Brescia vs Genoa Prediction On June 27th, 2020

Rookie Brescia is still in the red light group in Serie A. This is greatly affecting the morale of the Brescia players. Entering the next Brescia vs Genoa round, they will be playing at home to welcome Genoa. Also in need of points for the relegation battle, Genoa determined to win.

Brescia vs Genoa prediction, O/U bet

Brescia vs Genoa Prediction

Brescia is having a stray game without stability in the home field. Efficiency is what Brescia is not showing with 13 goals. This figure indicates the performance of Brescia is 1 goal/match. For crafts, 25 is the number of goals conceded by Brescia.

Considering the odds of the 2.75 that the house makes, the result of matches that take place on the home field of Brescia is often Over. The percentage of Over winning games is 69%. In the opposite direction, Finance in Genoa matches made 79% of guests.

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Genoa is not too many goals away from home this season. With 14 away games this season, Genoa have scored 17 goals. On average, 1 game has 1.21 goals. Remarkably 29 is the number of goals conceded by this team. Thus the average number of lost goals conceded is 2.07.

The dealer sets the odds for the upcoming Brescia vs Genoa match as 2.75. Players bet on money if two teams score 3 or more goals. The winning rate of Over is 1.98, Under is 1.85.

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Brescia vs Genoa prediction, Asian bet

Brescia vs Genoa Prediction

Looking at the last 5 home games, Brescia is showing unstable aspects. The specific result was that Brescia did not get any victory, 2 draws, and 3 losses. So they won 2/15 maximum points. Most recently Brescia lost 1-2 Napoli.

In this season, the home field is not a strong fulcrum for Brescia. This team has given themselves 1 victory after 13 matches. They had 3 draws and 9 defeats. So they won a total of 6 points.

Genoa did not play very well on their away matches. After 14 matches, this team has 2 wins. That result corresponds to a win rate of 14.3%. In addition, the number of Genoa’s failures has reached 6.

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The Asian handicap bookmaker gives a handicap for the next Brescia vs Genoa match which is 0: 0. No team is determined by the house to settle on the next match. Players bet on Brescia to pay money when the home team wins and vice versa. Brescia’s odds are 2.05, Genoa’s odds are 1.82.

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Scores prediction

Brescia vs Genoa Prediction

Considering the last 3 matches, the total number of goals that the two teams scored is 9. This number corresponds to the performance of 3 goals/match. In which Genoa club is getting better results than winning 2 wins, 1 draw.

In the first leg of this season, Genoa is the team that has got 3 points in the end. They beat the away team 3-1. According to experts, the HT of Brescia vs Genoa match is likely to be 1-0 for Genoa.

HT: Brescia 0-1 Genoa

FT: Brescia 0-2 Genoa