Betting Calculator: See What You’d Win

Our betting calculator is ideal for telling you the best way to compute potential rewards for a wide range of game bets. It demonstrates the amount you will win dependent on the chances and absolute bet. That way, you’ll know the specific sum you would win preceding setting any picks at your most loved sportsbook. 

The following is an explanation on the best way to wager on sports by utilizing our betting calculator to get all the information you have to make the correct bets!

The most effective method to Use Our Betting Odds Calculator 

Step 1: 

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Enter your chances. Our betting calculator underpins every significant organization: 

American Odds (- 400) 

Decimal Odds (1.25) 

Partial Odds (1/4) 

Inferred Probability (80%) 

Most wagering destinations offer every chance choice. It’s altogether up to you which type you like. Here, we utilize the American style at Odds Shark. 

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Step 2: 

Enter the measure of cash that you wish to wager. Our betting calculator will deal with the rest. You’ll perceive how much cash you’ll win, and the all-out payout you’d get. We set the wager to add up to $100, however you can enter any sum you need as long as your bankroll can deal with it. 

Organization Definitions: Odds and Probabilities 

There are three techniques for expressing odds that most bookmakers and sites support. Inferred Probability is likewise helpful while assessing a wager or checking how likely a result is. 

American Odds 

Positive Figures (+): The odds express the rewards on a $100 wager. Ex: American chances of +120 would win $120 on a $100 wager. 

Negative Figures (- ): The odds show what amount must be wagered to win $100 benefit. Ex: American odds of – 120 would win $100 on a $120 wager. 

Decimal Odds 

Decimals quote the able return should the wager succeed, comparative with the stake. On the off chance that $10 is wagered at odds of 4, the complete returned is $40 ($10 x 4) and the potential benefit is $30 ($10 x 4 short the $10 stake). 

Fractional Odds 

Utilized generally in the United Kingdom and Ireland, divisions quote the potential benefit should the wager succeed, comparative with the stake. If $10 is wagered at chances of 3/1, the able benefit is $30 ($10 x 3) and the all-out returned is $40 ($30 in addition to the $10 stake). 

Implied Probability 

Odds relate to likelihood. A 4/1 wager is relied upon to win one in every five endeavors, along these lines the likelihood is 20%.

Odds Conversion Table

FractionalDecimalAmericanImplied Probability

Using Moneyline Odds

The moneyline is one of the most widely kind of recognized wagers. This is a straight-up wager. You should simply pick the winning group. 

Suppose that you need to wager on an NBA game. The chances would look something below:

Boston Vs New York: Moneyline

New York-120


Totals or OVER/UNDER wagering is the point at which you bet on the joined score of the two groups contending in some random game, and whether the all-out will be OVER or UNDER the sportsbook’s forecast. 

The sum that is set by the bookie depends on how they anticipate a game unfurling from a scoring point of view. 

At wagering destinations, Totals wagers would look something below:

Boston Vs New York: Total

OVER 104.5-110
UNDER 104.5-110

You would type – 110 in the American Odds segment to perceive the amount you’d win dependent on the sum bet. If you accept the consolidated score for the two groups will be 105 focuses or more, you would wager the OVER. On the off chance that you figure the joined score for the two groups will be 104 focuses or less, you would wager the UNDER.

Point Extends: Which Team Will Cover?

For point spread wagers, the oddsmaker changes the line with the betting calculator that the longshot gets a favorable position. 

The chances would look like so:

Boston Vs New York: Point Spread

Boston +3.5-115
New York -3.5-105

Prop Odds: Team and Player Milestones

Prop wagering is a bet dependent on events or non-events during a season or game. These episodes may not associate with the result of a game or even the last score not at all like point spreads, sums or straight-up wagers. 

Props are what we call oddity wagers since they can comprise of an individual player or team milestones, and will seem like so at wagering destinations:

James Harden – Total Points Scored (30.5)

OVER 30.5 Points-115
UNDER 30.5 Points-115

In this player prop, you’re wagering on the number of focuses that James Harden will score in a game. You can wager OVER or UNDER the oddsmaker’s line of 30.5 focuses for The Beard. 

If you wager OVER 30.5 and Harden scores at least 31 focuses, at that point your wager wins. In the event that he doesn’t, it loses. 

On the off chance that you wager UNDER 30.5 and Harden scores 30 focuses or less, your wager wins. If he scores more, your wager loses.


The futures bet is perfect in case you’re hoping to make long-term wagers. You would pick the group beneath you accept is going to lift the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, and enter their chances in the American Odds segment.

Odds To Win The NBA Championship

Los Angeles Lakers +200
Milwaukee Bucks+225
Los Angeles Clippers+300
Boston Celtics+1500
Houston Rockets+1500
Toronto Raptors+1600
Denver Nuggets +2200

Our betting calculator can figure pretty much everything, including live wagering. Live wagering will allow you to bet while the game is continuing, for example, to wager on who will give a score next. However, parlays (more than one wager on a ticket) have a different betting calculator for progressively many-sided bets, which permits you to enter the chances for every leg of your parlay to rapidly compute the payout of your wager.

Odds Calculator FAQ

How would you convert American chances to Fractional?

Positive Odds (+): The American odds divided by 100. Ex: American odds of 500 = 500/100 = 5/1.

Negative Odds (-): Minus 100 divided by the American odds. Ex: American odds of -500 = -100/-500 = 1/5.

How would you convert wagering chances to probability rate?

Decimal: 1 separated by the decimal odds, duplicated by 100 to give a rate. Ex: Decimal odds of 5 = (1/5) x 100 = 20%. 

Partial: 1 partitioned by (the fragmentary chances in addition to 1), duplicated by 100 to give a rate. Ex: Fractional odds of 4/1 = (1/((4/1) + 1)) x 100 = 20%. 

American Positive Odds (+): 100 separated by (the American chances in addition to 100), duplicated by 100 to give a rate. Ex: American odds of 25 = (100/(25 + 100)) x 100 = 80%. 

American Negative Odds (- ): Multiply the American chances by – 1 and utilize the positive incentive in the accompanying equation: American odds partitioned by (the American chances in addition to 100), increased by 100 to give a rate. Ex: American odds of – 400 = (400/(400+100)) x 100 = 80%.

How would you convert American odds to Decimal? 

Positive Odds (+): 1 or more (the American chances separated by 100). Ex: American odds of 400 = 1 + (400/100) = 5. 

Negative Odds (- ): 1 short (100 separated by the American chances). Ex: American odds of – 400 = 1 – (100/ – 400) = 1.25.