BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs Prediction | Allsvenskan | June 29

The match review to the football BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs in the Allsvenskan about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 competing teams and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible match result. The BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

 BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on Monday 29th June 2020
  • Event: Allsvenskan
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: Bravida Arena

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 BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs


 BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs

HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

 BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs

Recorded from 2016 to now

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 BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs



  • After the first 3 rounds, the BK Hacken players have not yet won a match, but they have not yet won when they drew all 3, including the best match including the draw before runner-up Malmo FF in 2nd match. 
  • This is an achievement that is quite disappointing for the home team Bravida Arena when last season they finished in 6th place on the table with 49 points after 30 matches. The strength of this team is coming from the matches they are playing at home when the last 8 matches they have won 6, drew 1 and lost only 1 and getting 3 points after 3 rounds is said to be Not so bad for this team.


  • Helsingborgs is a team that will not be evaluated in this year’s tournament if you look at the achievements they have had in the previous season. The proof is that after 30 rounds, this team only brought back a mere 30 points after 8 wins, 6 draws and 16 losses, including 3 losses and 1 win in the last 4 rounds, worth mentioning the only win is before Sundsvall, the team that received relegation last season. 
  • This season, coach Olof Mellberg’s army only got 1 point after 2 defeats and 1 draw, the match they got a home draw against Elfsborg right on the home field in the previous round. Worse, in the last 3 rounds, they failed to score any goals, even receiving 7 goals.

BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs TIP:


  • Losing to rookie Varbergs BoIS at home with a score of 0-3 and being destroyed by a relegated opponent last season, Kalmar, with a score of 0-4 in the second round showed the weakness comprehensive of Helsingborgs players in this season. 
  • Meanwhile, despite not having the best performance in the past, but in terms of strength, BK Hacken is much appreciated when last season they were 19 points higher than this opponent after 30 rounds. Therefore, the ability to spend 3 points of the home team is extremely bright.

Our BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs prediction for this match is:

  • Select: BK Hacken -1.1/4

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  • After 4 matches, 3 rounds in this arena and the remaining match in the national cup front, BK Hacken players all opened fire and no matches they kept clean sheets. Meanwhile, having received 7 goals in just 3 games showed that Helsingborgs’s defense was very bad. In addition, in the last 8 consecutive home games, BK Hacken all opened fire and up to 6 matches they scored more than 1 goal. Therefore, the possibility that the game will have more than 2 goals is very easy to happen.

BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs prediction:

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  • Odds for R1 of BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs: 1 – 0
  • Odds for R2 of BK Hacken vs Helsingborgs: 3 – 1


  • In the last clash, it was the second leg of the last season, the BK Hacken players defeated this opponent with a score of 2-0 on the away field and the current strength has not changed much. with the season gone.
  • Moreover, the home team Bravida Arena has a good home record and has won the match in the last 6/8 matches, while the away team lost 5/7 matches recently. Therefore, the belief for the home team is completely grounded.
  • Select: BK Hacken to win FT


  • BK Hacken: Peter Abrahamsson, Gustaf Beggren, Elohor Godswill Ekpolo, Leo Bengtsson, Erik Friberg, Rasmus Lindgren, Viktor Lundberg, Daleho Irandust, Joona Toivio, Gustaf Nilsson, Leonard Zuta.

Helsingborgs: Mikkel Diskerud, Armin Gigovic, Rasmus Jonsson, Adam Eriksson, Anders Lindegaard, Martin Olsson, Max Svensson, Brandur Hendriksson, Anthony van den Hurk, Ravy Tsouka Dozi, Casper Widell.

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