Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction and Match Preview

The groups are on the pitch on 2/6/2020, Tuesday, and here you have a selective Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction. The game is legitimate for the 25th round of Superliga.

02.06.2020 is an ideal opportunity to make wagering beneficial. Following the measurements, data about the groups, and their outcomes inside Denmark Superligaen, the victor is self-evident. All things considered, Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction will meet and play for predominance.

Who will keep ownership? What group can assist your wager with becoming rewarding? Check the most pertinent wagering tips and match forecasts before you settle on your decision. 

Top10betting brings to your games wagering the best data about the match of Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction. Look at it! 

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Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction

Brondby vs Sonderjyske pre-match stats

Europe FriendliesBrondbySonderjyske10.02.20201-3
Denmark CupBrondbySonderjyske30.10.20190-1
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeBrondby29.09.20192-1
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeBrondby25.11.20180-2
Denmark SuperligaenBrondbySonderjyske16.09.20182-4
Denmark CupSonderjyskeBrondby05.04.20180-1
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeBrondby03.12.20171-3
Denmark SuperligaenBrondbySonderjyske01.10.20174-0
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeBrondby21.05.20173-0
Denmark SuperligaenBrondbySonderjyske30.04.20171-1


In Superlig, Brondby has played 24 games and is as of now in the fifth situation toward the start of the matchday with an aggregate of 39 scores. 

All out goals in the match, the group’s games have a normal of 3,2. There are as of now 34 yielded goals and 44 scored. Additionally, it has an assaulting normal of 1,8 objectives, against 1,4 surrendered all things considered. 


  • Brondby has scored in 5 of their 5 home games.
  • Brondby has lost 1 among the last 5 home matches.
  • Brondby has through 3 away games without a win.
  • Brondby has several players out with red cards (Kamil Wilczek, Hjortur Hermannsson, Paulus Arajuuri) and that could be crucial.
  • Brondby already has 46 yellow cards.

The group stage is sensibly reasonable as it has won multiple times in the last 8 matches, and have been 2 draws and 2 misfortunes. In any case, the outcomes might be better. 

In its last match, Brondby’s group played away from home and tied 2-2 against Nordsjaelland. 

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Europe FriendliesBrondbyLyngby26.05.20202-1
Europe FriendliesLyngbyBrondby21.05.20202-0
Denmark SuperligaenFC NordsjaellandBrondby08.03.20202-2
Denmark SuperligaenBrondbyLyngby01.03.20201-0
Denmark SuperligaenAaBBrondby23.02.20203-2
Denmark SuperligaenOdense BKBrondby16.02.20200-2
Europe FriendliesBrondbySonderjyske10.02.20201-3
Europe FriendliesBrondbySlavia Prague07.02.20202-0
Europe FriendliesFC AstanaBrondby03.02.20202-1
Europe FriendliesBrondbyIFK Norrkoping31.01.20202-0


  • In the last 10 games, there are 3 successes, 2 draws, and 5 misfortunes, which shows how terrible the group is. 
  • Sonderjyske has played the last match against Odense, drawing 1-1 away from home. 
  • There were 1,2 goals in favor of every game per group, and 1,7 against all things considered. Altogether, it scored 29 goals and yielded 41, speaking to a normal of 2,9 goals for every game. 


  • Sonderjyske has gone 3 games without a win.
  • Sonderjyske has scored in 4 straight matches.
  • Sonderjyske is on only 3 wins in the last 10 matches.
  • Sonderjyske has a big yellow card list: 60 of them.

In Superlig, with 24 games played, Sonderjyske is in the eleventh situation toward the beginning of the day with 26 focuses. 

Europe FriendliesFC CopenhagenSonderjyske26.05.20203-1
Europe FriendliesKolding IFSonderjyske22.05.20201-1
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeOdense BK08.03.20201-1
Denmark CupRanders FCSonderjyske05.03.20201-2
Denmark SuperligaenMidtjyllandSonderjyske02.03.20203-0
Denmark SuperligaenFC NordsjaellandSonderjyske23.02.20202-1
Denmark SuperligaenSonderjyskeHobro IK16.02.20203-1
Europe FriendliesBrondbySonderjyske10.02.20201-3
Europe FriendliesShakhtar DonetskSonderjyske05.02.20202-2
Europe FriendliesFK Backa TopolaSonderjyske02.02.20203-0

Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction

The host group’s proposed game makes it most loved in theBrondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction. In any case, it should be intense when confronting the rival, as Sonderjyske accepts that triumph is conceivable.

Brondby have seen over 2.5 goals in 12 of their last 14 home matches


  • Brondby has lost 3 games against Sonderjyske.
  • Sonderjyske has beat Brondby 1-3 earlier this year.
  • Brondby is 6 places higher than their opponents.

The number of goals will probably be marginally better than expected, as Brondby comes in solid, and Sonderjyske may likewise have its chances to score. 

Our wager is for a Brondby prevail upon Sonderjyske in the Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction, as it has a sensible specialized bit of leeway on the pitch.

Teams squads

Michael Tornes34Guard18683Right16
Kevin Mensah29Midfielder17175Both14
Kasper Fisker32Midfielder17071Left8
Simon Hedlund27Midfielder17366Right27
Anthony Jung28Defender18581Left3
Lasse Vigen Christensen25Midfielder18080Right21
Hjortur Hermannsson25Defender19084Right6
Josip Radosevic26Midfielder18078Right22
Simon Tibbling25Midfielder17576Right12
Marvin Schwabe25Guard18883Right1
Andreas Maxso26Defender19187Both5
Mikael Uhre25Forward18886Right11
Jens Martin Gammelby25Defender19281Both2
Samuel Mraz23Forward18478n/a9
Sigurd Rosted25Defender18878n/a4
Andreas Bruus21Forward18479Right17
Joel Kabongo22Defender19488Left24
Anton Hendriksen20Defender19477Right28
Mads Hermansen19Guard18778Right30
Tobias Borkeeiet21Midfielder18983n/a42
Peter Bjur20Midfielder18078n/a29
Morten Frendrup19Midfielder17870Right19
Jesper Lindstrom20Midfielder18163n/a18
Anis Ben Slimane19Midfielder188n/an/a25

Brondby IF vs Sonderjyske prediction Performance analysis:


  • Best goal scorers: Simon Hedlund – 4, Dominik Kaiser – 8, Kamil Wilczek – 17; 
  • Best help suppliers: Simon Hedlund – 10, Josip Radosevic – 3, Simon Tibbling – 3; 
  • Punishment cards: Hjortur Hermannsson red card x 1 red card x 4, Kamil Wilczek red card x 1 red card x 2, Paulus Arajuuri red card x 1 red card x 1; 


  • Best scorers: Christian Jakobsen – 7, Mart Lieder – 6, Anders Kvindebjerg Jacobsen – 4; 
  • Best help suppliers: Rilwan Hassan – 5, Mart Lieder – 3, Marco Rojas – 2; 
  • Punishment cards: Johan Absalonsen red card x 1 red card x 4, Stefan Gartenmann red card x 7, Patrick Banggaard red card x 6