Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 10/14

Bolivia vs Paraguay prediction on October 14, 2021. Bolivia is playing at home in the next round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America. This is a huge fulcrum for them to aim to continue to win. That goal is completely achievable when Bolivia welcomes Paraguay.

Bolivia Overview

Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction

Bolivia still has a relatively familiar formula that has always been done many years ago. It is nothing but taking advantage of the difficult terrain of the home field to win good results here. When they have to play in other stadiums, even as guests or play neutral, they constantly show weakness. So the performance of this team is not good in general when the number of matches they play in their home is only a very small number. 

The decisive factor for this match is none other than the home-field advantage at an altitude of over 3000m above sea level that Bolivia owns. That is also the only fulcrum that they can take advantage of victories.

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Paraguay Overview

Paraguay still has to fight extremely hard to be able to aim for 5th place on the World Cup 2022 qualifying table in South America. The strength of this team is considered to be quite weak, so in general, their performance is not too bad, but it is not good at all. Not to mention Paraguay is also in a similar situation to Bolivia when they have an extremely weak ability to compete away from home. This is definitely a huge obstacle for Paraguay when they even have the ability to make extremely bad guests.


Past Encounters

Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction

With a very liberal style of play, Bolivia is expected to receive a goal early in the first half of this match. And in the second half, maybe thanks to home advantage, they will get an equalizer but in the end. Paraguay will have 1 more goal to fix the match result. So in today’s Asian handicap match, Paraguay will be the safest investment choice for fans in both the first half and the second half.

Bolivia vs Paraguay prediction: 

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  • Choose Paraguay (HT)
  • Choose Paraguay (FT)

European Bet

Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction

The European handicap offered by the house is *2.75-2.50-3.15* corresponding to the home team’s win-lose and draw ratio. Looking at the strength of the difference and the determination to compete is a bit different, the Paraguay away team is believed by experts to win and is the most optimal investment point in the 1×2 market.

Choose Paraguay (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Bolivia vs Paraguay Prediction

With the above statistics, in today’s match, experts believe that the match will have many goals. Because with Paraguay, even though they have to be guests at the stadium of Bolivia. They are very determined to compete in the top 5 with Colombia. 

On the other hand, Bolivia is weak, but they still play with an extremely liberal style with 13 goals and 25 goals conceded. Therefore, in the Over/Under bet for today’s match, the safest investment option is to choose the Over result for both the 1st and 2nd half bets.

Bolivia vs Paraguay prediction: 

  • Choose Over 0.5-1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2-2.5 (FT)

Line up

Bolivia: Lampe, Fernandez, Sanchez, Gutierrez, Bejarano, Sagredo, Haquin, Arabe, Villarroel, Martins, Arce.

Paraguay: Fernandez, Sanchez, Gonzalez,  Piris, Gomez, Alonso, Arzamendia, Rojas, Almiron, Rojas, Cardozo.