Brescia vs Pisa Prediction – Serie B – 05/07

Brescia vs Pisa prediction on May 07, 2021. Serie B round 37, Brescia aims to win the second consecutive at Rigamonti in the reception of Pisa. Not only holding the home-field advantage, but coach Diego Lopez’s team also showed a reliable performance. The lack of motivation over the past time caused Pisa to not receive expectations in this battle.

Brescia Overview

Brescia vs Pisa Prediction

Brescia under the coach Diego Lopez performed Serie B’s most devoted play. 35 matches they scored 52 goals but also conceded 50 times, averaging 2.92 goals per game. The strikers finished third in terms of scoring record, and Brescia was not afraid to play a double attack even though their opponent was Empoli at the top of the table. 

However, the weakness in the defense is the problem that is difficult to solve. On average, each match this season is 1.43 times in net, which is also the reason why they lose a lot of points. The stable performance of the strikers brought about 8 victories after 18 home games, the performance reached 1.78 goals per game. A 3-point goal is a must to compete for a playoff, which promises to be a ver

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Pisa Overview

Brescia vs Pisa Prediction

Pisa in the last 6 rounds has only 1 victory over Cosenza in the bottom group but lost 4/5 remaining matches. Although holding 13th place in the standings, the away performance this season must be said to be poor. Only 4 wins but 9 defeats after 18 marches. 

Defense is becoming a problem, conceding 11 times in the last 6 matches. With 3 points less than Brescia, it is not surprising if Pisa is willing to play fair. However, in the double attack position, it is difficult for them to preserve the net against Brescia’s quality attack.


Past Encounters

Brescia vs Pisa Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Brescia vs Pisa prediction

After 35 matches played in Serie B, Pisa got 10 wins and 14 draws. The away team has 44 points, ranking 13th on the standings. Pisa is currently behind their opponent in all statistics, at a disadvantage when it comes to guests, with a disappointing performance. Pisa is expected to lose 2 separate goals-against Brescia.

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Brescia vs Pisa Prediction

  • Choose Brescia (HT)
  • Choose Brescia (FT)

European Bet

Brescia vs Pisa Prediction

Confrontation history of the last 9 encounters between the two clubs: Brescia vs Pisa: the head-to-head record is very balanced when each team has 4 wins and 1 match with a Draw score. It can be seen that the capacity between the 2 clubs is in balance at this point. In this match, Brescia has the home advantage and better performance than his opponent.

Choose Brescia (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Brescia vs Pisa prediction

In the last 5 confrontations between Brescia vs Pisa, all 5 matches only scored from 2 goals or less. Both teams in the middle weak row in Serie B always enter the game with a defensive, counter-attacking stance. While strikers all have quite low-scoring performance. Therefore, the matches between these two teams often do not have many goals scored.

Brescia vs Pisa Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


Brescia: Daniele Gastaldello, Emanuele Ndoj, Jesse Joronen, Stefano Sabelli, Aleš Matějů, Sandro Tonali, Jesse Joronen, Stefano Sabelli, Aleš Matějů, Sandro Tonali, Nikolas Špalek, Jaromír Zmrhal, Alfredo Donnarumma, Ernesto Torregrossa, Alfredo Donnarumma.

Pisa: Nicholas, Antonio Caracciolo, Simone Perilli, Samuele Birindelli, Eros Pisano, Francesco Belli, Simone Palombi, Danilo Soddimo, Giuseppe Mastinu, Andrea Meroni, Marius Marin.

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