[BONUS] All Casino Promotions You Should Know

Promotions are always a top concern for players because the prize money will give players a huge advantage. Have you ever had these thoughts in your mind: “This promotion is so easy? Something must be wrong, ” Has promotion applied but it doesn’t allow money to be withdrawn? ”,“ Should we apply for 1 or 2 casino promotions? ”…

Surely the above questions have become so familiar when taking bets at any online casino, so in this article, we will answer all your questions on the subject of promotions!

All Casino Promotions You Should Know

What is a bonus?

Bonus (also known as Promotion) in the online betting industry is the amount of money that players will receive when they apply for the bonus program that the bookie offers!

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Most online casinos will have a Bonus for players to attract customers and the most popular type of casino promotions is the welcome promotion.

One feature of the Bonus Bonus is that it is easy to apply to receive bonuses – Most players only need to register – deposit money.

Types of Bonus / Online Casino Promotions

Except for the promotions that you often encounter such as Welcome bonus, reload bonus. refund … the number of new programs will be released constantly and we will update it

First, let’s take a look at the 16 most popular Bonus / Casino Promotions in the online betting industry.

Bonus is an important part of the betting process
Bonus is an important part of the betting process

Welcome promotion / New member

The promotion that any new player encounters and this is also the best Bonus that the bookie offers to the player

Most of these casino promotions will give players huge percentage bonuses: 50%, 100%, 120%, 128% or 200% (For international bookies) – This means you deposit: How much will be rewarded much.

Banner Promotion From TT128

Because of the huge amount of prize money, new players can only be used only once and of course, there will be deposit limits that apply to each specific game.

  • Suitable audience: New member
  • Number of applications: Once
  • Deposit limit: Yes
  • Form: Bonus, free spins
  • Formula: Bonus = Deposit x (Promotion percentage)

Promotion without deposit

One of the casino promotions that attract customers is applied by many new bookmakers because this is a pretty attractive offer for new players such as giving: 38 free spins, bonus bets 38K …

However, it is important to note that getting a reward is one thing and withdrawing your winnings is another, so before applying this promotion make sure you read the information carefully. as well as the terms.

As with the welcome bonus, this bonus type you only get once.

  • Suitable audience: New members – Members who want to try or test website errors
  • Number of applications: Once
  • Deposit limit: Yes
  • Form: Bonus, free spins
  • Recipe: Depending on the bookie rules

Recharge promotion

The reload bonus is offered by online casinos to encourage players who are already members of the bookie to continue betting.

It is also quite understandable when new players have promotions, certain loyal players must also have their own special offers, so the reload bonus is one of those offers.

Rewards are given as a percentage reward eg: Reload every day 12%,! 8%, 24% … bonuses and you can apply for this promotion.

  • Suitable audience: Members who want to try hard (Bets a lot)
  • Number of applications: Every day / 1 time
  • Deposit limit: Limited
  • Form: Bonus
  • Formula: Bonus = Deposit x (Bonus percentage)

Promotion refund

The payout bonus is the bonus amount that you bet against the bookie will return you a certain amount depending on your level.

This is a promotion that surely football betting people are familiar with because the main object that the bookie serves is football lovers.

Why do you say that? Because games like card games, slots or shooting fish usually the amount you lose will not be significant if compared to betting on football can be up to billions of dong per game so return a little called “absorbent” for with them.

Cashback bonuses often appear as: Fun sports every day pay off 1% / 1.5% / 2% …

Maybe for many people who do not see the appeal of this promotion, but when you play to the billions, it will be a different story.

  • Suitable audience: Players wager on sports or big money bets
  • Number of applications: Every day / 1 time
  • Money loss limit: No.
  • Form: Refund
  • Formula: Cashback = Cash loss x (Percentage payback)

* Note: Depending on the level of VIP you will receive different refunds, so we recommend that you read the terms carefully.

Bonuses for specific game categories

In some cases, like a newly launched game provider or a bookie that wants to advertise a particular game, that’s when they launch one of the casino promotions for that particular game.

This is also a highly appreciated player because the bonus percentage will usually be quite similar or lower than the welcome bonus a little.

This bonus will also appear as Play now shoot fish SpadeGaming immediately receive bonuses up to $ 125 …

  • Suitable audience: Players who want to try new games or match the games offered by that promotion
  • Number of applications: Depending on the bookie
  • Bonus limit: There is a limit
  • Form: Bonus
  • Formula: Bonus = Deposit x (Bonus percentage)

Happy birthday bonus

A pretty special bonus that is a happy birthday for players.

