CFL Picks 2020 – Complete results, list of selections for Rounds 1-8

Two of the top players were chosen in a week ago’s NFL Draft: Neville Gallimore (Cowboys) and Chase Claypool (Steelers). Gallimore was chosen in the eighth round by Saskatchewan. Four players who marked as undrafted free specialists by NFL groups likewise were picked: Carter O’Donnell (Colts/Montreal), Rysen John (Giants/Calgary), Marc-Antoine Dequoy (Packers/Montreal) and Michael Hoechst (Rams/Ottawa). The draft need was: Ottawa, Toronto, BC, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, and Winnipeg. As the 2020 CFL picks Draft played out, Sporting News Canada followed all the picks and stayed aware of the outcomes progressively. The following are the entirety of the CFL picks

CFL Picks

CFL picks Draft 2020: Results from Rounds 1-8

  •  Round 1 results
111BC Lions (via Calgary, via Ottawa)Jordan Williams, LB, ECU
122Toronto ArgonautsDejon Brissett, WR, Virginia
133Calgary Stampeders (via BC)Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, DE, Southeastern Louisiana
144Edmonton EskimosTomas Jack-Kurdyla, OL, Buffalo
155Hamilton Tiger-Cats (via Montreal)Coulter Woodmansey, OL, Guelph
166Ottawa Redblacks (via Calgary)Adam Auclair, DB, Laval
177Saskatchewan RoughridersMattland Riley, OL Saskatchewan
188Hamilton Tiger-CatsMason Bennett, DE, North Dakota
199Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg)Theren Churchill, OL, Regina
  • Round 2 results
2110Ottawa RedblacksMichael Hoecht, DL, Brown
2211Toronto ArgonautsJack Cassar, LB, Carleton
2312Calgary Stampeders (via BC)Trivel Pinto, WR, UBC
2413Edmonton EskimosAlain Pae, DL, Ottawa
2514Montreal AlouettesMarc-Antoine Dequoy, DB, Montreal
2615BC Lions (via Calgary)Nathan Rourke, QB, Ohio
2716Montreal Alouettes (via Saskatchewan)Cameron Lawson, DL, Queen’s
2817Hamilton Tiger-CatsBailey Feltmate, LB, Acadia
2918Winnipeg Blue BombersNoah Hallett, DB, McMaster
21019Ottawa Redblacks*Dan Basambombo, LB, Laval
21120Toronto Argonauts*Samuel Acheampong, DL, Wilfrid Laurier
  •  Round 3 results
3121Calgary Stampeders (via Ottawa)John Rysen, WR, Simon Fraser
3222Montreal Alouettes (via Toronto)Carter O’Donnell, OL, Alberta
3323BC LionsCourtney Hammond, DL, Western Oregon
3424Edmonton EskimosMalik Tyne, LB, Towson
3525Montreal AlouettesBenoit Marion, DL, Montreal
3626Calgary StampedersJonathan Zamora, OL, St. Francis Xavier
3Saskatchewan Roughriders^ 
3827Hamilton Tiger-CatsTyler Ternowski, WR, Waterloo
3928Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg)Dylan Giffen, OL, Western University
  • Round 4 results
4129Ottawa RedblacksJakub Szott, OL, McMaster
4230Saskatchewan Roughriders (via Toronto)Kian Schaffer-Baker, WR, Guelph
4331Calgary Stampeders (via BC)Kurtis Gray, LB, Waterloo
4432Edmonton EskimosOludotun Aketepe, DB, Guelph
4533Montreal AlouettesBrian Harelimana, LB, Montreal
4634Calgary StampedersTyson Middlemost, WR, McMaster
4735Saskatchewan RoughridersJunior Allen, LB, Guelph
4836Hamilton Tiger-CatsStavros Katsantonis, DB, UBC
4937Winnipeg Blue BombersBrendon O’Leary-Orange, WR, Nevada
  • Round 5 results
5138Ottawa RedblacksTerrance Abrahams-Webster, DB, Calgary
5239Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via Toronto)Marc Liegghio, K, Western University
5340BC LionsMatt Guevremont, OL, Indiana (Pa.)
5441Edmonton EskimosDante Brown, K, Fort Hays State
5542Toronto Argonauts (via Montreal)Dion Pellerin, RB, Waterloo
5643BC Lions (via Calgary)Cordell Hastings, WR, Acadia 
5744Saskatchewan RoughridersVincent Dethier, DB, McGill
5845Hamilton Tiger-CatsJoseph Bencze, DT, McMaster
5946Winnipeg Blue BombersNicholas Dheilly, DL, Saskatchewan
  • Round 6 results
6147Ottawa RedblacksBrad Cowan, LB, Wilfrid Laurier
6248Toronto ArgonautsSamuel Baker, WR, Saskatchewan
6349Montreal Alouettes (via BC)Andrew Becker, OL, Regina
6450Edmonton EskimosChris Gangarossa, OL, Wagner
6551Montreal AlouettesJersey Henry, HB, Concordia
6652Calgary StampedersAndrew Seinet-Spaulding, DL, McGill
6753Saskatchewan RoughridersJonathan Femi-Cole, RB, Western University
6854Hamilton Tiger-CatsJean Ventose, DB, UBC
6955Winnipeg Blue BombersKyle Rodger, LB, Ottawa
  • Round 7 results
7156Ottawa RedblacksReshaan Davis, DE, Ottawa
7257Edmonton Eskimos (via Toronto)Nicholas Summach, OL, Saskatchewan
7358BC LionsKayden Johnson, RB, York
7459Edmonton EskimosRossini Sandjong, DE, York
7560Montreal AlouettesVincent Alessandrini, SB, Concordia
7661Calgary StampedersKeiran Burnham, K, St. Francis Xavier
7762Saskatchewan RoughridersJesse Lawson, OL, Carleton
7863Hamilton Tiger-CatsJJ Molson, K, UCLA
7964Winnipeg Blue BombersTanner Cadwallader, LB, Wilfrid Laurier
  • Round 8 results
8165Ottawa RedblacksKetel Asse, OL, Laval
8266Montreal Alouettes (via Toronto)Brock Gowanlock, DL, Manitoba
8367BC LionsDamian Jamieson, LB, York
8468Edmonton EskimosMitch Raper, RB, Carleton
8569Montreal AlouettesColton Klassen, RB, Saskatchewan
8670Calgary StampedersMichael Asibuo, CB, Concordia
8771Saskatchewan RoughridersNeville Gallimore, DL, Oklahoma
8872Hamilton Tiger-CatsTom Schnitzler, DL/LS, UBC
8973Winnipeg Blue BombersBleska Kambamba, DB, Western University

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