Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC Prediction | K-League Classic | 27/06/2020

The match review to the football Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction in the Primera Division of Spain about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 competing teams and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, table standings ranking, goal stats, qualities, and match possible match result. The Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Possible Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction


  • Match date: 10:00am on Saturday 27th June 2020
  • Event: K-League Classic
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Asia Main Stadium




HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

Recorded from 2015 to now
Recorded from 2015 to now



Possible Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction



  • Busan ContinPark is a rookie of the K-League this season when it won the first place runner-up title last season. However, the new arena has not yet been able to make this team integrate when Busan remaining ParkPark only got 1 victory after the first 8 rounds.
  • This poor performance only helped Busan rankings Park get 10th place on the chart with 7 points. In order to avoid continuing to sink too deep on the rankings, they need to quickly improve the situation and collect points.
  • In the next match, they will welcome another rookie, Seongnam FC, the team is not strong so 3 points are completely feasible for the host.
Possible Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction
Possible Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction 


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  • Seongnam FC has earned 8 points after 8 rounds and temporarily ranked 9th on the chart. After the surprisingly created matches, the coaches of Kim Nam II had to take defeat in the last 4 matches, the host was led by coach Kim Nam II.
  • Like many other teams, Seongnam FC mainly uses internal troops. There they kicked 5 defenders diagram. However, this is the way to play when the opponents are strong teams. After the first few successful matches, the stone path of the team was caught. Difficult to create surprises before the opponent

Busan I’Park vs Seongnam FC prediction TIP:


  • It will be a match between the two clubs, Busan I Park and Seongnam FC, within the 9th round of the Korean league this week. While Busan I Park has just won an important victory against Incheon to temporarily rise to the current safety group. Seongnam FC has lost itself again after failing miserably during the past 3 weeks in the K-League.
  • This half is so that neither side is rated higher than the other except that Busan I Park has a home field advantage over the guests.
  • The balanced match is what the two towards the first half, even those who hold the yard element, Busan I Park is a little more dominant than Seongnam FC. However, the goal seemed to be relatively arduous when both of them did not own a strong and effective attack to penetrate the opponent’s net.
  • First half Asian betting tips: Seongnam FC, or Busan I Park +0
  • O/U first half: Under
  • First half score: Busan I’Park 0-0 Seongnam FC


  • Coming to the deciding match, there was not much difference compared to the first half because it seemed that both policies controlled the midfield and restricted the opponent to approach the area of ​​16m50 and the chance to score was not available. much. Busan I Park with the goal of earning points, even if it is 1 point, it is convenient because they only need to get away from the bottom of the table as soon as possible. As for Seongnam, 4 consecutive losses made them fall from the top to the dangerous group.
  • Therefore, caution should be put first and the end of the losing line will be directed by the team instead of winning 3 points.
  • The policy of both sides is too clear when 1 point has a lot of meaning to both clb in this match. Although Busan I Park is not strong in defense, but fortunately for them, the Seongnam guests are not quite good in the field of attack (5 goals after 8 rounds). Because of that, both of them will be satisfied with the 1 point gained after the 9th round together widening the gap with Incheon before the acceleration period takes place.
  • Asian handicap tip full match: Busan I Park -0.25 
  • O/U: Under
  • Predict the score of the match: Busan I Park 1-0 Seongnam FC

FINAL SCORE Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC PREDICTION: 

Our Busan I.Park vs Seongnam FC prediction that Busan I Park will win or a DRAW will happen.


  • Busan I Park: Ho-jun Kim, Mun-hwan Kim, Sang-jun Lee, Dostonbek Tursunov, Min-su Kang, Rômulo, Jong-uh Park, Jin-kyu Kim, Jeong-hyeob Lee, Dong-jun Lee, Gustavo Vintecinco
  • Seongnam FC: Young-kwang Kim, Tae-heui Lee, Je-un Yeon, Igor Jovanović, Ji-moog Choi, Jamshid Iskandarov, Dong-hyeon Kim, Si-hoo Hong, Tomislav Kiš, Soon-Hyung Kwon, Dong-hyeon Yang.