Every time you go to the birthday party, depending on your level, the online bookie will give you a fixed amount of money such as Silver level, Gold level, Platinum level,…

A pretty good promotion used by the bookie to honor your customers, because this is a free bonus so you do not need to think much in this case, just accept it.

  • Suitable audience: Every player
  • Number of applications: One year / 1 time
  • Form: Bonus
  • Formula: How much to give as much as 

Preferred bonus (Bonus payment)

This is a pretty good bonus because some bookies will somehow encourage players to deposit money into a certain payment gateway instead of depositing banks such as Bitcoin, Skrill, Help2pay …

And when players deposit here they will get the bonus they have hung – usually it will be in the range of 1% – 15%.

  • Suitable audience: Players have the appropriate payment gateway
  • Number of applications: Every time you deposit
  • Form: Bonus
  • Formula: Bonus = Bonus x (Bonus percentage)

Introduce your friends and receive bonuses immediately

True to its title: Refer your friends to play on our site (Banker), you will be rewarded for both.

This can be considered a pretty good promotion because you do not lose anything for this program, just need a friend to sign up to send and play a few rounds to both can receive money.

The difficulty here is whether your friend wants to play with you or not?

This promotion is often like this: Introduce your friends to get money playing right away.

  • Suitable audience: Players with friends or relatives want to introduce
  • Number of applications: Each referral
  • Form: Bonus

Loyalty bonus

If you play at a certain bookie long enough, this is the program for you because this promotion is aimed at their loyal players and offers worthy offers depending on the VIP levels that players are having.

“Bonuses” in this program will appear in two forms as follows:

Refund: You will receive a higher refund rate than other regular players. VIP Upgrades: Some bookmakers specify that no matter how much money you deposit, you will not reach the VIP level and the only thing that will help you achieve that is to show your loyalty to the bookie.
  • Suitable audience: Those who want to stick with the bookie for a long time
  • Number of applications: Depending on the bookie
  • Form: Refund, promotion
All Casino Promotions You Should Know

VIP privilege bonuses

If you can not satisfy with the amount of money offered by the bookie, when you are VIP you will receive a lot more valuable prizes: Tickets to travel abroad, experience sailing, attending matches of your favorite football team …

In addition, you also receive privileged services such as Support for goods tracking to keep track of your own account, promotions only for VIP levels …

This is the strategy of online casinos to reach the highest VIP status – Once you are a VIP, you will have more privileges than other members.

  • Suitable audience: Rich people or many bets
  • Appearance: High value rewards

Bonus many times

An upgraded version of the welcome bonus, which is usually a bonus many times instead of just receiving the bonus on your first deposit, you can now claim your bonus up to 4 or 5 times.

In the Western countries, they have applied often and players are quite satisfied with this type of promotion.

  • Appropriate audience: All audiences
  • Number of applications: Up to 4-5 times
  • Deposit limit: Limited
  • Form: Bonus, free spins
  • Formula: Bonus = Deposit x (Promotion percentage)

Bonuses are attached

A common type of promotion in the West is that the bookie will give you a certain amount of free bonuses, but you will not withdraw it unless you meet the requirements that they give.

A promotion that is quite similar to the “no deposit bonus” but the difference is that asking them to give is often quite hard to achieve.

You can consider this money to test (test experience) games at the casino.

  • Suitable audience: All members
  • Number of applications: Once

Bonuses from time to time

This bonus has a certain difficulty level for the players, which is really a challenge!

That’s what gives you a certain amount of bonuses and you have to fulfill the requirements they have made within 1 HOUR – meaning you have to play very fast and calculate it correctly if you want to think about withdrawing money.

  • Suitable audience: Players who like challenges
  • Number of applications: Once

Monthly bonus

One of the bookie’s secret weapons to retain your customers!

Each month they will have different requirements from players such as deposits, number of activities … If you are an active player of the month you will receive this reward from them.

  • Suitable audience: Hardworking members who work regularly
  • Number of applications: Monthly

Tournament prize money

Extremely competitive and vibrant! Tournaments are usually organized for card games: Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat …

Understandably, the bookie will host a tournament for players who like to play card games and the prize will be hung often will be over $ 4,200 for the first prize.

Bonuses will be reduced for subsequent lower ranks. This promotion aims to stimulate players and create events to interact with gamers.

  • Appropriate audience: Any subject that can participate
  • Number of applications: Only once
  • Form: Bonus

Exclusive bookie deal

Not following any rules or programs you met before, exclusive casino promotions are offered by the exclusive bookies.

For the bookies with strong capital investment, they will often apply this strategy to attract customers often these promotions do not have no certain pattern and everyone can apply.


Hopefully, with these 16 types of casino promotions, casino players will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate program.

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