match for new players. The more the difference between the two teams, the higher the odds. Odds though it is easier to win than Asian or Over/Under, but you should still understand carefully before deciding.

As mentioned above, the European market is much easier to win than the Asian market, but the winning amount will not be much because the house will reduce the odds of winning easy markets. However, this is the right choice for new players.

Capital Control strategy

When playing online betting, it is best to know how to manage your capital. You should know how much to fight, how much to stop to be most beneficial. Even if you lose, you lose the least and when you win, you win the most.

You absolutely won’t need to think about betting strategies, variables or capital management. You just need to hit your favorite team. These games make sense for early-stage online betting players. Sure, you will get a certain amount of capital after this strategy but in fact, it is not durable and still requires you to change.

Reasoning strategies only really work when you have become a highly judgmental person. It’s too much between the two teams when the variables are even when you use this tactic.

Clear Instructions of Betting and Live Function
Clear Instructions of Betting and Live Function 

Determine the betting attitude to play betting

Determining the mood is simple: Every time you lose, double your bet until you win the bet, then return to the original bet.

For example:

  • You start with 1 $, if you win then hit 1 $.
  • If you lose, hit $ 2, if you win, go back to $ 1.
  • If you lose, continue to hit $ 4, if you win, hit the $ 1 mark again.
  • If you lose, bet $ 8, etc.

The probability of losing 5 times in a row is very low (no more than 5 times), which is 5 times more than each other. If you lose 5 times, it is considered that you have not mastered the rules of the game, nor know the knowledge about football contracts.

The thing to keep in mind when using this method is the odds. The ratio of 1 to 1 or 1 to 1 ~ 0.97 is the most common.

Should focus on a specific team or sport when betting on CMD368 bookmakers

When playing sports betting you should think for yourself and focus on a specific playing betting strategies. If you have a deep understanding of a sport, you can focus on building a strategy about that sport.

Then proceed to validate the results based on further research on the analysis page to identify betting on the matches that you have conducted the analysis.

When comparing the results, you will identify many things and see if you can persevere with them. As for the case when comparing that the percentage of you lose more then see where the cause is and find a fix.

When playing at CMD368 bookmaker you can completely focus on only one sport. You can also bet on total points or bet on only one bet type

Full options of Betting
Full options of Betting

Find out a reliable bookmaker before placing a bet

Whatever your job is, getting to know information is the most important issue.

Players who want to win against the house must have preparation before proceeding to place a bet. If there is no preparation for the match information, the starting line-up of each team or the personal problems of the players who make blind bets, there will certainly be no money. 

The house CMD368 is a longtime name that many members know. According to a survey by bookmaker Asia, they have been present since 2013. On betting forums, advertising partners in countries such as Hong Kong, China all see the presence of this bookmaker.

Products provided at the house CMD368

After a walk through the site, we discovered the product of the house CMD368 is extremely diverse and extremely much. Their products include all kinds of gambling such as Sports, virtual sports, online casino, poker, shooting fish, lottery, games. And when compared to the customer service staff, they said the house CMD368 has strong and key products including Sports and casino.


Although the information they say is good on sports, they only have 2 sports pages: Sports and esports products. They have quite a few bets, and as we noted, the main matches have only about 6 special types of betting.

Virtual sports

Virtual sports include soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing and dog racing as well as many other 2D card games.

Slot Games

They have a lot of games with about 150 games divided by genre with providers Spadegaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, GaemPlay, Top Trend, Gamatron, CQ9 and EA Gaming.

Live Casino

Regarding the casino, it

 is different, they have up to 9 online casino halls with each hall has from 5 to 30 tables, the most is Baccarat. Their suppliers include GD, DG, Sexy, AG, GP, HG, WM, OG, AB and PT.

Shoot Fish

The shooting hall has games including SG Fishing God, GG Fishing World, PT Cash Fish and AG Fishing King


CMD368 has KENO, QQ Thai lottery and VN lottery with a variety of ways to play


They have only one casino, IDN Poker


Playing sports betting at the house CMD368 is the choice of many betting players today. However, being able to earn money from the CMD368, in addition to experience, the player’s knowledge also needs to develop effective betting strategies. Rely on a sports betting strategy to ensure you’re on the right track. Building a strategy for newbies is not too difficult, just players need to grasp the basic foundation needed to build the strategy.

Based on this article, players were also able to build their own sports betting strategies at the house of CMD368. When the construction is completed, follow each step in accordance with that betting strategies to ensure that you will succeed in a particular sport in the type of sports betting that the CMD368 bookmaker offers.