Brann vs Sandefjord prediction on July 12th, 2020

Brann vs Sandefjord prediction on July 12th, 2020. After 6 rounds have passed in the new season in the Norwegian league, it seems that the order of the rankings has not been formed much differently than last season. Need to know, Brann currently has an interesting position 4 on the rankings with 10 points after 6 rounds. Over 6 games, Brann won 3, lost 2 and drew 1 – a result that is not really as good as what the home fans expect.

Brann vs Sandefjord prediction

Brann’s last matches

Sandefjord’s last matches


Brann vs Sandefjord prediction, HT

Brann vs Sandefjord prediction

Remember, last season Brann was only ninth place in the standing. However, when the tournament was in a break, Brann made some additions to his squad. With the change in personnel, Brann’s fans were hoping for a better result than the present. Meanwhile, for the Sandefjord, they are far weaker than the home team.

Because also after 6 rounds, the away team only got a mere 4 points with the position of 13/16. Thus, the possibility of losing the match today of Brann is considered extremely high.

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Be aware, after the first 6 matches, Sandefjord has only 1 victory and 1 draw in the opening 2 matches. Shortly thereafter, they lost in the next 4 rounds in a row although their opponent was not too strong.

Even a Sarpsborg who played relegation last season can beat the Sandefjord away from home with a score of 0-3 proves the weakness of the home team in today’s match. With such a poor performance, a loss is something that experts have anticipated for the Sandefjord.

For Brann, the Brann vs Sandefjord prediction experts judged that their two losses in six rounds were entirely sympathetic results. Because the two losses of the home team are when they have to welcome Bodo with Rosenborg.

On the other hand, the difference between the two teams is also shown by the unbeaten Brann in the last 6 encounters of the two teams.

In those 6 matches, Brann won 5 matches and was only held once by the opponent. In that series of wins, Brann had a match that completely submerged Sandefjord with a score of 5-0 at home. Therefore, 3 points is not too difficult for Brann in this match.

  • HT score: Brann 1 – 0 Sandefjord.
  • Asian: Choose Brann -1/4.
  • European: Choose Brann 2.49.

Brann vs Sandefjord prediction, FT

Brann vs Sandefjord prediction

With so many differences being offered, in the next match, Brann is confident to win both professional and Asian handicap. And the -3/4 handicap listed for the home team is the handicap they can exceed. So as the Brann vs Sandefjord prediction, investing in the home team will certainly be the safest option for investors on this match.

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  • Full-Time score: Brann 3 – 0 Sandefjord.
  • Full-Time Asian: Choose Brann -3/4.
  • Full-Time O/U: Choose Over 2-2.5.
  • Full-Time European: Choose Brann 1.76.

Expected line-up

  • Brann: A. Ahamada, R. Kristiansen, V. Forren, Kolskogen, P. Strand, K. Barmen, Pedersen, A. Ordagic, R. Taylor, Bamba, G. Koomson.
  • Sandefjord: J. Strorevik, A. Kralj, L. Grorud, M. Foss, Jonsson, Rufo, E. Palsson, W. Kurtovic, Hansen, S. Gussias, E. Brenden.