Birmingham vs QPR Prediction – Championship – 01/02

Birmingham vs QPR prediction on January 02, 2021. Having to host QPR at home is definitely an extremely difficult task for Birmingham because the current gap between the two teams is huge.

Birmingham Overview

Birmingham vs QPR Prediction

Birmingham in recent seasons has not invested much to be able to compete for a position to be able to be promoted. They are only playing with the goal of relegation. So it is not too surprising with the poor performance of the home team at this time. 

After 23 rounds, they only got 27 points and ranked 17th in the rankings. The host has continuously encountered failures in recent matches that make it quite difficult for them to improve their performance. The upcoming match will return home, but before an opponent in the leading group on the rankings like QPR, it is difficult for the host to find a victory.

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QPR Overview

QPR is the top strong team in the first division and they are considered one of the strong candidates for a promotion. After 22 rounds, the away team got 35 points and temporarily stood in 7th place in the rankings, only 1 point behind the leading group. 

So the opportunity to be in the leading group with the team The guest is huge. The away team has played quite well in recent rounds, so in the upcoming match-winning will be the goal that the away team is aiming for.


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Birmingham vs QPR Prediction

Asian Handicap – Birmingham vs QPR Prediction

With QPR’s cautious play, most experts believe that the first half of today’s match will end without any goals being scored. But in the second half, with superior strength, QPR will not have too many difficulties to have a goal to bring them all 3 points right away. Therefore, the Asian handicap today’s match will have QPR as the most optimal investment choice in both the first and second half bets.

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Birmingham vs QPR prediction: 

  • Choose QPR +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose QPR (FT)

European Bet

Birmingham vs QPR Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *2.54-2.83-3.00* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With their extremely high performance, QPR is very confident and is believed by experts to win against Birmingham at home and the away team is also the best choice in the 1×2 bet.

Choose QPR (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Birmingham vs QPR Prediction

With the statistics are given above, Birmingham will definitely have to choose the safest way to play. Even QPR themselves is maintaining a very cautious play every time it comes out. The proof is that in their last 10 matches in the whole arena. Experts have recorded up to 8 matches in Under and only 2 matches in Over. Therefore, Over will definitely be the safest investment choice in today’s match in both the 1st and 2nd half.

Birmingham vs QPR prediction: 

  • Choose Under 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2-2.5 (FT)

Line up

Birmingham: Camp, Crowley, Gardner, Colin, Dean, Clarke-Salter, Harding, Crowley, Kieftenbeld, Jutkiewicz, Hogan.

QPR: S. Diang, Y. Barbet, G. Cameron, R. Dickie, L. Wallace, S. Johansen, D. Ball, T. Kane, I. Chair, L. Dykes, C. Austin.