Brann vs Tromso Prediction – Eliteserien – 07/10/2021

Brann vs Tromso prediction on July 07, 2021. Playing the role of people in poverty after 1/3 of the way has passed in Eliteserien this season, the opportunity in the confrontation on Brann Stadion in the next 12th round between the host Brann and the guests Tromso is considered to be divided equally for both teams. Even the statistics of the past say that this is a match between an eight-pounder and a half-pounder.

Brann Overview

Brann vs Tromso Prediction

Brann is the team with the worst performance in Eliteserien 2021, although they are considered a team with a good squad quality, what this team is showing is not good at all. 

The season has gone through 12 rounds but the host still only got 1 win and 2 draws and lost 9 matches. With only 4 points, it is not surprising that they are in the last position on the rankings. There is nothing left to lose, so in the next match, they will fight hard to get the score now. The opponent in the next match is just a rookie who is not too strong, so as long as he plays at his best, 3 points are completely within the reach of the host.

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Tromso Overview

Tromso is a rookie this season, so it is difficult to expect much from this team’s achievements. After 11 matches, Tromso got only 2 wins, 3 draws, and 6 losses. 

With only 9 points in hand, Tromso is only 2 points better than the relegation group but has played more than 2 matches, so the risk of falling into the dangerous group is looming in front of this team. Recently, they have not been in good form, causing them to face many difficulties. The next match must march away from home, so the chances of this team’s points are not much.


Past Encounters

Brann vs Tromso Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Brann vs Tromso prediction

1 win, 2 draws, and 9 defeats and standing at the bottom of the table is what coach Kare Ingebrigtsen’s men have done after the first 12 matches in the Norwegian No. 1 tournament this season. Witnessing Brann’s poor form after the past, it is hard to believe in the home team’s ability to retain all 3 points in the next 90 minutes. 

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Experts say that the away disadvantage is not enough to make Tromso of coach Gaute Helstrup empty-handed after this trip. Especially when the statistics in the past also showed a balance with 4 victories divided equally between the two teams and 2 closing times with the scenario of indecisiveness in the last 10 meetings.

Brann vs Tromso Prediction: Choose Tromso +1/2

European Bet

Brann vs Tromso Prediction

European odds show that the house appreciates the home team’s ability to win. At the present time, putting faith in Brann is a risky choice. The opportunity for the men of coach Gaute Helstrup to accumulate points for the goal of relegation after this trip is not small.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Brann vs Tromso prediction

Both aim for 3 points and are considered to be a match that is suitable for both, the double attack is expected. Both sides’ defense is uncertain, making the choice of fainting potentially risky. The last 5 meetings between the two teams have witnessed at least 3  goals.

Brann vs Tromso Prediction: Choose Over 2.75


Brann: Kristoffer Barmen, Kasper Skaanes, Hakon Opdal, Jon-Helge Tveita, Ole Martin Lekven, Vegard Forren, Ruben Kristiansen, Mathias Rasmussen, Robert Taylor, Petter Strand, Karamoko Bamba.

Tromso:  Lasse Nilsen, Daniel Berntsen, Jacob Karlstrom, Tomas Totland, Isak Amundsen, Anders Jenssen, Jostein Gundersen, Ruben Jenssen, Eric Kitolano, August Mikkelsen, Moses Ebiye.