Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy – X3 Betting Winnings

Dragon Tiger is a game originating from Cambodia, then quickly spread and loved at Asian tables. Especially in many regions, new members often choose to play Dragon Tiger because it is easy to understand and win. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this game.

So how to new, not experienced players can still make money at the Dragon Tiger at CMD368 tables? Invite you to follow the following article.

Best Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy - X3 Betting Winnings

1. Understand the rules of the game

The most basic rule to win at any table. As you must master the Dragon Tiger rules. How smart, how good a tactic without understanding the law cannot be applied effectively. Since then, still lost.

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At the Dragon Tiger CMD368 table, the Dealer will randomly divide the 2 cards Dragon and Tiger each 1 card. The side with the stronger card wins. Strength/weakness of the corresponding card:

A <2 <3 <4 <5 <6 <7 <8 <9 <10 <J <Q <K

  • If the strength is the same quality: Heart> Diamond> Club> Spade
  • If the same strength and substance, the color comparison: red> black

You will place bets on the outcome of the bet including:

  • Bet on Dragon to win – Put 1 to 1 to win
  • Bet on Tiger to win – Put 1 to 1 to win
  • Tie Bet – Place a bet on 8

You will win if you bet on the correct result of the game.

At a CMD368 Dragon Tiger table with inline players and dealer
At a CMD368 Dragon Tiger table with inline players and dealer

2. The 2 most important decisions at Dragon Tiger table are:

  1. Which door bet?
  2. How much is the bet?

Most players usually will not bet, and then choose either Dragon or Tiger to bet. So you have wasted the possibility of x2 chance of winning. Professional players will choose bets and wagers according to one of the following three rules:

2.1 Bet only on Dragon or Tiger

This is a safe bet for new players without any experience. You bet on this door to accept the probability of your door is 50%.

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And you also need to apply a more reasonable bet strategy that the admin will introduce below to increase the probability of winning to 80%

2.2 Rotate bets on Dragon or Tiger

Players following this method will observe the winning history of both sides of the Tiger Tiger to find out the rules of when the Tiger comes out and the Dragon to place:


History: R H H H R HH R R R H => So you can see that after every 2 games of R-H results, the next game will always go to Tiger. So let’s wait for the results to return Dragon – Tiger then fight Tiger right game 3.

2.3 Tie only bet

This is the riskiest Dragon Tiger bet. Before deciding to follow this door, you need to observe from 20 to 30 games and record the results.

If the probability of a tie is higher than 30% (that is, there will be at least 3 draws every 10 games) then you can safely place a tie in the next 10 games.

If the probability of returning to the door is lower than 30% of certain brothers should not be placed.

Because the tie pays 1 to 8, so if the result does not return to this door at least 1 after every 8 games (12.5%), you will surely lose. So before you make a bet you need to keep track of the bet history to know what the likelihood of winning is before putting money.

3. How much is the bet?

 Bet smartly, win hugely
 Bet smartly, win hugely

The effective methods of betting on Tiger Tiger have increased the probability of winning up to 90% including:

  • The bet to fold the game after the first game is doubled after each losing game
  • The Fibonacci bet for the next round is equal to the sum of the first 2 games after each losing game
  • 1-3-2-4 or 1-3-2-6 bets correspond to the unit after each losing game

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5. Conclude

So to make Dragon Tiger bet x2  just need: knowing the rules of the game + choosing a reasonable bet + choosing the smart bet as above will make sure of the 90% chance of winning at CMD368 betting house in the Dragon Tiger table. Huge prizes are waiting for you.

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