Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/27

Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek prediction: It is not surprising that the defending champion Bodo Glimt is monopolizing the top spot after 9 rounds. Returning to the home ground and receiving a Stabaek who is ranked last is probably the task that could not be easier for them at the moment.

Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/27
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 10th
  • Location: Aspmyra Stadion




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In the last three confrontations between Bodo and Stabaek, the match never ended with less than 4 goals scored. Not only leading the rankings but Bodo Glimt is also the team with the second strongest attack in the tournament with 21 goals. In the top 12 list of top scorers this season, the Aspmyra Stadion team contributed 4 names. 

Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek Prediction

Stabaek’s defense is showing a clear decline. The last 4 matches did not have any matches where the away team conceded less than 2 goals and conceded 11 times in total. It is clear that when facing the very strong attack of the defending champion. It is difficult for Stabaek to improve their defensive record. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this was a massive win for Bodo and so Over should be picked.

Select: Over FT.


Looking at the statistics, it can be seen that Bodo Glimt is in a very stable form at home. The last 26 matches were played at Aspmyra Stadion, Bodo Glimt did not lose any match, drew 2 matches and won 24 victories. It is clear that over the past year, no one has been a guest on the field of Kjetil Knutsen’s students, but left with all 3 points. There’re only 2 clubs that held a draw with the home team. With an all-star squad and rising form, it’s too difficult for Bodo to drop 3 points in this match.

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Along with Brann, Stabaek is one of only two teams to have only 1 win since the beginning of the tournament. In the last 4/5 trips as a guest, Stabaek only knew how to draw and lose, including 3 times leaving empty-handed. Coach Jan Jönsson’s army has never been a worthy opponent for the defending champion in many recent seasons. The last time Stabaek got 3 points on Bodo Glimt’s field was in 2014. With what has been shown since the beginning of the tournament, Stabaek’s loss is considered predictable.

Select: Bodo Glimt  FT.


In the last 6 times to welcome Stabaek at home, Bodo Glimt has maintained an unbeaten record including 3 wins and 3 draws. Only more than the 2nd ranked team in sub-index. The home team’s task is nothing but 3 full points to maintain the top of the table. Therefore, the determination of Kjetil Knutsen’s students in this confrontation is great.

Select: Bodo Glimt  FT.


The confrontations between Bodo Glimt and Stabaek have never had few goals. There have been 17 goals scored by both teams in just the last 3 times the two teams have faced each other. With a fairly large difference, it is expected to be a big win for Bodo Glimt.

Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek prediction: Bodo Glimt 3-1 Stabaek FT (2-0 H1).

Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek Prediction


Bodo Glimt: Ricardo Friedrich, Isidoro, Vegard Bergan, Oliver Sigurjonsson, Brede Moe, Marius Lode, Ulrik Saltnes, Morten Agnes Konradsen, Philip Zinkernagel, Ole Amund Sveen, Endre Kupen.

Stabaek: Olsen, Mats Goberg Solheim, Marcus Sandberg, Yaw Amankwah, Jørgen Øveraas, Emil Bohinen, Magnus Lundal, Oliver Edvardsen, Hugo Vetlesen, Tortol Lembi, Hansen. 

Above is information about the Bodo Glimt vs Stabaek prediction – the match in the 10th round of Eliteserien taking place on 2021/06/27 of the leading Asian bookie CMD368.