Busan I. Park Vs Daegu FC Prediction On June 17th, 2020

Busan I.Park Vs Daegu FC prediction on June 17th, 2020. What Busan I. Park has shown since the beginning of the tournament gives fans the feeling that they will soon become the top contenders for the relegation ticket at the end of the season. Having won promotion as a K-League runner-up 2 seasons ago, Busan had to experience the fierce fierceness at the highest division in South Korea when it only won 3 points over 5 rounds. Only Incheon United earn fewer points than Busan at the moment.

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Busan I.Park Vs Daegu FC Prediction

Busan I. Park also excelled in the promotion right after finishing second place in the Second Division last season. Currently, the host has not won yet after the first 6 rounds. This rookie is still feeling fierce when just wet feet, dry feet stepped onto the K-League. The lack of adaptation to the peak football environment made the players quickly overwhelmed, unable to keep up the pace of the match. The next Busan I.Park vs Daegu FC game is played on the home field but the opponent is at the top, so it is difficult for the home team to bring good news for themselves.

Daegu has only lost one game, but having drawn so many times only to earn exactly 2 victories in the past 6 matches in the K-League, the team’s performance is not too good. The distraction caused the club to bid many times by sharing points with the underrated competitors. Last week, when playing at home, the away team had an impressive 6-0 victory over Seoul FC. This has helped the team climb to the 5th position in the rankings now. The next Busan I. Park vs Daegu match, although played on the opponent’s field, with better force, the goal of the away team is 3 points in the next match.

Over/Under bet in the HT of this match is 0.75 with the odds of 0.71 for Over and 1.20 for Under respectively. The away team is in a very high shape with very good spirit when they have just won in the previous game so they will actively play attacking in front of the home team, the Busan I. Park vs Daegu match will be fast and the goal will come a lot in this HT. Over is a safe choice.

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Busan I.Park vs Daegu FC prediction FT

Busan I.Park Vs Daegu FC Prediction

The home team’s form is not good as the last 5 matches they won 3 draws and 2 losses, Busan I. park has fallen to the penultimate position on the rankings after 5 rounds without knowing victory. It can be seen that the pressure is surrounding Busan I. park because if they continue to lose in Busan I.Park vs Daegu FC, they will fall to the bottom of the chart.

The form of the away team is quite good when the last 5 matches they won 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. Daegu’s attack is quite effective with only 10 goals in 6 matches. In addition, both of the last 2 matches in my away field, Daegu also earned only 2 points. This Busan I.Park vs Daegu FC match will only march to the team at the bottom of the table, this is a better opportunity for the away team to get 3 points.

The head-to-head performance of the two teams in the last 5 matches is tilted to the guests when they won 4 wins and 1 loss. With the advantage of force and the better form of the players, the away team will hold the match and trust the match to the away team to get the victory in this match.

Over/Under bet of the FT is 2.25 with the winning odds is 1.00 for the Over and 0.90 for Under, the away team is completely superior to the home team, so the next match the away team will play overwhelmingly. On the other hand, furthermore with good attackers, believe in this Busan I.Park vs Daegu FC match will have many goals. Over is the best choice.