Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction | 2020/12/20

Round 26, Atletico has a trip to the field of the team ranked 12th Bragantino. Let’s follow Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction.

Serious decline this season, it is not easy for Atletico to score in this difficult forecasted match.

Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00pm on Sunday 20th December 2020
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 26th
  • Location: Nabizao


Confrontation history shows overwhelming Slavia. The last 7 times they met, they won 6 times, not once failed. The last one had a 4-0 win at home last season. With a convincing performance from the beginning of the season, Slavia is completely superior in this match.

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The recent performance of the host brings high reliability. 11 rounds of Slavia won 9 and scored 33 goals, showing that they are extremely excited. While the Bohemians continued to show erratic behavior with 3 defeats after 5 games, conceding 7 times. The determination of the guests is still questionable with lack of motivation performance.

Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction:

Asian handicap Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.5

Bragantino is obviously appreciated when they are competing for a place in the top half of the chart. 3 times in the past, teachers and students Barbieri won 1 victory at home and never lost against Paranaense. This time is a favorable opportunity for the home team to win all 3 points.

Bragantino’s recent performance gives confidence. 6 consecutive unbeaten matches, including 3 wins, 9 goals, but only conceded 3 times. In the opposite direction, Paranaense’s performance is really disappointing, losing all 3 rounds, bringing the number of defeats this season to 13. It is not difficult to recognize Paranaense’s unstable mentality, while Bragantino is very excited. .

Home advantage and class are appreciated, 3 points for Bragantino is a reliable choice. Especially if you look at Paranaense’s record of losing 8/12 away matches, the chance of having the visitors score is very low.

In the next match, the  Bragantino  Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

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→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick:  Bragantino –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.25

The 1.24 goalscoring performance of strikers from the beginning of the season is quite a modest number. With home advantage and good performance, it is not surprising if the next match ends with just enough gap.

With the current form, Atletico is difficult to make before the opponent is too sure. Cautiousness and calculation are enhanced even more when they are only 3 points ahead of the group holding the red light.

Bragantino’s pragmatic play style often brings strategic battles. Their last 2/3 match ended with no goals scored. Public goods are not appreciated, making the choice of talent become adventurous. 

Therefore, our expert believes that Under will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction:  Choose Under 

Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction

Final Scores: Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense Prediction 

There is no lack of deliberation and caution from both teams. With Bragantino’s pragmatic habit it was difficult to expect an open stance. Careful entry and turning point in the second half is the scenario experts commented.

→ Our prediction of the match result Bragantino vs Atletico Paranaense:

  • Bragantino 0 – 0 Atletico Paranaense  (1st Half).
  • Bragantino 1 – 0 Atletico Paranaense (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368:  updating
  • Select: Bragantino  to win (Full Time)

The European handicap shows that the house highly appreciates the homeowner to win. Bragantino’s increasingly impressive performance makes this choice worthy of trust. The ability of Paranaense to make a mutation is very low when looking at their head-to-head record and away form.

Expected lineup  

Bragantino:  Lima, Silva, Lima, Fraga, Pereira, Santos, Barros, Assis. Luiz, Morato, Ytalo.

Atletico Paranaense:  Santos, Azevedo, Heleno, Halter, Khelven, Cittadini. Wellington, Ron, Erick, Nikao, Gabriel.

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