Blackjack online at HappyLuke casino

Happyluke casino operates in online casinos and is on the way of developing sports betting and other attractive games. Since its appearance on the market, Happyluke has set a new standard for the betting industry. Operating with the criteria to create the most lively and fun gaming environment in the world, Happyluke has been chosen by many players as a top entertainment place. HappyLuke is one of the best bookmakers today. In particular, Blackjack online is one of the most popular games at this house. Learn how to play Blackjack online effectively at Happyluke.

Blackjack online at HappyLuke casino

Introducing HappyLuke

HappyLuke is one of Asia’s best reputable casino house, with a unique and beautifully designed interface, this is a trusted destination for those who love playing real money online gambling.

HappyLuke online casino is legally licensed to operate in the online gambling business and assists gamers with high responsibility. Happyluke offers top-notch, 5-star quality services with thousands of famous online casino.

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games around the world such as playing Blackjack online, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sicbo and many other games.


Blackjack online is one of the most popular online casino games today. Playing Blackjack is called Vingt Un meaning 21 when it first appeared in Spain and France from the beginning to the middle of the 1700s. Over time Blackjack online is accepted and widely played in casinos.

After the 3-card Baccarat, it can be said that Blackjack is the second most played game.

Playing Blackjack online appeals to players because it is highly tactical and requires a strong mentality in each game, meaning that playing skills and experience will play an important role in winning the game, not completing it. all depend on luck as other games.

Blackjack online at HappyLuke casino

How to play Blackjack at HappyLuke

Playing Blackjack online at HappyLuke has simple rules. Players will play directly with the dealer, not against other players. In the table Blackjack will have 1 house and 7 hands. The highest score in this game is 21 points, if it exceeds 21 points it will lose immediately.

After the Blackjack player has placed a bet, the dealer will deal the cards, dealt from the left hand of the dealer first to the dealer. Each player is dealt 2 cards, these 2 cards turn up, and the dealer has 1 card face up and 1 face-down card. At this point, your hand has the right to stop or draw a third card so that the score is as close to 21 points as possible. Pausing or drawing more cards is based on guessing the house’s score via the face card.

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Happyluk Blackjack Room
Happyluk Blackjack Room

If the two cards in the hand of the Blackjack online player have a total of 21, they will win regardless of whether or not the dealer shows their face up or not.

The dealer shows the face-down, if a total is less than 17, they will draw a third card, and> = 17 points, it is compulsory to stop drawing more cards. Because Blackjack rules dictate that the house will stop when the total of two cards is greater than or equal to 17 points.

After drawing a third card, matching the Blackjack player and banker, the player wins the bet when the total is greater than the dealer’s or the banker (> 21 points). The dealer and player play by that point, that game is a tie.

The method of calculating A card in Blackjack

  • Card A will be calculated 1 point when the sum of other cards and card A is greater than 11 points.
  • Card A will count 11 points when the sum of the other cards with card A is less than or equal to 11 points.
  • If there are 2 cards A is counted 2 points.
Register, Deposit, Choose a Casino Room and finally enjoy
Register, Deposit, Choose a Casino Room and finally enjoy

Basic tips

This Blackjack online playing strategy was used as the foundation to invent other tactics. It is a calculation based on a computer simulator of card players. Revealing the development of cards to give players the option to choose the best card possible.

If the system automatically plays this strategy Blackjack minimizes the risk for players to the lowest level of 1.5%.

  • H: Withdraw
  • DH: Double or Withdraw
  • S: Stop
  • SP: Split card
  • SU: Give up or withdraw

How to bet split in half and double

A double bet is a Blackjack online player making a double bet and drawing an extra card. Some advantages can be mentioned in this case:

  • The player has 11 points on the hand and the dealer has 2-10 points
  • The player has 10 points and the dealer has 2-9 points
  • The player has 9 points, A6, A7 and the player has 3-6 points
  • Player has A4, A5, dealer has 4-6 points
  • The player has A2, A3, and the dealer has 5-6 points

The case of card splitting when a player has a pair. Blackjack online players can deal cards in 2 hands. It is the same as making a double bet. Double booking and split are only allowed in the first round.

Counting cards

This strategy of playing Blackjack online is absolutely not for new players. Card counting needs to be highly focused and have the skills to make accurate decisions when playing scratch cards.

The operation of counting cards is by counting what kind of cards have been removed from the shuffler. The difficulty of counting cards when playing Blackjack depends on the deck of cards played. If the deck has 10 cards and Ace is a good chance for the player to win. In the worst case, when the deck has only small cards left.

Happyluke Promotions:

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  • Weekly offers
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Happyluke – outstanding advantage of the house from Europe

  • Happyluke is a betting site specializing in online casino field with attractive card games.
  • The casino is cleverly designed with real people dealing cards extremely vividly
  • The promotion takes place continuously with great bonuses
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal time
  • There is support for both computer and mobile versions
  • Top reputation with a legal operating license
  • Using the leading modern security technology in Europe
  • Consulting services, customer care 24/24 extremely thoughtful


HappyLuke is an online casino that attracts a large community of online betting enthusiasts to participate. Not only by the prestige of the house, the diversity of the game but also the attractive promotions – easy to play – easy to win of HappyLuke online casino.

To win Blackjack online, luck is not the deciding factor but a new tough strategy will bring good results. If you want to become a Blackjack online player at HappyLuke soon, you need to constantly practice different strategies.

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