Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 11/13

Canada vs Costa Rica prediction on November 13, 2021. Canada vs Costa Rica will face each other in the 7th round of VLWC in CONCACAF area. The match will be played at 09:05 on November 13, 2021, at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton.

Canada Overview

Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Up to now, Canada is one of two teams in the CONCACAF region that have not lost any matches. Specifically, the army of coach Herdman John has 2 wins and 4 draws in the past 6 matches. 

However, fans still need a breakthrough in this team instead of keeping the same path. Excessive certainty makes Canada only 10 points and ranked 3rd in the rankings, the distance before USA is not too far. 

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Canada can completely rise after the next round. The style of play of the English strategist is somewhat defensive. That’s why they only have 10 goals and 7 of them are in the net of the bottom 2 teams. So without a change in the ability that Canada can do something unexpected in this campaign is impossible.

Costa Rica Overview

Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Costa Rica is a team that has inherent strength and achievements in the world arena. The collective nicknamed “Los Ticos” has passed the qualifying round 5 times and has been present in the final round of the WC since their inception. 

Not stopping there in 2014 in Brazil, Costa Rica had a very bold mark when they reached the quarterfinals. And the last time in the 2018 WC, coach Gonzalez Ronald’s men also participated in the 32 strongest teams. These are numbers that show very clearly their long history of war. 

Although there are steps that are out of step this season when only standing in 5th place with 6 points after 6 rounds. Everything is still not over for the team. Therefore, a victory in this match will be very important for them to rise and continue to hope. The preparation is extremely thorough for the upcoming trip.


Past Encounters

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Latest Matches

Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Asian Bet – Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Costa Rica has fallen somewhat in recent rounds. But it should be remembered that the level of expertise, as well as the uniformity of the lines, is slightly better than that of the home team. 

Besides, there are up to 4 players who have attended the WC final twice. So the experience is not to be underestimated. What the team needs at this time is to regain confidence after a series of days of decline. Therefore, experts completely believe that Costa Rica will return in the next match.

Canada vs Costa Rica prediction: Choose Costa Rica +0.75

European Bet

Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Canada has not had any victory against the top opponents since the beginning of the season until now. The head-to-head record is also somewhat inferior with 1 win 3 draws and 3 losses in 7 encounters. With the desire to get 3 points and extremely careful preparation, we believe that Costa Rica will regain their inherent confidence and bring complete joy to this trip.

Choose Costa Rica (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Canada vs Costa Rica Prediction

Both are extremely cautious for an important bridge so it is difficult to expect an open game. Besides, the last 4 matches have never appeared more than 2 goals. From there, it shows a completely repeatable scenario in this rematch.

Canada vs Costa Rica prediction: Choose Under 2

Line up

Canada: Crepeau, Davies, Johnston, Kennedy, Vitoria, Henry, Kaye, Antunes, David, Larin, Osorio.

Costa Rica: Moreira, Tejeda, Oviedo, Calvo, Duarte, Fuller, Martinez, Ruiz, Borges, Leal, Campbell.