Best sports bets of the day! How to Choose Winning Betting Sports Types

Sports betting is a form that many people choose today. However, not everyone knows how to choose the best sports bets of the day and win a bet. Accordingly, players should consider, analyze the rafter and apply the appropriate tactics to bring home the victory. So how to choose the easiest bet to play? Let us find out the answer in the article below.

Best sports bets of the day! How to Choose Winning Betting Sports Types

Sports Bettors should choose the easiest  best sports bets of the day to win

What should I choose to best sports bets of the day in betting? This question is asked and interested by many participants in the betting, to consider to make a corresponding bet option. According to the experience of our experts and professional players, Asian handicap is considered quite popular because it has a handicap ratio which ensures the safety for players to get the level. the balance. 

However, the overall assessment shows that the European betting type are contracts that each player should not miss in the form of football betting entertainment.

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Thereby, the player certainly has the correct answer to the question of “what bet should players choose?” to get a chance to win high. By the time participating in betting, the player must have been mentioned a lot of different types of football contracts such as Over/Under , Asian Handicap, European markets.

Accordingly, there are three types of odds respectively. The money will be listed by the expert team on the Asian odds group corresponding to the Handicap market, which can ensure the balance of the types of betting.

For professional betting players, they will usually take part in Asian handicaps corresponding to the handicap odds. Thereby ensuring maximum fairness in each type of betting type. With European betting type, the majority of players often ignore but in fact, very bright European betting always gives players high odds to eat.

How to read European betting?

European markets are not as difficult to understand as Asian markets. If the Asian handicap includes many corresponding to the best sports bets of the day types of markets including the first half, the first half, the favorite, the European rafter only consists of only one. Thereby, the player only needs to participate in betting on the team, the amount of money is in accordance with the rate offered by the house from the beginning.

1x2 Betting
1×2 Betting

Unlike Asian handicap, players need to gather all the information of the rafters, observe the situation and the progress of the match, the European odds are made by players many times. But the simplest thing is that the player must have faith and the team that you intend to bet. If you are interested in any team, follow the matches of that team in the nearest time.

You probably know the odds of winning European odds are relatively high, so players should consider choosing one of 3. But this is not as easy as the Asian handicap, the odds of winning are quite low. With the upper team, the odds are quite low, the profit is not too much because the strong team, the chances of winning are also very high.

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In general, European betting are a pretty attractive choice for any gambler. If you have questions about what bet to choose, then experience in Europe rafters to get the best bet. Although interest is quite low, the level of risk will not be as high as the Asian market.

In addition to the Asian option of preeminent with new players in this form of entertainment, players often choose to increase the chances of winning higher.

When participating in European betting, you need to pay attention to a number of factors such as betting at the right time, paying attention to the trap set by the house, and at the same time betting according to the team’s cycle as the best sports bets of the day.


Apart form this, Handicap betting is the most popular type of betting best sports bets of the day. This type of bet made the brand of CMD368 because the odds are high compared to the market. At CMD368, handicaps are divided into 4 types:

  • European handicap
  • Handicap Indo
  • Asian Handicap (Malaysia)
  • Hong Kong handicap

In which the Asian handicap rate is the most popular in Vietnam. Because only 2 doors should eat 50/50 probability. However, you can raise the percentage by winning the match before placing a bet. Or the simplest method to get the best sports bets of the day is to go to famous betting forums such as asianbookie, forum cado, etc refer to the easy match from the bosses.

CMD368 Over/Under and Handicap betting
CMD368 Over/Under and Handicap betting


Overshow is similar to the Asian handicap, only 2 doors for you to choose. The most popular O/U match is based on the total number of goals in the first half or the whole match to determine the winner. You can completely rely on experience, knowledge about football to predict the total number of goals. Types of O/U possible in a match:

Handicap Under goals (1st half, all match)

The referee Under a yellow card

Overshoot penalty corner (1st half, all match)

Overcoming Under throw (this type of contract is usually only available in big matches)

A few small experiences when playing O/U at CMD368:

Limiting the playing ability to Under goals in matches between the two big teams, because the score is difficult to predict.

Handicap of a corner and throw a throw-in can be used in the play of the teams to predict. For example, a team playing a head-on or ball-on-ball deployment has a greater number of corners and throws

You should learn the method of rafting when betting this kind of bet.

Is CMD368 a scam?

Whether CMD368 scam customers or not is also a problem that new players care about. In this regard, you are completely assured because the house never cheats and has never been suspected of fraud.

CMD368 is under the close supervision of business organizations regarding gambling and betting. Moreover, it is associated with big names in the industry and banks so there is no cheating for players.

CMD368 Sportsbook Betting
CMD368 Sportsbook Betting

Great Bet types

From the most common, to the most popular, we have them all here for your selection. Our best bet types and most popular types include Asian Handicaps, Over & Under, Odd & Even, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Correct Score, Total Goal, Mix Parlay and Special Outright Betting.

Sports Selection

Aside from Soccer, CMD368 also offers you a wide selection of sports and games: basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Motorsports, Snooker, Olympic Games and many more.

Competitive Odds

For the best quality entertainment, we only offer you the most competitive odds, especially for major leagues and matches. They guarantee the best value in whatever game you bet.

All the while, they are constantly improving our choices and selections, to better serve your better needs and entertainment quality with the best sports bets of the day.


So, what are the best sports bets of the day in your opinion and a place to put your trust in the bookmaker?

Any of the best sports bets of the day is optional to each individual opinion as long as alongside appropriate betting tips and experience.

CMD368 is an influential international betting bookmaker in Asia. CMD368 has appeared in the betting market for many years and is increasingly loved by players for top quality products and services, high safety of information and customer service care.

The bookmaker CMD368 currently serves the most players in China, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand. CMD368 has a clear business license and is managed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation – a legal gambling management agency.

Those are all experiences that each player needs to gain when participating in betting at CMD368. Each person should take some time to sum up the experience and tactics of the longtime football betting players.

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